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A note to readers:

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters are 18+ years of age and participate in consenting sexual acts. All characters depicted in the Shrall stories are 18+ years old, and all engage in consensual, sexual acts with their partners. The term "slaves" in the context of the Shrall stories is meant to identify characters that have a desire to willingly submit to the desires and direction of their Shrall Masters. Shrall slaves cannot be slaves unless they willingly submit their freedom and control to their Paladin trainers, with their inner desires being brought into the light of day. These are stories about the Shrall citizens who have power and control, and the people living the lives they have yearned to live; to submit to the pleasures and desires of others. This was just one of many stories that exist in the world of the Shrall, with many more on the way.

1. Survivors

My brother Jim had left as soon as we heard the news; a Paladin Fleeter transferring slaves from SoCal to Erilyn crashed just ten kilometers out of town. While none of us in the town of Koba considered ourselves raiders, we still took advantage of opportunities that came our way. Including this one.

Our town, known as Koba was small, filled primarily with Dregs like myself and the rest of my family. So when the prospect of obtaining free pleasure slaves became a reality, of course we jumped on it.

Headlights came over the hill just outside of town and I recognized it as our family car. I jumped to my feet and stood still as a statue as my brother parked several feet from me. A wild and maniacal smile was glued to his face, which told me all I needed to know.

He popped open the trunk and I looked inside, finding two gorgeous pleasure slaves bound and gagged, their eyes gazing up at us in fear. They were completely naked, save for their bonds. The first was clearly older, with bigger tits and a little bit of hair over her cooch. The other looked younger, had smaller tits, and a perfectly bald cunt. I had seen pleasure slaves on the Interlink at the community centre, but the images were so blurry that it barely did anything for me. But looking down at these two beauties got me harder than ever before.

"Were these all you could find?" I asked my brother.

"There were plenty more," he said, his one hand rubbing his dick through his pants. "I didn't want to draw any more attention to us than necessary. One slave each will be easy to handle, more than that and it just becomes a hassle."

"Fine by me," I said, wringing my hands together excitedly. I pointed at the younger one, "I'm taking that one."

My brother shrugged, "Bigger tits means more fun, your loss."

We pulled the slaves from the back of the car and led them to the shed behind our shack. It wasn't large, but it would fit the four of us comfortably. It even had a few lounge chairs where my brother and I would chill out on when we weren't busy working the Energite fields.

I pushed my new slave onto one of the lounge chairs and devoured her with my eyes. Technically it was illegal to do this, they weren't our property, but when slaves fall from the sky you will take what you can.

"You're all mine now slave," I said to her as I pulled the ball gag from her mouth.

She smiled meekly, "I don't care who owns me, just use my body! Please! I just want cock and cum filling my holes!"

"Ha!" My brother laughed as he dropped his pants, "lucky you Dan, you got a needy one."

My new slave spread her legs wide and lifted her pelvis into the air slightly, giving me a perfect target. I dropped my pants, stroked my dick once and then shoved inside my new piece of meat.

She gasped as I plunged as deep as I could go, "Oh my...you're so big!"

"Fuck!" I groaned, she was gripping me like a vice, and for a moment I had trouble pulling back out. I had fucked girls in town before, but this was something else.

I settled my weight down on top of her and began pumping into her, my dick quickly becoming slick with her juices.

"Fuck me...fuck me...fuck me..." she panted, her hips gyrating in rhythm with me. My brother wasn't kidding. This cunt was a needy one.

Out of a whim more than anything, I forced two fingers down the throat of my new slave. Her eyes went wide and then glazed over as her tongue began licking every inch of my fingers, as if it were a cock. I reached as deep into her throat as I could go, making her gag in the most adorable way. She didn't seem to mind, if anything it was making her humping even more frantic as I pounded her fuck hole.

Her eyes rolled back in her head and her muscles clamped down on my dick, an orgasm ripping through my new slave's tender body. I growled and pulled my fingers from her mouth, then used the same hand to firmly grip her throat. Her eyes went wide and she squealed like a little piggy, her orgasm slowly coming to an end.

"You whores aren't supposed to cum without permission," I said to her matter of factly, "you do that again and I'll whip you for a whole hour."

She nodded her head, "yes Master, sorry Master."

"Seems I'll have to punish you for that."

With a sinister smile I pulled out of her sopping wet hole with a loud slurp, lined myself back up, and forced myself forward. My slave was clearly expecting me to slide back inside her cunt, but her mouth went wide from the pain and surprise of me entering her tight little ass hole.

"It hurts!" She cried, her back arching in response to the unexpected intrusion, "oh god it hurts! It hurts so good! Please hurt my asshole Master! Hurt my ass with your thick cock!"

Well, I thought, I wouldn't have expected that sort of response. I laughed as I forced my way as deep into her ass as I could go, relishing in her screams with each inch of newly explored territory.

"You're mine," I growled in her ear, "these holes, your flesh, your mind. You are mine, every bit of you."

Tears were streaming down her face and yet she had a wide smile on her face. "Yes Master," she struggled to say, "I'm just meat for you to use! Use me for your pleasure! Make me your needy little fuck toy."

I laughed, "you already have the needy part down, and the fuck toy part is in progress!"

Pumping in and out of her ass gradually became easier as she adjusted to my size. However the only lube was her juices that had coated my cock, and now that it was drying up a little the pain was only getting worse for my slave. Not that she mind, in fact she seemed to be loving it. I could feel her pussy leaking all over me like a stream.

The pressure in my loins began to mount, and even if I wanted to there was honestly nothing I could do to stop it. I quickened my pace, slamming into her ass so hard and so deep that she probably wouldn't sit right for a few days. Her screams were non stop, and any words she tried to say were completely incoherent.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming! Aaaahhhhh." I pounded into her three more times and then pushed as deep as I could go. My dick exploded, firing thick ropes of cum deep inside her. My new slave whimpered beneath me, her hips still gyrating as she tried to milk me for every last drop.

I laughed and pulled out of her, making her scream as I popped free. My cum and her ass juices flowed out of her and pooled on the chair.

With a frown I grabbed her by the hair and forced her vacant eyes to look at me. "You made a mess slave, what are you going to do about it?"

"Let me...let me clean...it..."

"Right answer," I said as I spun her around and forced her face into the puddle of cum. She slurped noisily, her tongue lapping up every bit of ass flavoured cum she could find. She moaned the entire time, obviously enjoying the taste of the my seed.

While she cleaned I looked over at my brother. He was roughly face fucking his own slave, who was gagging almost non stop. My brother roared and held her head down, cumming right into her belly. He smiled at me and pulled out of her mouth, letting her gasp for air amid the globs of cum that coated the inside of her mouth.

"I could get used to this," my brother said as he pushed her over onto her stomach and lined up with her pussy.

Looking down at my own slave, I stuck a single finger into her pussy and watched as she began wiggling her ass to get me deeper. Yeah, I could get used to this too.

2. 18th Birthday

"Happy birthday Amanda!"

My jaw hit the floor when my parents walked my present through the door. It was the most adorable slave dressed in a tiny school girl costume. She was shorter than I was, with blonde hair and the most beautiful tits I've ever seen.

They pushed her towards me and she stumbled to my feet, her hands bound behind her back. She screamed as I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back to her feet, spinning her around to get a closer look.

"Thank you!" I squealed to my parents. "Open your mouth," I told the slave, but when she hesitated I stuck my fingers between her cherry pink lips and pulled out her tongue, jerking her head forward painfully.

"You will do as I say," I said sternly. She simply grimaced and nodded, knowing the price for disobedience.

Satisfied that she understood, I let go of her tongue and groped every part of her I could touch. I didn't care that my family was watching, and neitjet did they. They were just happy I liked my birthday present. I loved how my new slave squirmed under my touch, obviously getting aroused as I squeezed her tits and ran my hand down her leg.

"Kiss me," I told her, my one hand cupping her ass. There was some hesitation like before, but then she opened her mouth and leaned into me. Our lips met and my hand snuck up under her skirt.

I forced my tongue down her throat as my hand found her snatch, her eyes widening with surprise. I didn't even have to touch her to feel how wet and hot she was. As timid as she seemed, she really liked this.

My own pussy was leaking into my pants as my butt wagged from side to side. I needed to use her, now.

I promptly excused myself and dragged my slave by her hair to my room, all the while she screamed at the pain tearing through the top of her head.

Closing the door and throwing onto the bed, I started getting undressed. "On your back," I said, pulling off my shirt.

Without a word she obeyed, laying her head over the edge of the bed. Once nude I straddled her face and gripped her by the pony tails, pulling her up into my soaking little cunt.

I didn't even tell her to lick me, I just rubbed myself on her face like some needy animal. She puckered her lips like she was trying to kiss me and it gave me the perfect cushion to grind against.

"Of fuck!" I groaned as she stuck out her tongue, hitting my clit each time I gyrated forward. I was close, I was so close.

I looked down at my slave. She was covered in my juices, her eyes half closed as I used her like a play thing. She was so pretty, so pathetic. And mine. All mine.

"Im cumming!!!!" My orgasm shook me from head to toe, the waves of pleasure rolling over me one after the other. I held my slave as tightly as I could, making sure she tasted every part of it.

After what felt like an eternity, my strength finally gave out and I let go of her. I fell to my knees, hardly believing what just happened. My slave was panting behind me, and turning around, I could see a distinct smile on her slime covered face.

Now, what to do next...

3. Asking For it

I had been a bad girl, I spilled drinks on purpose, I didn't clean up properly, and I pretended not to hear orders from my owners.

Slaves that do not live up to their potential are punished, and in my situation, whipped.

We were all gathered in the fuck room in the basement where the other maid slaves tied me up so that I was standing spread eagle. Then they sat against the wall and waited for Mistress.

She took her time coming downstairs, probably in an effort to make me nervous. It worked. Anticipation was the worst thing imaginable. Getting inside your own head, fearing what was coming. Imagining the pain and humiliation of being whipped in front of my fellow slave sisters.

But at the same time, I couldn't wait. I wish I had been trained to be a pain slave, my life would have been so much better. But no, my Master saw my domestic skills as too good to waste, so he classified me as a Maid slave instead.

"Cassy, you should have known better than to act out as you did," my Mistress said to me as she descended the stairs, the whip coiled in her hands.

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