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Tentacle Master (Book 2)

Ari Ito

First Kindle Edition, November 2016

Published by Fantasy Xtreme

Art by AngeroX

Copyright © 2016 by Ari Ito

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by an information storage and retrieval system—except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages in a review to be printed in a magazine or newspaper—without permission in writing from the publisher.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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Warning: To fully enjoy Tentacle Master Book 2,

you will want to read Masako's prior adventures in Book 1 first.


Chapter 1: Feeding

Chapter 2: Threesome

Chapter 3: Innocence Lost

Chapter 4: Politics


Masako took in a deep breath as Senji laid her backward onto the kitchen table.

Senji couldn’t believe his luck—earlier that afternoon the campus supermodel had asked him over to her apartment. Given an opportunity to bang Masako Sakura? It was like his wildest sex fantasy come true.

“I like you,” she had said gingerly after class. “I was wondering if…” Senji recalled how she looked down, face flushed with embarrassment, “…if you would be my first?”

He almost had to hold his jaw up to prevent it from falling through the floor. This couldn’t have been real, but it was. Senji had lost track of the number of times he had fantasized about this—hell, he couldn’t even count the times he’d jerked off while thinking about her. When he arrived at Masako’s apartment, she was still in her school uniform and quietly let him in, motioning for him to take off his shoes.

“Um, thanks for coming,” she muttered after he entered the apartment.

Senji had played this over in his head hundreds of times, but he still found himself at a loss for words. “Yeah, s-sure.”

“Well…” Masako said, rubbing her hands together and leading him to the kitchen, “...would you like a—”

Not letting her finish the sentence, Senji stepped forward and embraced her from behind. His hands gripped Masako’s huge breasts. He’d always dreamed of squeezing them, but never imagined that the day would come when he could.

Masako yelped a little at the sudden advance, but she didn’t object as he continued to fondle her luscious tits.

From behind Senji licked the side of her neck. Already he could feel himself getting hard, and he could feel though Masako’s shirt that her nipples were perking up. Best of all, she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Masako turned to kiss him, and he reciprocated, moving one of his hands down from her breast to her hip, and then between her legs. Masako let out a short gasp as his fingers pressed against her pussy through her skirt and panties.

Could the hottest girl in school possibly be this easy? Senji wondered to himself.

Masako kissed him more intensely, taking his face in her hands while he grabbed at her ass. The groping pair gravitated toward the nearby table. Masako used one of her hands to feel about Senji’s crotch. She smiled a little.

“You’re excited about this too, I guess? Am I your first too?”

Thinking under the assumption that his right hand didn’t count, Senji breathlessly replied, “Yeah.”

As he enjoyed squeezing her ass, Masako unzipped his pants with a sly grin, “Good.” She pulled his dick out of his boxers and began to stroke it.

A wave of pleasure raced through Senji. Masako’s hands on his dick felt really good, but not nearly as good as it would feel to hammer himself inside her. This thought fixed in his mind and he began to unbutton her shirt. Watching her giant tits jiggle didn’t hurt the mood.

And so he laid her back onto the kitchen table while she pulled her own skirt up and let her shirt lay open, fully exposing her gorgeous tits for his enjoyment. The table was relatively low, and that put her at perfect height for him to stand and fuck her as she lay upon the wood. But first, the panties (which were white, just as he had imagined) would have to go.

“Come on, do it!” Masako begged as Senji started to reach for the waistline of her underwear.

If the lady demanded it, who was he to refuse? Senji told himself. Taking hold of his cock and nuzzling it up to her pussy, he pulled the panties aside with his other hand. Masako’s breathing grew heavier as Senji inserted himself into her.

Masako grinned. All was going according to plan. It felt good as he thrust himself into her, pulling back, and thrusting again. Sure, it wasn’t as intense as when Master pleasured her, but that came as no surprise.

Senji watched as Masako’s whole body visibly shook with each penetrating stroke. He took particular enjoyment at the sight of her huge tits jiggling every time he drove himself into her.

The two of them pulled away from the edge of the table, separating for a moment, and Masako turned onto her stomach. Senji took hold of her hips and thrust into her again. He watched in satisfaction as her back arched up.

“Oh Senji,” Masako moaned, “put it in my ass!”

Senji couldn’t believe what he was hearing but, with a lascivious smile, he pulled back out and rammed himself into the girl’s ass. Masako continued to moan all the same. Not losing a stroke, Masako threw her shirt off completely and supported herself on her hands. Senji tried to keep at it as he took off his own shirt, but it was difficult to keep his dick in Masako’s asshole at the same time. Though he didn’t want to admit it, he was already aching to cum, while Masako was still going strong. Just then, Masako forced herself up from the table and backed the two of them up against the nearest wall, dislodging Senji from her luscious ass.

“More Senji—put it back in my pussy!”

He braced his upper back against the wall and spread his legs for stability. Senji then took hold of Masako about the ribs, on either side of her quivering breasts, and lifted her off the floor to rest on his own waist and plunged his dick back into her pussy from behind. As he sexually gorged himself on Masako’s perfect body, Senji still had a hard time believing that he was really doing this. Not only was he fucking the hottest girl in school but, at that very moment, they were doing it like in his favorite porno. And, with that thought, he cleaned the pipes right up into Masako’s pussy.

Suddenly Senji started to panic; he wasn’t wearing a condom, what if she got pregnant?

As if in response, Masako moaned and challenged him, “Come on, is that all you've got?”

Insulted, Senji bit his lip and decided to prove her wrong. He took hold of the girl by her huge tits, which he could have sworn were even larger than normal, and turned her around. He squeezed Masako, tits-first, up against the wall. With one hand, he repositioned his dick and then started fucking her up the ass again, while groping her left boob. As Masako moaned in pleasure, Senji’s self-satisfaction was interrupted when he realized that his hands were wet—the bitch was actually lactating!

“Hey, what the hell is this?” he demanded, squeezing both of her breast especially hard, causing them to spurt. “Are you pregnant or something?”

“Oh Senji—oh! No, I’m just so very hungry…”

Confused, the boy arched his eyebrows. “You’re…what?

Masako stifled another moan as a tendril sprouted out from her pussy and curved backward between her legs.

Senji was totally unaware of the malignant appendage until it was far too late. He shouted in pain as the bulbous head of the tendril plunged up and into his ass, spewing its aphrodisiac solution into him. He was too shocked for any initial response—how was he being butt-fucked? Realizing what was happening, he pulled out as fast as he could, and saw the heaving purple member extending from Masako’s wet pussy. His first impulse was to shout in outrage and disgust, but it was too late. The tentacle’s fluid was in his system now and, even as the monstrous appendage retracted back into Masako, he felt his mental faculties slipping. His body felt hot, and he got harder than he had ever been. He needed sex, to fuck, to violate, to ravage…anything. And Masako stood bare before him.

She had barely turned to face him when he sprang back into action, forcing himself back between her legs and up inside her. Breathing heavily, he fucked her so hard and so fast that her feet came up off of the ground. Masako was now held up between his driving pelvis and the wall. Without missing a stroke, he took hold of her right breast in both hands and began forcibly sucking the fluid down, heedless of what it was. All he wanted was to fuck and enjoy Masako’s perfect body.

Masako was out of her element. This was the first guy that she had seduced, and it had been even easier than she had thought, but at the same time, the aphrodisiac was affecting Senji so much more severely than it had Miss Akino. Though she wasn’t in control, the sex felt great. The penetration wasn’t nearly what Master’s tentacles could provide her, but she wasn’t going to fight it—not that she could even if she wanted to. For the moment, she was Senji’s sex toy, trapped in his forceful embrace.

Right then, Senji threw her to the floor. Before she regained her wits—or her breath—he was on her again. Like a crazed animal, he lifted one of her legs for easier access, inserted himself yet again, and fucked and fucked and fucked. There was absolutely no romance in it now, but that suited both of them just fine. Even when he was of sound mind, Senji had only wanted her body anyway, and Masako was equally disinterested in romance as he rammed himself inside with incredible force. As he continued to plow into her, she began to ooze from her pussy. She was cumming now too.

As if aware of her satisfaction, the fucking briefly stopped, and Senji repositioned himself. He bent down to examine her oozing pussy and then started to tit-fuck her.

This was it. It was Master’s turn now, and though the abomination had warned Masako that it would be painful, this had been worth it.

Senji started to lick Masako’s pussy, sending a few final ripples of pleasure through her. Then, without warning, a tentacle surged out from her vagina and shot down Senji’s throat. Once inside, it began to pump digestive fluid into his body. Soon after, six more tendrils erupted from her, taking hold of Senji all over and coiling around him. Masako began moaning, in pain now, as her modified pelvis came apart and widened dramatically, leaving a cavity the size of a large watermelon between her legs. Masako fought the urge to scream in agony now as the tentacles heaved their prey inside her. Even with Senji’s skeletal structure being rapidly disintegrated, it was like forcing an enormous sack of potatoes inside her. She heard gruesome crunching noises as the tendrils compacted the now-mangled body and brought their prize fully within Masako’s body with a lurch. As her vagina finally reduced itself back to its original size, she lay on the floor spread-eagle, her abdomen now grotesquely swollen.

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