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Adults Only Erotica Vol. 3

10 Sexy Super Shorts

By Jane Emery

Copyright 2016 Jane Emery

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1. A Massage for more than just your Body

2. Nothing Hotter than Watching Yourself

3. Sex at a Wedding II

4. The Hot Seat

5. An Even Better in Show

6. In Her Dreams

7. Mother's Helping Hand

8. Her Secret Boy Toy

9. Sex Bucket List

10. Music Concert


A massage for more than just your body

Everyone has been telling me that I need to go see this new massage therapist named Jens, he has the strongest hands. Then I'm told that his hands are not the reason you go to this guy; he is totally gorgeous and for a few extra dollars he will give you a full body rub down that will make you beg for more.

"And when I say beg for more, you'll want him to put his stunning dick inside you." Those are the exact words Kate said to me about him. She was never one for being coy, if something needs to be said she will come right out and say it; thank god she did or I would have just thought he would rub my front side.

I've never heard of a man giving a Happy Ending at a massage parlor before but we ladies need some release every so often too; we just don't broadcast it across the world. I start to think to myself that I can use a good rub down; my back has been a bit tense and I could stand to feel relaxed, in more than one way.

I show up for my appointment and there is no one else in the lobby, not even a secretary. Jens himself is waiting for me behind the desk. I don’t even get a chance to sit down and look at a magazine, he shows me to the back room and his work station. It looks just like a folding massage table but with some alterations, the hole that you lay your face in can be swiveled around to act as a pillow when you are on your back; that's a nice little touch.

"It looks like you have been referred to me by Kate Johnson," he tells me in his Nordic accent, "I like Kate; she’s a very nice lady. Okay, why don't you tell me what seems to be the problem and we'll handle that first."

I tell him that I only feel tension in my back and that I don't really have any major problems. He tells me to get undressed and lay on the massage table so he can start working out that stress. I feel the towel slide down to the top of my ass cheeks and then warm strong hands begin to glide over my back. I can already feel the tight muscles already start to loosen up under his touch; I have another muscle that seems to be activated by his skin on mine.

His hands are like magic, I can already feel my back get loose and even the tension in my head and neck have gone. "You can roll over now and I'll start on your front side," he tells me as he walks to his friction activated massage oil; his hands are extra warm with a little help. He starts at the bottom slipping his palms and fingers around my feet and toes; I'm not even on them but it already feels like I'm walking on clouds. He moves up to my shins and calves and rubs them to putty; my legs feel light as a feather. Jens' hands move up my legs and reach my inner thighs, small streams of excitement run up my veins and into my core filling me with horny urges.

I am completely naked in front of this blonde Viking hunk, and his touch is starting to drive me through the roof. I want him more and more as his hands move up my body in massaging round motions; his thumb brushes by my over-sensitive clit sending more charges of electrodes coursing through my body. I know he did that on purpose. The warm oil on his hands begins to tingle the top layer of my skin as he slips and slides them up my naval and onto my chest. He deliberately avoids my plump breasts, whether it's to be a gentleman or to drive me even madder because I want him to touch my nipple I'll never know, but it’s working like a charm either way. His full body massage has a way of feeling like you’re being felt up without being groped.

He reaches my neck and walks to the head of the table so he can work on it more intently. I can tell he is almost done because my body feels like it is detached from my head, it feels like a bag of mush, so relaxed that I can't even move it if I wanted to; his hands really do work wonders. "You have me so relaxed right now," I tell him.

"That means I can start to massage your insides," he says to me. I know exactly what he means and I have been waiting for it.

His hands slides back down my chest, this time he slides them right over my nipples sending more sexual impulses throughout my body. When his fingers reach my inner thighs he spreads them, he then walks closer to my groin and leans in to it. Before I can even feel his touch on me I feel his warm breath hit my pussy. Tiny little sparks begin to go off all around me until his tongue hits, then it is one massive explosion and all the blood rushes to my head. I hold my breath and tense up all my muscles after they were just loosened, all his hard work for nothing. Then I feel his tongue slide inside me, the breath I was holding comes rushing out of me and my muscles all loosen back up restoring his excellent work. Once he started giving my insides a rub down it intensified the massage he had already done on me. Now I'm a melting bag of mush.

"Oh my god, here I cum!" I couldn't help but scream out. He presses his face into my pussy even more, wanting to get every bit of me. I grip the back of his head as my release floods into his mouth, once my waters stop rushing he stands back up.

"Now you lie there and absorb the relaxation before I finish you off," he tells me. I already feel finished but if he has more coming for me I guess I'll take it, even schedule myself another appointment.


Nothing Hotter than Watching Yourself

While Al sets up a video camera Gail stands at the DVD rack that holds all of their recorded hedonistic acts, she wants to watch them fuck as they fuck; what could be hotter? She picks one out and pops the disk in the player then closes the tray; Al hits play on the remote from his seat on the bed. Gail turns around to join him and drops her robe onto the ground exposing her naked body. The first image that comes on screen is Gail's hand between her legs with a vibrator six inches deep inside her pussy; the sight of his wife both on screen and live force Al to grip his cock and start playing with it. Gail looks back at the TV to see what has turned him on so much; the vision of herself sends tingles to her quivering snatch.

She crawls across the bed and puts Al's growing hard dick in her mouth, the sensation around his already sensitive erection added by a warm and wet mouth makes Al grip the comforter on top of the mattress. Gail sees his sexual pleasure and turns the intensity up more; she swallows his rod whole putting the tip of her husband's cock in the bottom of her throat. The pleasure is so insane that Al swings his head back and slams it into the headboard with a loud thud; neither one stops their decadent act of lust.

They have taken their eyes off of the TV screen and the sexual acts they recorded to get into recording new ones to watch another time. Al starts to slide under his wife, she never takes her mouth off of him yet still is able to step a knee over his head and plant her sweet spot right on his mouth. He licks her up and down from her engorged clit to her sensitive asshole, even lubes up his finger with his slobber and slides it right in her back door. While his index finger is in her ass he puts his thumb in her pussy and sucks on her clit. This gives her triple stimulation and what horny woman doesn’t like that? He is even amazed at himself for doing this to her while she has his erection halfway down her throat.

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