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Paranormal Defense Agency:

The Arkadian Abomination

Ari Ito

First Kindle Edition, September 2016

Published by Fantasy Xtreme

Art by Arniro111

Copyright © 2016 by Ari Ito

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by an information storage and retrieval system—except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages in a review to be printed in a magazine or newspaper—without permission in writing from the publisher.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.




Chapter One: Physical Fitness

Chapter Two: What Dwells Under Arkadia?

Chapter Three: Weird Science

Chapter Four: Assignment into Terror

Chapter Five: Defiler in the Dark

Chapter Six: Revenge and Ruin

Chapter Seven: Carnal Confrontation


Chapter One: Physical Fitness

Sadie Gannett completed one last lap around the indoor track before slumping over, hands slapping against her bare knees. “That’s it! I’m done!”

It was on days like these that she regretted joining the Agency. All she ever wanted was a simple desk job, preferably with the government—heck, she’d even settle for working as a police dispatcher. In fact, that was what led Sadie to enroll in the police academy last year. It seemed, at the time, everything was fitting into place. Her stellar test scores and impressive grades had even drawn the attention of a private organization, one owned by the renowned Arkadia Corporation.

At first, Sadie was overjoyed. Anyone in her shoes would’ve been elated to know that they were being scouted by Arkadia Corp. After all, Arkadia wasn’t just some typical megacorporation, they practically owned the entire city—the city was even named after them. But any company that big is sure to have secrets, and Sadie discovered that Arkadia had no shortage of very dark ones.

Now, nineteen years old, Sadie was an Arkadia Corp employee working for the so-called PDA division. To the unassuming public, the acronym meant Private Defense Agency. And the PDA’s alleged purpose? To serve as a privatized security branch, exclusively handling so-called special investigations outside the realm of police jurisdiction. But, for anyone in the know, it was the understatement of the century.

“Wha—!” Something pulled at Sadie’s tight lime-green shorts from behind, stretching the elastic waistband taut and exposing her white panties. She yelped and spun around, forcing the culprit to lose their grip. This resulted in the shorts snapping hard against her round ass.

“What do we have here?” a voice asked with a devious hint of pleasure.

“Pervert!” Sadie cried, turning to face the creep. But her eyes locked onto an all-too familiar face. “Vera!”

“Shorts?” Vera Aria asked with her mischievous trademark grin. She pointed at Sadie’s black tank top, going so far as to jab a playful finger against the surprised girl’s firm breast. “And a tank top?” She reeled back in mock horror. “Gasp, this can’t possibly be, can it? You—exercising?! Now I’ve seen everything!

“Don’t do that!” Sadie shrieked, slapping Vera’s invasive finger away. She gestured to the surrounding track and then motioned towards the exit where, just beyond, the rest of the fitness center’s equipment resided. “It’s not like I want to be here or anything. Chief Sova forced me to come.”

“Really?” Vera asked, eyes aglow with curiosity. “Why’s that?”

“She said that I was…” Sadie paused, not really wanting to divulge any more details but, after a moment, relented, “…unfit for duty. I failed the Agency’s physical exam yesterday.”

Vera laughed and bent forward, hands clasping against Sadie’s waist. The girl began prodding at Sadie’s exposed midriff, fully revealed by the short-cut tank top. “Eh, you don’t look overweight to me…”

“Stop touching me,” Sadie demanded, taking a forceful step back. “I’m not overweight. I was just a bit winded during the physical. The final assessment suggested, in their words, that I be more athletically active to keep up with the rigors of the job.”

“Oh.” By that point Vera had already stopped listening. She was gazing off into space and waggling a finger in her ear, intent on scratching an itch.

Sadie rolled her eyes. Of all the people that the Agency could have saddled her up with, they had to make this particular girl her partner. It would be near impossible to find someone less suited for the job. Vera may have been enthusiastic about her work, but she was too headstrong, too overconfident, and worst of all, she was actually eager to look for danger. They were faced with nonstop threats as it was, more than enough for any sane person—but it was never enough for Vera. She always wanted more. An adrenaline-junkie that thrived on the next pulse-pounding high, Vera was insatiable. It was a bad combination in their line of work.

And their work was, by its very nature, an already brewing recipe for disaster and peril. The citizens of Arkadia City may have been coaxed into believing that the Private Defense Agency was investigating crime outside of the police’s scope—but what exactly those crimes were had remained nebulous to the average person. In truth, the PDA really stood for the Paranormal Defense Agency, a clandestine organization that looked into all manner of supernatural phenomena occurring across the city. And, though many wouldn’t believe it, there was always a case occurring that needed investigation.

Sadie arched an eyebrow with mounting suspicion. “Why exactly are you here, Vera? Something tells me you didn’t fail your exam.”

“I’m here all the time,” Vera shrugged. “I enjoy the exercise.”

Plopping herself down on a bench, Sadie sighed. “Lucky you, ‘cause I hate it.” Much to her dismay, Vera’s eyes lit up. She knew that calculating, scheming expression and she didn’t like it one bit. When that look etched itself onto her partner’s face it always meant trouble. “What are you thinking?” Sadie asked nervously.

Vera seized Sadie by the wrist, pulling the reluctant girl to her feet. “You’re in luck! They just got a brand new exercise machine here last week. All you need to do is stand inside it and it’ll get you into shape. Honest!

“Sure, I’ll bet it works great,” Sadie said, making no attempt to hide her sarcasm. “I’m done for the day, Vera—I’m exhausted!

“Don’t be such a negative ninny,” Vera said, pulling Sadie across the track and out the door. “This is perfect for you.”

Sadie was preparing an attempt to free herself from Vera’s vice-like grip, but conceded at the last moment. She was too tired to put up a proper fight. Besides, any resistance would be met with her partner’s stern opposition. Sadie had been paired with Vera for less than three months, but she already knew the girl too well—and once Vera set her mind on something, there was no stopping her.

After being dragged through the gym as Vera’s unwilling prisoner, Sadie was finally brought to their destination. The room was devoid of people, and not particularly large, but it appeared cluttered and small due to the enormous gunmetal gray machine that congested the area. The mechanical monstrosity was wide, with clear translucent tubes running through it and several LED screens offering everything from heart rate monitors, blood pressure charts, calorie and cholesterol graphs, and untold amounts of other information for the discerning exercise enthusiast.

“Ta da!” Vera let go of Sadie’s wrist and cast her arms forward, presenting the Cardio 3000—the machine’s name engraved in bold flashy lettering on the metallic siding.

Sadie folded her arms, letting her annoyance be known. “C’mon, you don’t really think this thing is going to work, do you?”

“Of course, it’s the latest in high-tech fitness equipment!” Vera tapped a button on top of the machine and one of the LED screens lit up with text. She looked it over. “They say it burns calories, optimizes your metabolism, build muscle tone…” Vera pointed to an excerpt of the text and began reading, “says here, ‘gives the user a fit cardio workout without risk of accidental hazards or bodily injuries that come with prolonged exercise routines and,’ blah, blah, blah…doesn’t get any better than this, am I right?”

Sadie hated to admit it, but she was intrigued. “So all I have to do is…stand in it?”

“Simple as that.”

“Wait a minute,” Sadie relented, “have you tried it yet?”

“Nope,” Vera admitted, “you’re getting first go—I’m jealous.”

Before Sadie could protest, Vera yanked at her tank top, trying to pull it over her head. “Hey! Just what do you think you’re doing?”

Vera paused, cocking her thumb in the machine’s direction. “Says no shirts or pants.”

“I-I’m not stripping to get into that…that thing!

Vera had already resumed her attack on Sadie’s tank top and, with some force, had removed it with success. “You don’t have to strip, silly—it didn’t say anything about taking off your bra or panties.”

Sadie clasped her hands over her navy blue bra, embarrassed at being so exposed. “What if someone walks in?”

“You’ll be in the Cardio 3000, no one will get a look at your goods.” As soon as the words left Vera’s mouth she pulled Sadie’s shorts down to her ankles.

“I can undress myself, you know!”

Vera’s mouth dropped open, her face just inches from Sadie’s white panties.

“Wh-what are you looking at?” Sadie asked, thrusting her hands downward and fumbling to shield her underwear from Vera’s intent gaze.

“Is that…” Vera pried Sadie’s hands away to get a better look, “…Hello Pussy? I love Hello Pussy!” She could now see the panties in full view, decorated with the feline face of the world’s most beloved cartoon mascot, Hello Pussy.

“S-stop looking!” Sadie whined.

“Don’t be such a prude,” Vera pouted, moving aside to open what appeared to be a panel on the Cardio 3000.

To Sadie’s surprise, it was more than a simple panel. A section of the machine fully parted, allowing entry. “I don’t know about this after all, I—”

Vera pushed the girl inside the machine. “C’mon, I wanna see how it works.”

Sadie spun around in time to witness the machine automatically closing around her body, leaving just her head exposed above the metal encasing. Inside she could feel the cold touch of metal instruments. “I’m a bit claustrophobic,” Sadie muttered.

Vera’s fingers ran across a touch-screen LED pad affixed to the machine’s side. “Let’s see what this baby can do—you’re gonna rock this at the ‘turbomax fitness’ level ‘kay?”