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Heat Wave in the City

An Erotic Short Story


Charlene Black

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Heat Wave in the City – An Erotic Short Story by Charlene Black.

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Heat Wave in the City

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About this Story

It’s hot. It’s humid… and Sex is in the air.

When a tropical heat wave hits the city and the passion starts trickling down to the streets and into the offices, the temptation to remove one’s clothes can be hard to resist. A young security guard behind his monitor is about to discover that just because a woman is no longer twenty-five, does not mean she has to be boring. And who would have guessed what could happen during a power failure on a sweltering hot, crowded ride on the tube.

Does the thought of being watched turn you on? What about feeling hands all over your body in the dark? If these thoughts get you going, then Heat Wave in the City is the story for you. This juicy tantric short story with a Peppery Burn (3 out of 5) Tantric Candy heat rating is filled with uninhibited and plentiful sexual encounters during a hot working day in the city.

Heat Wave in the City

Humming to the tune of a familiar disco hit from the 80’s, I pick up the razor. The blade leaves long skin-coloured tracks in its wake on my foam-covered legs, until all the creamy white is gone. I have already shaved under my arms and now turn my attention to the last area that needs my attention. More rich foam in my hand. My fingers to spread it out evenly in the area between my legs. With a gentle precision, the sharp blade glides over my skin. When I am done, the only thing that remains is a small landing strip guiding the way.

Waiting for the milk to boil for my morning latte, I listen to the weather forecast. Today – again – promises to become a hot and humid day, with temperatures reaching well above 30 degrees centigrade. Not sure what I am supposed to wear: outside I will melt away, but inside the office, the air-conditioning usually keeps the temperature at a steady 21 degrees.

Rummaging through my closet, I search for the perfect outfit, in the end settling for an airy summer dress made from cotton. Although the days that I used to be a small girl are relatively far behind me now, I cannot resist doing a small pirouette. A twirling field of flowers surrounds me. A small giggle bubbles up from inside. Still need to be representative at work, though, so I stop and pick up a pair of tights… only to toss them right back into the drawer again. Choosing a pair of powder coloured stay-up stockings instead

Taking a car into the heart of the city is an endeavour doomed to failure, so I always go by public transport to my job. Luckily the connection by tube into the city is a good one, and it usually takes me no more than half an hour to get to the office. Even though it is early yet, it is already warm inside the tube station and train carriages – courtesy of the prolonged period of excessively hot weather. The crowded conditions in the carriage are not bringing any relief either – a few drops of sweat trickle down along my spine and my lower back. I am lucky not to have any delays this morning, and so I enter the office at half past eight as planned.

In the lobby, Adam greets me with a bright smile. “Good morning ma’am, looking lovely today, as usual.”

“Why thank you, Adam! Not looking too shabby yourself, actually”, I reply with a small wink. “You look as if you’re getting enough rest these days. Quiet evening at home again yesterday?”

Adam chuckles softly. “You’re spot on there, I believe that I am in danger of becoming a bit boring these days. Haven’t been to a decent party for ages. Maybe I’m starting to get old.”

“Yes, that’s definitely it. It’s all downhill after twenty-five…”, I laugh. “Or… maybe you’re just hanging out with the wrong crowd and need to start playing with more open-minded and fun people, like me, for example.”

“Oh, there’s no doubt in my mind that you would be a lot of fun to hang out with”, he grins. “If you’re not careful, I just might ask you out on a date one of these days.”

“Now, that would be interesting indeed, going on a date with someone who is almost old enough to be your mother. Maybe it is you who should be careful what you wish for?”, I say, before entering the lift.

Adam is a college student working part-time in our office building as a security guard. Despite our age difference, we have a click and often engage in this type of light and playful banter with each other. It does not hurt that he is also agreeable to look at. Not in an aftershave-commercial sort of way, but rather as a friendly-son-of-the-neighbours kind of guy. Only then poured into a security uniform. Not the worst of combinations. He certainly always brightens my day in any case.

The office is quiet today. It seems as if half of the staff is on holiday or taking a day off. The rest of us are diligently carrying on with our daily tasks and chores, but on the whole, the atmosphere is calm and relaxed. As the day progresses and the sun keeps beaming through the large windows from an intensely blue, cloudless sky, the air-conditioning has to work harder and harder, slowly losing the battle. People are walking around, stopping over in each other’s offices and cubicles for a chat. It is almost as if the persistent tropical heat wave has melted our normally rigid work ethics and made the whole place more Caribbean-style, easy going and mellow.

Throughout the day, my attention is constantly being drawn to my lace-trimmed stockings. Every time I get up from behind my desk and walk around in the office, I feel the contrast between the bare skin of my upper inner thighs rubbing against each other and the smooth stocking below. At the same time, the soft material of my dress moves around my buttocks and thighs, caressing my skin ever so lightly. When I sit down my bare thighs are pressed together, making my skin sticky. So I sit with knees apart instead. The advantage being that my legs feel cooler. The disadvantage – if you want to call it that – is that I become extremely aware of what is going on between my legs, making it hard to focus on my job.

Around four o’clock, I seriously begin to consider leaving early. In the quietness, I still hear the clicking sound of a keyboard and the muffled voice of someone talking on the phone, but other than that, the place is practically deserted. Knowing how hot it is going to be outside, I decide that it would be a good idea to take off my stockings before heading home. I look around just to check that nobody is nearby, lift one leg up, place my foot on the edge of the desk and start rolling down one of my stockings.

The sound of a chime from my mobile phone alerts me to a text message. It’s from Adam: “Looking increasingly lovely today, ma’am.”

I put my leg down again and look around, trying to see where he is, but do not see him around. I text him back, “Where are you?”

Another chime from my mobile phone: “There are certain perks to being a security guard.”

“You rascal.”

“Rascal is my middle name. Any chance of a glimpse of some more loveliness?”

“Be careful what you wish for…”

Looking straight into the security camera in the corner of the office, I lift up my other leg and slowly roll down my other stocking as well. I continue by hoisting up the hem of my skirt, one inch at a time, stopping just before any underwear becomes visible.

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