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Life as a Beta Boy
My Cuckold Humiliation to
My Wife and Our New Alpha

S. J. Timbers

Life as a Beta Boy: My Cuckold Humiliation to My Wife and Our New Alpha

Written by S. J. Timbers

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Life as a Beta Boy:
My Cuckold Humiliation to My Wife and Our New Alpha

I kneel in the corner of the bedroom. There is a dog collar around my neck. I am unclothed. My eyes are staring at my naked wife. She’s in bed with another man. The two of them are fucking. He’s bigger than me. He’s stronger than me. He’s hotter than me. In fact, my wife has decided I’m pretty much worthless. She has decided that I’m a beta man.

“Your penis is just too small to satisfy me,” she told me earlier in the day.

“Things are going to change around here starting now. I deserve to have my needs met too, and you just don’t do it for me. So you’re either going to do everything I tell you to, and our whole lifestyle is going to change, or we’re going to get a divorce, and you’ll find yourself needing to find someone else to support your sorry weak little ass.”

I felt ashamed and emasculated. I’ve never liked conflict, and I work hard to avoid it. I also hate displeasing people in general. I felt that arguing with her would just cause me to lose her and she was right; I had nowhere else to go and could rely on nobody else. So I decided I’d submissively obey her every order and command she gives me.

Even when she put the collar on me, I was docile and refused to stand up for myself. She told me “you’re nothing but a beta boy and you deserve only to get what an alpha has left over.”

She fed me nothing all day. “Beta's only getting to eat if there are scraps left.” She told me, eating in front of me. For the rest of the day, she would have nothing to do with me.

Around six that evening, she made me strip out of all my clothes. She told me to get on all fours and then chained me to the bedpost. She said, “you can go anywhere you want in this room, but only as far as the chain will allow.” She then put some newspaper down and pointed at them saying “if you need to potty you will use the paper.”

She was wearing a sexy red mini skirt with matching top.

“Where are you going?” I weakly asked.

“To find me a real man. To find our alpha,” she said, right before leaving me alone.

For the next five hours, I tried to find ways to pass the time. At one point I had to piss so bad that I had no choice but to pee on the newspaper. I would have thrown it away, but the trash can is in the kitchen and much further than my chain would allow me to go.

At about 11:30 pm I heard the door open. My wife came in with another man behind her. He was quite the stud. I felt inferior to him in every way. I guess you could say he was a hot hunk. I knew he would easily be able to kick my ass if he wanted to.

When they came in the bedroom, and he saw me nude chained to the bedpost he laughed.

“What’s this?”

“Oh, that’s my worthless husband. He’s a little beta boy.” She wrinkled her nose, spotting what I had done on the paper. “He’s nothing but a weak little puppy.” She took the papers and disposed of them in the kitchen.

After she had left for the kitchen, the other man started to unbutton his shirt. His tattoos immediately stood out to me. I didn’t know if he was in a gang, a biker, or just enjoyed getting artwork done on his body. Tats were on his chest and both biceps. He made sure to stare at me the entire time he was undressing. “I’m going to fuck your wife tonight. Give her one of the best fuckings she will ever have.”

When he had removed all of his clothes, I could see his dick was so much larger than my own. I was maybe 4 and ½ inches erect; he was easily 7 ½ to 8.

My wife returned and praised the man's huge rod. He began kissing her. Long, passionate kisses. I kneeled and watched. I was jealous. I was afraid to say anything, though.

It didn’t take him long to rip the clothes off of her. He was much more aggressive with her than I had ever been. I could see she loved it too. That’s when they ended up in the bed.

It doesn’t take them long to get into the sixty-nine position. My wife sucks his giant cock while he eats her pussy. She’s moaning in pleasure. She sucks for a bit than strokes for a bit. It’s like she enjoys holding his manhood. She never acted like she enjoyed playing with me.

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