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The Billionaire's Sexy Stewardess

Mile-High Club

By Jane Emery

Copyright 2016 Jane Emery

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Extra Dirty, Just Like Me

The flight from Los Angeles to Sydney Australia is around ten hours, too long for some people. Bethany Leeds of the Leeds candy family makes this trip every month with her husband Neil, she hates it but he doesn't. "Give me a Beefeaters martini with extra vermouth," she demands one of the flight attendants as she tosses her fur coat into her arms. Not expecting it, the woman springs her arms out to make sure it doesn't hit the ground. Bethany walks right past her with her nose in the air and goes straight for her first class seat.

"I'm so sorry my dear," Neil comes up to the stewardess and takes the coat. He puts it in the coat closet behind the forward seating. "You have to forgive my wife; she seems to have moved the silver spoon from her mouth to her ass." He is a trophy husband and he knows it. But he also recognizes how to use his billion dollar looks and suave charm as a tool. He's a teddy bear compared to his callous wife. "Here, for your troubles." He slides a hundred dollar bill into the lady's lapel pocket. She gets lost in the glimmer of his deep blue eyes and as the tip of his finger clips the top of her nipple she finds herself weak in the knees. She holds herself up by grabbing the shoulder of the attendant next to her who's greeting passengers as they board.

"Did you see him?" she flutters to Emily-her coworker, "I think he copped a feel when he put his hand in my pocket."

"Hello, my name is Emily and I will be attending to your flight needs today," the sexy dark haired woman says to the couple as they buckle their belts, "Can I get you anything before we take off?"

"Yeah, I told the other one I wanted a martini," a bitchy and uneasy Bethany snaps at her.

"Okay, gin or vodka?" asks Emily.

"Beefeaters, and make it fucken snappy."

"And what about you sir?" She gives a sexy wink with her flirty eyes.

"I'll have the same thing, no vermouth, and extra dirty." The way he said the last part sent a tingle to her nether region. After the way the Misses acted towards her, she needed something to beam about. A gorgeous man making an innuendo was enough to brighten her day, and a long day it will be.

She returns and gives Neil a smile when she hands him his drink, "A beefeater extra dirty," then she whispers, "just like me." She strolls away nonchalantly. He has no choice but to lean over and watch as the beautiful woman in a uniform walks away, giving him the same courtesy of a double take.

"You call this shit extra vermouth," a bitchy tone comes from the seat next to him, "Fuck it, there's no time left." She reaches into her purse and pulls out a bottle of pills." The seatbelt light is on, we're about to take off." She drops three pills into her drink and they start to dissolve. As the plane rolls down the tarmac she takes her drink and slams it down, effects soon to kick in.

Once the plane is in the air, the captain turns off the seatbelt sign and the flight attendants go to work. Emily comes back down the aisle handing out hot towels to anyone needing one. She reaches Bethany and Neil and neither wants a towel.

"Bring me another one of these, and an extra pillow," Bethany barks orders at Emily like a drill instructor. "Extra vermouth this time, goddamn it!" she yells as Emily disappears through the curtains.

When she gets to the workstation to fix the martini, her workmate is waiting for her with a long face. "I have something you need to see." She hands Emily her phone, "My friend just text me this."

Emily reads the message, Look at the new guy I'm fucking. She swipes the screen to reveal a picture. "Oh my god," she's shocked to see that it's her boyfriend. He's fully nude, taking a selfie with a rock hard dick, "That fucking asshole."

She hands her friend back her phone and turns to the liquor bottles. She stands there in silence making the drink, looking forward, not paying attention to what she's doing. She then realizes she grabbed the wrong alcohol.

"Em, you gonna be okay?" her friend says to her, "Look, what kind of a friend would I be if I didn't tell you?"

"You did the right thing," she puts the shaker full of ingredients down and turns to her coworker, "I'm not mad at you." She gives her a hug. "I may need some time to sort through this shit."

They hear the curtains slide and both put their work faces back on. It's Neil and he is coming towards Emily, "Please forgive me, my bitch of a wife can forget her manners…"

"I think you have to have manners in the first place in order to forget them," Emily sneaks in before he can say another word. The two women wait for Neil to chuckle before they let out their giggles.

"I'll have to remember that one next time," he says reaching into his pocket and pulling out a wad of cash. "She's going to continue to be an evil bitch to you until she passes out so I want you to take this for your troubles." He then slips three one hundred dollar bills into open palm and gently slides his soft fingertips over her delicate hand. He turns and heads back to his seat.

"Oh my god, I would mile high that guy in a heartbeat," the coworker says when he's gone, "That's the one I was telling you about earlier, the hot guy that nicked my boob when he boarded."

Emily knows how she's going to deal with what she just found out about her cheating ass boyfriend and a scornful woman at the same time. She doesn't need to spit in this lady's drink and she doesn't have to get into an argument with her boyfriend. She pours the martini in a glass and brings it to Mrs. Leeds.

"About fucking time," the cunt of a woman sneers at Emily as she hands her the drink.

Emily's sweet hips and round ass are just inches away from Neil. As she sets the extra pillow next to Bethany with one hand, she uses her other to slide Neil's hand to her ass. She wants him to feel the firmness of her candy apple derriere.

"You let me know if you need anything else," Emily says to the bitch as she stands upright.

"Yeah, don't fucking bother me until we land." Bethany slams down her martini and covers her eyes with a night mask and the airplane blanket.

"What about you, sir?" she asks Neil.

"I'll have another dirty one." He holds up his empty glass.

"I'll bring you the dirtiest." She then walks off to the attendant's station. When she returns she looks at Neil and says with an underlined meaning, "I got it as dirty as I could back there." She hands him the glass and walks back behind the curtains.

Neil takes a drink from his beverage and then turns to his wife. She's lying back under her covers with her face towards the window. He listens close and can hear a slight snore coming from under the blanket. She's on her way to an inflight coma. The talk of "dirty" and what Emily last said has him going over and over it in his horny mind. He leans over his seat and looks back at the closed curtains, hoping she would be there. He looks at the screen in front of him on the back of the seat; he's not interested in this family movie playing. He changes the channel to the flight path screen; still a number of hours until they get "Down Under". He looks over to see his harpy of a wife is fast asleep. He swigs down the last of his dirty martini and gets up to head behind the curtain.

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