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Alice’s Sexual Winter Wonderland

By David Jensen

Copyright 2017 by David Jensen

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Most men dream of women with very large breast, and those women dream of having less to carry around, especially if they are athletic in any way. Most women dream of men with over proportional penises with staying power for the whole night, and those men with such weapons of destruction most times have problems keeping it standing without fainting for lack of blood to their brains. And that is why our fantasies are full of fallacies, for any adult knows that only small minorities of adults are built as is almost always presented in pornography, be it the soft, middle or explicitly hard form, worded or visual.

But that is what material of sexual nature is about, exciting our fantasy and getting the fires burning, so hopefully this story does what it was conceived for. And if you enjoyed it, please return to where it was purchased and leave a review, for it’s not money that authors write for, rather recognition and reviews. D.J.


Alice had worked at the restaurant serving the tourist who came to the little town in Austria to ski, and although most of her friends were at the time either married or at least had steady boyfriends, none of the men in and around the area had been up to par to her expectations of men. Most of them had only the basic education required by law and they had ended up taking over the farm from their parents, including all that went with it, cows in the pasture, goats, hay wagons and tractors, and more cows. One of the problems had been that most of the men she had casually dated had really small Cocks, which were normally only as long as her hand was wide and before she could get even think about getting a little warmed up or excited, they had exploded their load into the condoms faster than a Minute Man rocket! Their final act was to roll over and fall into a stupor or total sleep, as their Cocks lost all their attraction by shrinking so much that the condom would literally fall off while they laid there. Her satisfaction was definitely never guaranteed! The other problem was that on the few dates she had accepted from the local men, she always had the funky smell of barn hay and manure in her nose the whole time, which made her believe that ‘bathing’ had been a foreign word in their dictionary.

She was a registered nurse, after having gone off to Vienna to attend college, which seemed like a great idea at the time because nurses were scarce on the marketplace. But until she had finished her studies, the need for registered nurses had dried up, after the market was swamped with cheap sluttish nurses from the Philippines and other shitty third world countries. After she had attempted to acquire employment in the big city, she finally had to return home to live with her parents, under the condition that she would in no way work the farm or fields. She had went to the town’s doctors office and was ready to beg for a job, until that is when he had stood before her and opening his trousers, asked her to do a practice test on him. Seeing the old mans limp shriveled cock just hanging there when a younger mans stud would have poked her in the face, she had laughed at him and walked out. If he had looked like some of the Hollywood actors and had a decent tool in his pants, she would now be working for him because it’s not like it would have been the first cock she had played lollipop with! She should have expected it, for he had been that way since she was thirteen, and after falling off of the hay wagon and bruising her chest; her mother had taken her to him to check that nothing was broken. When she had removed her shirts and sat on the chair topless, he had nearly popped his eyeballs out of his skull when he seen her big breast. Naturally he had taken his once in a lifetime opportunity to cop a good feel of her big tits and he had also run his fingers over her nipples, which had been like an electric shock to her insides and had made them stand like little Eiffel towers, but now in reflection of that day, she was so happy that her mother was present. But after laughing in his face, it had also meant that she had to go somewhere else should she ever need medical assistance. She shed no tears hearing about his heart attack just the very next year, and the teenage girl who caused the fatal cardiac arrest running naked out into the hallway of the hotel in the next town.

That night after the doctor had rubbed his fingers over her swollen nipples was the first time she had masturbated, even though her girlfriends had talked about doing it since a few years. Her nipples were hard as nails the whole day, and she had to concentrate on not rubbing them because they were hot underneath her t-shirt and seemed to itch. They just wouldn’t seem to relax and her pussy was also hot with a strange tingling in it as if it were on fire, and her panties were really moist as if she had wet them. Her body had an itching like one gets when encountering poison ivy only without the skin breaking out into hives. She had slowly stroked her nipples until they were even more swollen and aching, but not from pain. While she rubbed her left nipple softly between her thumb and forefinger, she slowly let her fingernails glide down to her belly button to trace circles around the outside of it. Then her hand slowly stroked its way downwards, like a feather in a soft breeze whispering on her skin, till she slid her hand over the lips of her vagina, which made her legs open up. She had to catch her breath as a fireball seemed to grow inside of her. Slowly she stroked the outside of her now dripping moist pussy lips and as if her hand new what to do out of instinct, her finger started to gently rub her clit in a circular motion, then up and down. If the room would’ve started afire she wouldn’t have even noticed it, for now her back was arched upwards and her big breast were in full view as her legs opened wide, and then she slid her left hand downwards to play with her love button. She slowly pushed the middle finger of her right hand inside of her love hole, at first just a little then she buried it so deep and wished it was longer and bigger, but the sensation was fantastic as suddenly a wave of orgasm came. Then another and then it seemed like it wouldn’t stop, and she seriously didn’t want it to. Her back was arching up and down along with her hips as she continued to tickle her now swollen Clit, and she was ramming her finger in and out in a fury. Then it was over and she was bathed in sweat while lying naked on the satin bed sheets she had gotten at Christmas time. As she pulled the satin spread over her, its softness glided over her nipples and the feeling started all over again, So she moved the satin back and forth over her nipples as they started to become hard again and made small mountain peaks in the satin spread, and then she reached down again to experience it once more before finally falling asleep. The next morning after her mother had made her bed, her mother had commented that her room had a musk smell to it, and that she needed to open the windows and air the room out. She was only thirteen and didn’t understand why her father had suddenly coughed and walked out of the kitchen with that stupid grin on his face.


The only place she could find employment after the escapade with the doctor was that minimum wage job doing the waitress thing, and hoping that she wasn’t still serving that stinking mountain cheese when she was going towards retirement. She hadn’t complained about the tips, especially when she had liked to lean over the tables by the older men, showing as much cleavage as they could handle without having a heart attack as they attempted to concentrate on her luscious breast while shakily pulling bank notes from their wallets! With the younger men, she had always tried to conveniently present the bill while their wives were on the toilette. So most days when it was busy she had made almost as much with tips as her meager hourly wage, but as one year became two, it had started to wear her out. Some days she had felt almost like a whore presenting her wares to the patronage, and if the married men looked good then she almost always ended up stroking her love melon at night and had been using two or three fingers for quite a while. Even the restaurants owner had asked her one time; “If you show me everything I’ll give you a really good tip!” Whereby she then asked him while fluttering her eyelashes; “And shall I collect the tip from your wife?” His face had turned an angry red and he had walked away, mumbling something about forgetting all about it. But she had known that she wouldn’t be fired so quickly from that day on.

She had finished another day of serving that stinking cheese on handmade noodles and her back had hurt from bending so far over he table as she made change for the patrons, and one old man simply stopped dead cold with what he was doing (and thinking). He simply stared into her cleavage as his mouth hung open, while Alice hoped that he didn’t have an aneurysm and drop over dead into his plate of leftover food. To die while ogling Alice’s breast wasn’t the worse way to go, but to fall face first into the melted cheese until the police arrived would have been demeaning to say the least. Only after she had asked him for the third time if he wanted a receipt did he finally come out of nirvana, or he had finally shot his load into his underwear before his eyes would fall out onto the table. Alice had gone home where it was only her and her sister Anna while her parents were on vacation before the snow season starts.

Alice had gone straight upstairs to her room, closing the door; she then had lain down on the bed to relieve the aching in her back and immediately drifted off to sleep. When she awoke it was already dark outside and when she lifted her head to look at the red numbers on her alarm clock over by the window, she had heard Anna in her room next door. From the sounds of moaning and crying out in ecstasy, Anna was getting fucked really well, and Alice was happy for her. Her sister had few friends and hung around with the girls more than looking for a boyfriend, but with the choice of available men in the area she could understand the dilemma. Alice got up and started to walk next door to peek into the keyhole, thankful that her father had liked the old antique doors with the big hinges, brass doorknobs and to the advantage of both sisters, the old time skeleton key locks that had big enough keyholes to spy through. Every once and a while, when Alice was massaging her big hard nipples and gently petting her dripping wet Pussy, now holding out lots longer before finally racing circles around her clit and using her fore and middle finger for the climax, she would hear her sister’s heavy breathing at her door. Alice didn’t mind if her sister, who was three years younger, got some inspiration to help herself out in times of need.

As Alice approached her sister’s door the sounds were so exciting that her Pussy lips were already moistening her panties, so before bending over to see which stud she had in her bed, Alice opened up the button and zipper on her jeans, and let her hand glide over the increasing moistness of her Pussy lips. The action seemed to be increasing and Alice thought that fucking her pussy with sound was fantastic, till she looked at the door and seen it wasn’t totally shut. She pushed it open just a little so she could watch and finger herself in comfort, and seen her sister and another woman in bed. The woman had her face buried between her sisters legs, and although it was her sister getting eaten from this woman who apparently couldn’t get enough of the taste, it started to really get Alice going, especially seeing her sisters pussy totally shaved clean! Then her sister pushed the woman away and they proceeded to lap up each others Cunt juices in the 69 position! The woman had a deer tattooed on her ass with the antlers going up to the waistline and the deer’s nose was down where Anna had her face buried deeply in the woman’s snatch. Alice was fascinated at the site, and watched as her sister drove her tongue again and again deep into the woman’s love tunnel and then back out to trace around on her glistening pussy lips, to end up flicking her tongue like a snake on the woman’s big clit. Without realizing it Alice had her finger inside of her now madly swollen pussy and was furiously jamming it in and out, and with her left hand was rubbing her aching clit in frenzy. Alice came while standing up and was taking deep inhaling breaths: all thought of secrecy forgotten, and had to lean on the door to keep from falling over. She caught her balance and was still twitching with orgasms when her sister asked her if she would like to join them. Taking her fingers out of her now trembling Pussy, she became ashamed that she was caught watching and walked back into her room, closing the door tight behind her.

She would never have thought that she had lesbian tendencies, but even before falling asleep she was remembering watching them. Her hand slid once again under her panties, and while she was again running her fingers in and out between her still swollen pussy, she made a mental note to try it tomorrow after shaving her Pussy total clean.

The next couple of days were total hectic at the restaurant, and were it not for her lunch break where she sat at the regular’s table and ate her lunch, she would have starved to death. It was either sit at the table or continue working straight through till quitting time, so rather than sit there like some dumb idiot, she always ate and it didn’t cost a thing. But by the time she finally got home she was rock tired. Her sister had approached the subject of the previous night and had said; “It’s not like I couldn’t find a Cock to sit on and ride through the night, but I was always more attracted to the women than the men. And when I do want one in me then I have my ‘Mad Max’ hidden in my closet.” “What is a Mad Max?” I had wearily asked, and had only one thing on my mind, sleep!” “My Dildo!” she said grinning. “It’s a Maximum and it drives me Mad when I have it buried in me, especially when my girlfriend is lapping with her tongue like a German Shepard! You should get yourself one, because it’s lots more fun than diddling your clit with just your finger!” “No thanks Sis,” Alice had answered. “I’ll pass on that for a while longer. Now I’m going to bed!”


It was finally Saturday when she was able to sleep in on her day off and having breakfast alone in the big house because her sister was at work at the supermarket, she ate slowly with only one hand. The other one was simply resting on her bushy Pussy, enjoying the fine feeling of her pubic hair before she would wander off to the bathtub to do a little shaving. Sitting on the edge of the bathtub she took most of it off with the electric barber shears, and realized the impact the vibrations had on her, now that her bush was mostly cleaned off. Then after splashing a little warm water on it, (as if it wasn’t moist enough already!), she slowly lathered it up with her fathers shaving cream. She had gotten one of the disposable shavers from the cabinet above the sink and carefully started to shave from her asshole on upwards. She had watched her father shave many times and he made it look so easy, but it wasn’t! But she managed to shave herself clean as a glass marble, with only nicking herself twice, and when she started to wash the rest of the shaving cream off the pussy lips, she noticed that her skin was red and irritable. So after drying off, she went into her room and closed the door. There she lay on the bed and creamed her now hairless love box in with body lotion, and after having many an orgasm while enjoying it without hair, she wondered why she hadn’t done it before. It seemed that there were many ways to get turned on other than, like her sister had said, diddling with her fingers!

She enjoyed herself again while making lunch, which would also be their supper when the supermarket closed and Anna came home, and if a neighbor had looked into the window they would have found it somewhat weird that a woman was stirring cooked noodles and hamburger while fingering herself. That was something she thought of later on in the afternoon while doing ironing, which would be the wrong time to start petting her newly shaved lips! Anna came home and after taking a shower they ate in silence, and Anna had asked why Alice was so quiet. She still wasn’t up to making full confessions to her sister, especially about how her shaved pussy had turned Alice on, and simply said that she had shaved herself this morning. Anna started to grin and said; “A real turn on the first couple of times you do it! I didn’t even make it out of the bathroom the first time without first diddling myself! Even better is when another woman does it for you, like my girlfriend does every week. I wanted to do her but she refuses, so I always get hair stuck in my teeth and throat. Gag!” “I know what you mean!” Alice said. “My first blowjob while I was in college was so I could get some help with studying, and he had a lions mane around his dick, it was either that or give up my ass to that asshole, so to get help with my theory papers I had to fall on my knees in his living room. I sucked quite a few Cocks after that, but only if they shaved all that hair off.” Anna put her dishes into the dishwasher and said; “Sasha is coming by later and staying overnight, you don’t have to join in on the fun but you can watch if you want to!” “What kind of name is Sasha for a woman?” Alice asked. Anna answered; “Well, her real name is Sarah, but because she is the bull dike of us two, and believe me, she really knows how to use the Mad Max, she likes me to call her Sasha when we’re together in bed.”

Later on in the evening her ‘Sasha’ came and the two of them sat on the couch together. Alice feigned being tired and went to her room because during the commercial Sasha already had her hand on my sister’s jeans, stroking the fabric, and it wasn’t at the knee! So Alice read for awhile and then turning the light off, she hoped to fall asleep because the Olympic Games had already started in the bedroom next door. She tossed and turned and couldn’t drift off to sleep while the sounds were turning her on, and when she reached down and started to slowly rub her lips, she realized it was the third time today. She stopped and purposely put her hands above her head and started contemplating about how often she was fingering herself lately, and it wasn’t just per week rather per day. It dawned on her that she had become a nymphomaniac with her hand because she didn’t get the real thing, which would satisfy her needs, at least for a day or two! After another five minutes of moaning, groaning, screeching and crying out in ecstasy, she gave in to her immediate needs as she massaged her love button and used the other hand inside her cunt. Tomorrow would be a new start because her parents came back from vacation, and the Olympic Torch next door would burn no more during the nights. She wondered in she was becoming a sex addict due to her constant masturbating, and decided to see if she could stop for at least a few days.

During the next couple of days she worked harder than she ever did before, so as to be simply too tired to fuck her fingers and massage her clean shaved pussy. She was going to take it a day at a time, like an alcoholic, and see if she could make it to the end of the week. But the problem was that when she thought of how good she was doing, just thinking about it started a slow fire deep inside her hips. On Friday she looked back in pride that she had gone four days without it, so she would try another four to get past the weekend. But it didn’t work out as she had planned.

On Friday evening before going to bed, she was on the toilette when her sister rushed in and fighting her way out of her skin tight jeans and t-shirt; she jumped into the bathtub behind the two-piece shower curtain. Newer houses now have toilettes separate from the rooms where the bathtubs/showers are, but not in this old house built from her grandfather long ago. Her sister lathered her body with shower gel and took special care to wash the gleaming shaved lips of her pussy. Alice wouldn’t have looked, but the two pieces of shower curtain were not fully closed in Anna’s hectic to get in, and try as she might, Alice couldn’t take her eyes off of Anna’s soaped up snatch and wondered how pussy would taste. Like coming out of a dream, she finished and left the toilette to go into her room. Lying in her bed later on when she was finally finished and the bed sheet under her hips were moist from her flowing juices, she had made up for the last few days lost time. And she started to fall asleep feeling depressed about two hard facts of her life, first that she was and would always be a nymphomaniac and second, she would probably have to lower her expectations of men in general and start dating one of the few farm boys still available in town. She drifted off thinking of having a cock inside of her again, even if it was a small one.

Saturday, and she was so happy to have Saturdays as her free day so she could go shopping or simply walking in the mountain trails before they became ski slopes when the snow started to fly. But not this Saturday, for she woke up after having such a great dream of lying in a bed with satin sheets to caress her nipples while one man after another had pleased her by doing it over and over, always taking turns like tag football. In her dream she had fucked them better than any whore, riding them, getting it from behind and even two massive cocks in her love tunnel at the same time! She had turned in bed and had felt that her pussy was not on fire but sore as hell, for apparently she had finger-fucked herself in her dreams till the dawns early light. Even thinking about the dream didn’t turn her on, for when she even moved in bed, it hurt. So she slowly sat up, which also made her hips hurt, and looked down at her pussy, expecting it to be all black and blue with bruises, because it felt like someone had hit her straight in her muff with a fist. The only color she seen was redness from the beating it had taken from her in her dream but it was swollen and hurt to touch it, and if she had any ideas of playtime this morning, it was definitely out of the question. Slowly getting out of bed she made her way to the bathroom and this time, she locked the door! As she started to do her golden shower into the toilette she let out a little cry of pain because it hurt to piss, and naturally her nosey mother had heard her. She asked if everything was okay, and when Alice came out of the bathroom, she told her mother that she was going to spend the day in bed because her period was giving her really bad cramps. Lying in bed she thought: ‘so much for going shopping and buying some new bras!’ Sunday morning when she woke up and started to get out of bed, her pussy wasn’t swollen anymore and the redness was gone but she was still sore and her hips were still hurting, so she grabbed her cell phone from the nightstand next to the bed and called the restaurant to tell her boss she wouldn’t be coming in because she was sick. He asked her if she caught a cold from showing her tits and she replied; “Tell me tomorrow when I come in to work how it worked out for you, if you were flexible enough to suck your own cock during lunch time in your locked office!” He muttered quietly to her that she was a slutty bitch and she thanked him, saying that she would have a woman to woman talk with his wife, and then she broke the connection before he could think of anything to reply to that one!

She had spent two whole days lazing around in bed, and thankfully her mother had brought some sandwiches and other food up to her room, because Saturday she could hardly walk, but on Sunday, although it wasn’t so bad anymore, she didn’t want to walk the stairs. She had come to accept her nymphomaniac sexual orientation and had considered asking her sister to buy her a dildo, although not a killer machine like her Mad Max. She didn’t even know where one could purchase it other than on the internet, and her mother is the type to open it up when it would be delivered while she was at work, and never say a word of its delivery when she disposed of it at the city refuse center. What still depressed her were the future chances of finding some sort of man to fulfill her needs in bed, and at least be knowledgeable of something more than tractors, hay bailers, manure trailers and other mundane farming equipment.

Monday morning when she was tying her waitress’s apron around her waist the boss came out of his office; “Let’s call a truce on this war of words and you’ll get an additional fifty cents an hour, because I don’t need stress with my wife. Do we have an agreement?” Alice laughed and said; “One Euro and we’ll forget about you locking yourself in your office so you can beat your meat every time you get a look at my tits. And don’t even try denying it, or your wife and I will have a chat.” She wanted to laugh even louder because she seen that he was not used to making a compromise, and then he said; “Agreed, and from now on you wear normal clothes and not shirts made for a whore to show her tits to all the customers.” She agreed although without presenting her cleavage to the men would mean less tips, but she was anyways tired of the constant showing off just to make money and the raise would hopefully compensate for the loss at the end of the month.

Two days later when she was lying in bed reading, and attempting not to play with herself again, her sister came into her room dressed in only a thin t-shirt and lace panties and sat on the bed. “Either you find yourself a man or take a woman, because every night means you are an addict, unless you’re with someone.” She said point blank in my face. “What makes you think I do it every night?” Alice asked and was already blushing from her lie and thinking about her sisters shaved muff under her panties. “Because you get loud when you come, or don’t you even realize it!” she answered. “Mother was walking by your door yesterday when I came up the stairs and you were exploding on yourself in your room. She stopped to listen and then shook her head in disgust before walking downstairs. I was worried that she would ask me what I thought about it because it’s hard to lie in her face without her knowing it!” All thoughts of sexual feelings were now gone as Anna got up and almost stormed out of the room. Now she knew she had to change something so as not to be so loud, or get her sister in a bind by her lying to her mother, which is near to impossible. Even as children she knew we were lying before we even opened our mouths, and getting caught outright in a lie meant you had to bite into the bar of soap to ‘clean the lies out of your mouth’!

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