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Pretty Little Thief

Trick & Treat

By Jane Emery

Copyright 2016 Jane Emery

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Horny Amongst Thieves

Her husband Dante is off at work laboring over hot steel and sparking metal so Helle Hendrix decides she wants to go out. Halloween is fast approaching and she has yet to find her costume; what does she want to be on the one night she can be anything? Last year she was a sexy witch and she had a great time with Dante on Halloween night. This year she wants to have the same experience with her husband but in a different persona; but what?

There are many things to choose, from a sexy and sultry maid to the realm of fantasy and dress as a half-naked elf. There are also outfits that would be very impressive but will take a lot of preparation. The thought of dressing up as Princess Leia when she was held captive by Jabba the Hut had crossed her mind. The only problem would be that when she and Dante are ready to fuck, all her hard work would be tossed to the ground. This is the time of year when access to costumes is much easier, if she searches the local shopping mall she is bound to find something good.

She starts off at the candy store first, if it's one thing she doesn't want to happen this year it would be kids throwing eggs at their house. She walks over to the shelf that holds the massive bags of mixed chocolates. She likes giving away different candy to the kids, not all of them like sweet and not all like sour. There are the occasional kids that love both, Helle knows she sure does.

A thought enters her mind, she wants to be bad and do something she would never normally do. She looks around to see if anyone is watching her, when she sees no one around, she puts one of the large bags of candy in her oversized purse and then pulls out her wallet. She takes another big bag of chocolates and walks up to the counter like nothing had happened and puts it up for the service rep to ring up. She pays for it and walks out of the store nonchalantly just like she would if she hadn't stolen anything.

With a bag of candy in her purse and one in a store sack, Helle walks straight for the exit of the mall and out to her car. She opens the door and takes her seat, once the door is closed she looks around once more to see if anyone is walking her way, but there isn't. She thinks to herself how she just got away with it and she is filled with a huge rush of adrenaline. This is something she is gonna have to try again; maybe with something a little more flashy than a bag of chocolates. She drives off and leaves the mall to head back home; she knows that she can't try to have another go at it on the same trip.

Helle returns to the shopping mall the very next day to achieve the same rush she got before, only this time she wants an outfit for the big night instead of candy. She walks over to Laci's Women's Clothing Store for their annual sale on Halloween Costumes to see what is left, the sale starts on October 23rd and usually all the best ones are taken. Laci's is the best place in town for a lady to get some sexy garments, and they are always busy around this time of year. The women all want to dress their sexiest for the one night a year they can get away with it.

The crafty little minx walks through the entrance and takes notice of how there is only three employees working today and there are about twenty or more customers. The video cameras all seem to be pointing at the cash registers like they trust the shopper they never met more than they do their own employees. Helle knows this means the lost prevention agent is in some office miles away from this store with no clue what's going on. She can snatch a few articles of clothing and no one would know a thing about it.

She has another look around and notices that all the clerks are still very busy; there is a beige corset on a hanger. She has a pair of aviator goggles and a pilot's skull cap back home; with this corset she has a steampunk theme for her costume. She quickly stuffs the Victorian style undergarment into the very large purse she brought with her when she sees the prime opportunity. She continues to look around for some leggings, maybe even a pair of boots to finish off her outfit.

The pretty little thief walks right past one of the employees and looks straight at her; the worker never stops helping the two ladies she is with. Helle moves on to a different area of the store and finds some fishnet stockings that she knows Dante will love on her. She knows that he already thinks the steampunk style is sexy, but when Helle uses it to dress up for sex, he loses his mind.

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