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FIFTEEN Taboo Tales

By Alice B. Handcock

(c) Alice B. Handcock

This work of fiction is intended for mature audiences only. All represented characters are consenting adults eighteen years of age or older – any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters engaging in sexual relations are over the age of consent and are not blood related. This work is the property of Alice B. Handcock – not to be reproduced without consent.


Too Big! Too Taboo!

So this is what a big hard cock felt like? I had often wondered, while lying in bed, playing with myself. I had used my fingers, dildos, more or less anything I could lay my hands on, in my teenage years, but this was my first time. A real man, thrusting his real, fleshy, hard cock into my tight little pussy.

It felt great!


Of course, this wasn’t the first cock I had ever held in my teenage hand. It wasn’t the first time I had been turned on by another man.

I wasn’t unattractive. Guys in my class would cry themselves to sleep about me, I knew that. I had seen my face, stuck on top of a porn star’s image, several times in the back of guy’s lockers.

I was happy to be asked out on dates. Guys from the school football team would ask me to go for a drive, and I often said yes.

I would sit in the passenger’s side of a jock’s car and luxuriate in the alternative reality of being a horny teenager. I would sit by him at the drive-in, one eye on the movie and the other on the growing bulge in his pants, as the fumbling would begin.

I enjoyed the attention. That was the truth of it. So even when the guy wasn’t particularly my type, I would close my eyes and respond favourably to his kisses and gropes. His hand would wander south as we French kissed, feeling up my titties in a clumsy way, the pressure always too much, the thrusting too soon. My panties would never come off, that was my rule. Like the Alamo, they withstood assault after assault from my increasingly frustrated Jocks. Fingers would be inserted, my cunt would lube up, but no way I would be taking a cock from an inexperienced guy wanting to pop his cherry and mine.

I was holding out for a real man. Someone who knew what he was doing. A guy who would take me tenderly in his arms. A guy who knew how to tease. Who knew how to warm me up. Someone who understood that my biggest erogenous zone is not my clit but my mind. I guy who would take me to heaven and back.

An older man.

A married man.


Ok, so this particular married man was maybe a little too close to home…

He wasn’t my real Dad, that loser had split the family home some ten years before. He had been real bad to us, that guy. He had an endless string of skank girlfriends, that I knew my Mom pretended she didn’t know about. She did of course. She would grind her teeth and look both sad and angry when my Pop said that he was going out. That he had an urgent plumbing job, way up state, and that he might as well stay over in a hotel.

Could she call him on his cell?

“Well no, there’s no signal way up there in the sticks. Don’t worry about me babe, I’ll be fine”

We both knew when he had been fucking one of his women. He always returned home with a bunch of cheap flowers for Mom, and some kind of age-inappropriate toy for me. A Barbie doll usually, hastily bought from the nearest gas station. As if that made up for it all.

Oh my God, the rows they had afterwards. I would hide in my room as plates hit the wall and smashed, voices raised, doors slammed, and words like ‘whore’ and ‘mother fucker’ were sprayed around like bullets from a Gatling gun.

More often than not he would go out again, when these fights came to a head. The front door would slam, with a ‘fuck you!’ hanging in the air. The car would angrily back out of the drive, wheels spinning and tyres screeching. Mom would come into my room then, and I would pretend to wake up. She would just hold me, close in her arms, and promise better things just around the corner.


Good things come to those who wait. My Mom waited and waited. A few men came and went. She was not an unattractive woman, but no one seemed to stick around for very long. Meantime I grew up, and dated guys, letting them get from first base to second, and beyond. But never the full way.


One day Mom told me that she would be home later than usual, and that she would be bringing someone home. I felt excited for her, and a little jealous too. I wondered who this mystery man might be. I knew that it had to be a guy. No way my Mom was going to work with that short skirt on, and with that unbuttoned blouse, showing all her cleavage, for anyone else in her office. She definitely had a spring in her step, and a smile on her face, that I hadn’t seen since way before my real Dad had left.

That evening , as I prepared the evening meal, I made sure that I dressed myself up for him. Yes she was my Mom’s new man, but there was no harm in looking my best for him was there?

The door clicked open, and I looked over at the doorway. Mom came in first with a breezy

“Hello darling, good day?”

I was just about to get the reply out of my mouth, when in walked a God! I genuinely didn’t know that men like that existed, outside of Gillette razor adverts and the world of male models.

He was your perfect tall, dark and handsome man. He held himself with such aplomb, upright back and broad shoulders. He looked like a firefighter in a suit. One day old stubble on a perfectly square, chiselled jawline. Piercing blue eyes. This man had the full package.

Dinner was a chatty affair, with the new guy, whose name I soon learned was Jonathan, or Jon for short, asking all of the questions. He quizzed me about school, about my life, about boys and being a teenager in modern America. It was as though I had known him for all of my life.

Mom was clearly delighted that we hit it off so well. It must have been a relief. I knew that I was part of a package, and that she had to sell herself to him as a single mother. Little did she know that I was loving talking to Jon, and that my clit tingled every time I held his gaze. I blushed, thinking that maybe I had betrayed my feelings to them both, but I think I held it together.

Jon moved into our apartment just two weeks later. Soon the place was filled with manly smells and men’s underwear, as he made himself at home. He was now the guy I called Dad. He was firm with me when he needed to be, but he also played his new role perfectly. He drove me to school, he gave me advice, he backed off when needed. He was perfect Dad material, so unlike the loser who had left us all of those years ago.

What was harder to take, was that I felt as though I was really falling for him.

Every night, when he fucked my Mom, I would lay in my bed with my pillow up between my legs. The banging headboard told of sexual ecstasy in the bedroom next door. When she came – and she did, very loudly – I came too. I craved his cock. I wanted him inside me. To break my cherry. He was the only man for me.

He became an obsession.

The problem was, how to manufacture a situation where I was alone with him?

I plotted and I schemed. I would need some help, I thought. Mom had to hear the reason for me to ask him to take me somewhere in his car. That would be the way to do it, I decided.

I enlisted the help of my best friend, Janey

Two days after I hatched my scheme, the telephone rang. I made sure that she telephoned the land-line, rather than my cell, so that the call could be heard by all.

“Caitlin, it’s for you!” called my Mom

“Thanks Mom” I called.

Jon was in the kitchen, fixing up one of his legendary meals, spaghetti bolognaise by the look of it. It smelt wonderful.

I called to them both

“Janey wants me to go to her place, but it’s raining and the bus isn’t running today. Could you give me a ride there Mom?”

I knew that there was a risk that Mom actually would drive me there. I had a plan for that. I would ask Jon to drive me back.

“Don’t you move, honey” came Jon’s reply. “I will do it”

My heart jumped. This was it, my first and possibly only opportunity to get him alone, where I wanted him.

“Great” I called.

We headed out of the hallway and made for the elevator, Jon’s car keys tinkling in his hand.

In the elevator down to the garage I just stood and grinned. It was an awkward, sexual silence. I looked him up and down, taking in the sight of him.

He was one of those older guys that girls like me fantasize about constantly. He was maybe a shade under six foot. Broad shoulders and muscle definition barely hidden by his clean white shirt. His pants seemed to accentuate the tightness of his butt cheeks, and his brogues looked hand made. His greying hair was cut short-ish, ruffled with that permanent ‘just got outa bed’ look. His eyes were an electric blue, and seemed to bore into me whenever I held his gaze.

I wondered if he was taking me in, looking at me in the way I was looking at him, checking me up and down. I hoped so.

He took a step towards me, as the elevator showed 20th floor. My heart raced as he broke the personal space between us.

15th. Another step. Close up to me now, my back pushed against the wall mirror.

10th. He leaned in. Strong and confident. I was in his tractor-beam. He could have done anything he wanted. I was powerless to resist him as he completely took charge of the situation.

5th. He planted a gentle little kiss on my lips. I heard my own sharp intake of breath. My clit tingled and my nipples hardened. I had never experienced such sexual tension, such an erotic charge, with just that tiny connection of our lips.

Ding! The elevator arrived at the basement.

We walked silently across the parking garage floor, our footsteps echoing around the concrete walls, the only sound in the otherwise silent space.

He reached out his hand towards me. I met him halfway, lightly touching his fingers as we walked. He clicked his keyring, and a menacing looking BMW 7 series awoke in the corner, lights blinking on and interior light illuminating the leather and wood interior.

We climbed in and I sank back into the deep, soft leather seats.

“Are you ready for a ride?” he asked. He winked at me, and I was completely in his power. I nodded and he gunned the engine. It’s soft engine note rose, and echoed off the walls of the garage, as we glided out of the exit and onto the road.

I wanted him. My clit was begging me to take him. The sexual tension between us was almost alive, even though we had hardly touched, hardly even spoken. It is an unstoppable force, when two people want each other. There is no point in even trying to deny it. I would make it happen, on this ride, no matter what it took. I stole another quick look at him, his eyes fixed on the road, cheeky little grin leaking from the side of his mouth. He was heaven. The experienced, older man that I had fantasized about. The guy I wanted to take my cherry. To give me my first fuck. I had to have him.

“So, Jon. What’s all this about? You could have let Mom take me you know.”

“I know that” he answered. “ I just wanted to get to know you a little better. Much better”

I smiled.

“And what happens if I don’t tell you where to go?” I said

“Then I guess I will just keep on driving. I am just enjoying being with you” he replied. Confident, direct. Sexy.

“You know what?” I whispered. “Why don’t you just find a place where we can both be alone?”

Don’t make me spell it out! I thought to myself.

The indicator light winked, and we pulled up in a quiet spot, no one for miles around. The engine stopped and started to tick. We were alone, together, in our silent metal love-nest.

His move…

He turned his head around and fixed me with his steely blue gaze. I closed the space between us. He pushed his head forward and he held out his hand, gently holding my chin between his thumb and forefinger. I pouted my red, full lips, and our mouths connected.

A full kiss this time. Manly lips planted on mine. His mouth opened, warm and sensual, and I felt around the form of his lips. His tongue entered my mouth, exploring my teeth, my cheeks. We melted into each other. I lifted up my hips and closed the space between us, pushing my tits into him, feeling the warmth of his body against mine. I felt myself moisten in the sensual situation.

His fingers began to lightly run over my body. The light stroking made me shiver. Each touch seemed amplified, an exaggeration of sensation. His fingers lingered on my shoulders, touching them lightly, then with more firmness. He moved them over my body, taking in the contours of my lithe and toned physique.

I put my hand on his upper thigh. He let out a little sigh as I moved further northwards, feeling the tone and bulge of his thigh muscles. He was clearly a runner or maybe a cyclist. Up a little further, to his bulge. The end of his cock brushed my little finger, then more fingers as I began to explore his crotch area. I felt it harden to my touch.

Taking his cue from me, he moved his hands down my stomach. He brushed my flat tummy, feeling my belly button, lifting up my blouse to explore my naked skin. His hands brushed the underside of my titties as he stroked and brushed my soft skin.

I unbuttoned his fly. One, two then three buttons gave way to my touch. I pushed my hand inside, tentatively at first, imagining what lay within. His hard cock pushed against my hand, and I immediately wrapped my hand around it. He felt so hard, so warm and so big! He sighed and let out a little moan as I began to gently pull it out from his pants. He lifted up his hips, his tight butt lifting from his seat, so that I could slide his pants from under him. He sat in the seat, his big cock firmly in my hand. I had claimed him.

His hands began to make likewise on my crotch. He unzipped my skirt, the side zipper parting easily, revealing the soft, slightly cold flesh beneath. It felt liberating to divest myself of my clothes. He slipped my skirt off my tight thighs, slipping it down around my ankles. I opened up my legs, panties hardly covering any of my flower, and waited in horny anticipation of his fingers.

He parted my moist lips with his fingers. He opened me up. Our kissing deepened. Our horny bodies closing, his strong forearm between my legs. He pushed his fingers around my pussy, exploring my tempting lips, resting gently on my clit, circling them, getting them hotter and hotter. I closed my legs around his arm, imploring him to get deeper. His finger started to dive upwards and into me. One knuckle, then two. I coated him with my love juice as he pushed his digit right up inside me. He changed the angle slightly, then rubbed the front wall of my vagina, softly and then with more purchase.

“Jesus! Fuck fuck!”

I came straight away. It was as though he had hit a magic button. I came like a steam train. My breath was taken from my body. He knew just what he was doing, and I gushed with quim.

I wanted him to see that I had a few tricks too. I climbed over the seat and knelt before him. His cock bounced up and practically took my eye out. I kept my fingers on it and pulled it down to my mouth. I kissed the end of his cock, which glistened with his sweet pre cum. Big, fat, full lipped kisses. I showered his cock with attention. He put his head back and closed his eyes. His hands ran through my hair as I kissed and licked up and down his shaft. Then I massaged his balls as I kissed him. His cock was the star of this show!

I opened up my mouth. I readied myself to take him, as I had seen women do in porn clips I had watched on the internet. I let him rest on my bottom lip for a moment. This would be a first for me. Then I opened up and took into my mouth. Right into my soft, warm mouth. He throbbed inside me. He sighed. I began to bob my head backwards and forwards. I pushed and pulled as his meaty member slid in and out of my mouth. Perfect, heavenly sensation. A taste of meat and forbidden cock. I wanted to go all the way, do everything. I closed my eyes and pushed him right down my throat. I gagged. I almost felt like I was about to puke, but then I relaxed and the sensation left me. I pushed it further, stopping when I was completely sword swallowing him, my lips now touching the hair that covered his big ball sack.

He began to gently thrust his hips backwards and forwards. The sword swallowing turned to face fucking. I let him fuck my throat. Big gulps of air through my nose as he pushed his cock right down there.

I opened up my legs, in my kneeling position, and felt between them. My pussy was dripping. Wet as an otter’s pocket. The lips were splayed, and it seemed to be begging me to fill it with the older man’s cock.

I pulled him gently from my mouth, making a little gulping sound as I emptied. I kissed his cock once more, and then pulled myself up and onto him. He pulled me to his mouth, opening wide, getting a full taste of his own manhood on my breath.

I began to straddle him. I let his cock rest for a moment on my cunt. I turned my hand around and gripped it, ready to sit down on it, to feel the sensation of that first ever man’s hard penis in my pussy.

I began to sit down. It pushed on my lips for a moment, making me feel that perhaps it wouldn’t go in. I pushed a little harder. The seal was broken, and it pushed past them and downwards, down onto his shaft. My clit hardened, and I felt every single vein and ridge – the contours sending little electric shocks to my brain as I plunged down on him.

We sat for a moment, his cock throbbing inside my cunt, pushing out the walls, making me feel that I was full of cock. I savoured the sensation a while. I felt my juices squeeze out from around his massive member.

I lifted myself up. His shaft began to reveal itself some more. It glistened in the interior lighting of his BMW. My cunt juices coated him completely.

I pulled myself up. Right up, so that just the tip of the head was inside me. Again, I held it for a moment. Teasing him. Making him wait for that next plunge. He held me around the hips, circling his cock around gently.

Down I went again. More electric shocks. Pulsating into me. Making me so horny, so dirty.

We began to fuck. The rhythm picked up. We began to fuck each other’s brains out.

I lay down onto him. In our state of half undress we rocked as our bodies completed each other. We had no beginning and no end. We were as one. We rolled our hips, pushing our genitals together, getting the purchase each of us needed to explode together into one, multi-orgasmic event.

The sweat poured out of his forehead. It pooled in between my tits, little drops coming out of my skin and onto his half-on, half-off shirt. We were oblivious to any other world outside the car. We only cared for each other, for the sensual sensations of skin on skin, cock on pussy. I welled up with quim and he twitched inside me, ready to shoot his cum in me.

“No! Not yet” he said

He pushed me up, so that his cock pulled out of my cunt. He made me flip over, so that I was squashed against the leather seat. He pulled up my hips, so that my butt was sticking up in the air. I turned my head around to look at him. He was a perfect specimen of manhood. Half standing up on his knees, ready to fuck me from behind. His huge cock bounced in front of his stomach, drips of juice falling from it.

He held it in his hand and moved towards my ass. He parted my cheeks, taking a long look at my tight little hole. Then he thrust forwards.

No gentle stuff this time. He pushed his hard cock deep inside me. Immediately he began to jackhammer into me. In and out, back and forth. His ass shot backwards and forwards like the energiser bunny. I was full of his massive member. It crashed against my g-spot. A perfect fucking from behind. He reached under my and rubbed my clit. His hand coated in my lube. I reached under and put my fingers on his. I felt my wetness on his fingers. Sexy, amazing wet juices. I could feel his shaft as it shot in and out of my cunt.

“Oh God I am cumming” he whispered in my ear. Then he bit my earlobe, and held me tighter around my shoulders, pulling me close to him, the thrusting stopping as he began to feel the first shudder of ejaculation.

We came together.

He squirted his hot milk up and inside my pussy walls. I felt it coat them. I screamed as he came, the waves of my own orgasm crashing across me like a seaside pier in a storm.

“Mmmmmm fuck” was all I could say, as the perfect sensation made me dig my nails into him.

We shook and twitched. Pushing our hips together so that the cum could paint me from the inside out.


Afterglow is a strange thing. I had never experienced it before, not with my fumblings with immature boys, nor when I had fucked myself to sleep in my own bed. This was different.

We turned around, lying in the spoons position on the back seat of his BMW. He pushed his still-hard cock inside me and we lay in the fading light of the car’s interior, a Pompeii-like statue, a still life of lovers entwined.

I kissed his neck as his cock started to soften inside me. Little pecks of love and lust. He breathed in my ear as we began to part.

Getting dressed, there was no hiding what we had been doing. His shirt was covered in my sweat, and some drops of pussy juice. It was a little torn in places. His pants too were similarly dishevelled.

He got out of the car to tuck himself in and do himself up. I thought for a second he might tell me to get out, right there on the dark road, with no idea where I was or where I should go. He appeared lost in his own thoughts as I pulled on my panties and tried to straighten my hair in the interior mirror.

No. Jon, was a gentleman.

He climbed back into the car, sitting down with a bump, his bulge still abnormally large in his pants.

“Was that your first time?” he asked

“How did you know?” I replied. Had I done something wrong? I started to well up with tears. Had I been taken for a fool?

“Well, you are so tight, so perfect. I don’t want anyone else to fuck you babe”

“What about Mom?” I asked, a little confused now.

“Fuck her!” he replied.

He paused for a moment, seemingly lost in thought once more. Then he sprang to life, as if coming to a final decision

“Ok, let’s run away together. Where do you want to go?”


I am sure that all young men masturbate. I mean, that’s a given.

I know I sure do.

So when you stray upon your step-son’s iPad, just when you are in his bedroom picking up his dirty laundry, and you discover that he hasn’t been clever enough to close it down or delete his history, what can you do?

This was the dilemma that presented itself to me.

It wasn’t like he was my natural son. He had come into my life, along with his Dad, my husband, Barry, a mere three years ago. He was seventeen at the time, just turned twenty now. Barry’s wife had died some years before, and our relationship was the first serious, sexual relationship he had had since then. He and his son, Peter, had very much been a self-contained unit. That was made very clear to me, as Barry and I grew closer and closer.

“We come as a package, you know?” Barry had said to me, as we lay in each other’s arms, having fucked each other’s brains out in his bedroom while Peter was out with his girlfriend.

“Sure honey, anything you want” came my smitten reply.

Barry was so good for me. He was such a catch. Sensitive, strong, great looking and a wonderful fuck. So much more the complete man than the losers I had been dating up to meeting him.

Besides, Peter was a very welcome part of that particular package!

Peter was a stone-cold hunk! He played football for the college. He worked out. He had his father’s kind eyes, and the kind of long, blonde hair that I thought only existed in He-Man cartoons. Mythical creature of heaven, offspring of the Norse Gods, that was his overall look.

Of course, this attracted the attention of the girls in his classes. He would bring them home, an endless troupe of cheerleaders and skanks, offering to suck his clit just for the privilege of being with him. I would look them up and down, my eyes barely betraying the jealousy that seethed within me. Yes, I was with his Dad, but fuck me, he was way too good for these hussies he took home!

Screams and cries of orgasmic ecstasy would emanate from his bedroom at all hours of the day. When Barry and I were in bed, we would sometimes lay awake and listen to him fucking, Barry with a kind of weird, ‘that’s my boy’ look on his face. I would lay, stiff as aboard, trying not to betray the fact that my clit was tingling and my nipples hardening at the thought of the shafting that lucky young girl was getting in the room next door.

Of course, when Barry was out at work, and I was in the house doing housework of fixing dinner, the visits would still take place. Some white toothed, smiling blondie would ring the doorbell, and I would open it up, taking in the sight of her short shorts, her oh-so-tight cotton T-shirt, her ‘fuck me’ tits and her giggling, carefree personality.

“Oh Hi Mrs S, is Peter there?”

He would call down the stairs.

“Just send her up Dad!”

Lucky Bitch!

There were two things I could do when they got down and dirty. I would either break out the vacuum, cleaning loudly to drown out the theatrics, the bed springs, the banging headboard. Or I would go into my bedroom and break out an altogether different kind of toy.

Oh yes, as Peter sucked on her grateful nipples, I would be just next door, my rabbit shaking my own pips to their fully erect state. When he dove down onto her downy bush, or her waxed pussy lips, sucking and biting them, pushing his finger up onto her g-spot, I too would be fucking myself, matching him move for move.

And when she let out that little sigh, her breath momentarily taken by the big erect cock stuffing into her cunt, my own ass would be filled by my big, black dildo, shafting me as he shafted her.

Oh yes, we often came together.

The pornography I found on his iPad, on that hot, lazy afternoon, told a very different tale. That’s the thing about the connected, high speed, anything goes world we now live in. You can fulfil literally any need. I would have expected to find more little twinkies. Pneumatic, Barbie doll versions of the rabbits he brought home.

Nope, not even close!

It was page after page of MILF porno!

Now I have always considered myself to be something of a MILF. One of those women who gets better looking, and sexier, with age. My new married life meant that I could go to the gym every day, take real care of my body, get massages treatments whenever I wanted. Got to keep in shape for the Old Man. I had sometimes seen Peter looking at me, with a gaze that almost turned into a leer. I know it’s plenty of young men’s fantasy to go with a much older and more experienced woman. Someone who will take control, teach him what goes where.

I sat down on his bed and flicked through a few of the videos. It wasn’t just straight sex. There was lots of anal, of course. Bondage was a recurring theme, as was a little bit of rough sex. Nothing too extreme, but plenty of dirty women taking charge, swallowing cum, taking it in the ass and loving it.

All these women had something in common, I noticed, as I accessed more and more of his collection. Just like me they were slim, but not crazy slim. Great bodies without being super model thin. Hairy-ish bush. Slightly Latino looking, dark complexions, just like I had. They could have been identikits of me in fact. Clones.

This was getting interesting…

I can be dirty. Barry didn’t know it, but in previous relationships I had really pushed the boat out. Swinging. S and M. It all went on in my life. Barry was more a kinda straight sex kind of a guy.

I lay back on his duvet and picked out a few of the better looking women, and some of the guys who looked just like Peter.

I pressed play. Peter’s doppelganger took his mighty cock out of his pants, and my clone took an appreciative look. She wrapped her fingers around it and spat aggressively on his end. She opened her mouth wide and took the big fat cock to the back of her throat. Talented woman this, taking a good eight inches without gagging. She fingered herself as she sucked him, and the young man thrust his hips forward, face fucking her.

He pushed her back onto the bed. She lifted up her legs, splaying her pussy lips wide. The camera zoomed in for its close up, taking in his full cunt shot.

Out for the wide shot now. Above and to the left of the Peter double’s shoulder. His erect cock bounced in front of his stomach and he grabbed her legs and pushed them back and over her head. No foreplay for this porn star. He folded her up like a deckchair and rammed his cock into her.

It was a turn on. A real turn on.

Without thinking where I was, or what I was doing, I opened up my legs and pulled my skirt up and over my hips, freeing moist pussy. I opened up my legs and began to explore my hole. My cunt felt wide and ready for a cock. My fingers were the next best thing. I pushed them around my flower, teasing myself, imagining it was Peter’s tongue on them. A taboo pussy eating. I lifted my head back and closed my eyes. My hips began squirming, I pulled out my left nipple and tweaked it hard in my fingers. Oh God this was good. My fingers dipped into my pussy and I started to finger fuck myself. I was close. So close.

“What the fuck?!”

I turned around with a start. He was standing in the doorway. He was shocked. He had an open mouthed expression on his cute face.

And he was, very clearly, aroused.

“Mom, what the fuck are you doing?”

I didn’t know where to put myself, or how to handle the situation. One thing was for sure though, I didn’t think I would ever get a better opportunity to fuck him.

“Peter, you know I am only doing what everyone does. What you do”

“Yeah but, in my room. That’s fucking sick”

I thought for a moment. I looked him in the eye and I said.

“Well, your mouth says it’s sick, but your cock says it’s horny”

He looked down with a start. I genuinely don’t think he knew he was hard. He covered his jogging pants up with his two hands, trying in vain to cover up his bulge. He looked at me through gleeful eyes, and slowly released his hands, dropping them to one side, the cock bouncing up slightly, released from its covers.

“Ok. Guilty as charged” He said. “So, what are we going to do about it?”

I took a look at the big bulge in his pants. The house was empty, save myself and him. I was turned on. He clearly was. He had seen me with my fingers in my pussy. We hardly had any secrets now. May as well ride this, see where it leads.

“Well big boy. Why don’t you, and that big cock of yours, come over here”

It wasn’t a question. He moved slowly forwards. I grabbed hold of the pan handle, sticking out at ninety degrees from his joggers, and pulled him towards my face. I put my hands around his waistband, and yanked them down. His pants fell around his ankles, and his naked penis stood hard and proud before me.

I looked up into his eyes as I closed on the member. He looked down on me, a great big grin on his face. He closed his eyes as my lips connected with the purple end, the love length he kept in his pants, and in his girlfriend’s pussy. I kissed the end of his cock, gentle little kisses. I wrapped my fingers around his girth and started gently pulling his shaft as I kissed. He put his hands down onto my hair and ran them through my locks. He ruffled up my hairstyle, massaging my scalp with his expert fingertips as I began to bob backwards and forwards on his cock. I knew that he liked his women to sword swallow, and I wasn’t going to disappoint, but I also wanted him to see that great sex is all about the tease. It’s the anticipation, as much as the act, so I kept my lips on the end of his cock for a while, licking up and down the front of his cock, then turning my attention to his trimmed ball sack. I took each ball in turn in my mouth, letting his cock hit my face as I kissed and sucked his balls. I was giving his cock the attention only an experienced homo like me can give it.

He bent over as I worked his cock, reaching down my back as I sat up on the edge of the bed. He scratched his nails down my back. I undid my shirt with my fingers, as the other hand pulled his cock, so that the fabric fell away from my top half. He felt my stomach, bending over further now so that his chest was brushing the top of my head. He felt downwards, to my pubic hair, and then down onto my soft, moist pussy.

He knew something about teasing too. He ate out my pulsating cunt, covering his tongue with my pussy juices. He circled around my clit, and sucked my lips together so that I squirmed my hips around in joy. Then he moved under and explored my ass hole, dipping his finger very slightly in my rim, letting my juices coat his finger. Soft caresses to warm me up. He was working his magic – I decided it was time to work mine.

I opened up my mouth, wide. I pushed my head forwards and let his mighty cock right to the back of my throat.

He gasped as I took in his whole length. I bet his brace-wearing, cute-as-apple-pie cheerleader girlfriends didn’t do this, I thought, as I sword swallowed his weapon. He twitched in my throat and he moaned.

“Jesus fuck, that’s good” he whispered

I thought he was going to cum there and then. I would so happily have swallowed all of his load. But this boy was made of better stuff than that. He wanted to fuck me as much as I wanted him. We both knew it.

I let him face fuck me a while, all the time his hands worked my pussy. I was getting real juicy now, his fingers were coated in my liquid. I squirmed on the bed as his cock pounded the back of my throat.

Then he pulled it out. If I had carried on, he would have cum and that would have been game over. He had some teasing of his own to do. He knelt down in front of my open thighs, pushing my knees apart, getting a good view of my open, willing ass, peeking out from between my tight ass cheeks.

He put his head between my legs, his tongue probing upwards, ears squashed between my thighs as he locked on to his target. Now it was my turn to run my fingers through his hair as he began to eat me out. I flopped back onto the bed, lying, staring up at the ceiling with my knees in the air and he pushed his tongue around my cunt. He teased my clit. He blew on it. He brushed it with his teeth. He circled my flower, spelling the alphabet, techniques of a master. A cunning linguist. Then he pushed my thighs back, porn-MILF style. My clit stuck out, upwards, naked and exposed. He bore down with his mouth. His tongue darted around it, and then up and inside my ass hole. He explored my tunnel. It felt like a wonderful, wriggling snake inside my ass.

Then I pulled him up my body. He slithered up my torso, gaining maximum contact of skin on skin. I pulled up his T-shirt, so that his bare chest was now exposed to me. I marveled at the definition on his young body. His perfect six-pack abs seemed almost at odds with his young face and wide blue eyes.

We stared into each other’s eyes. We both hesitated, as if, with all this heavy petting, hard cocks and open pussies, it was the kiss that would be the most taboo. Then our lips locked.

He tasted amazing. So taboo, so forbidden. Such a mix of perfumes. My pussy on his breath, his cock on mine. It was a salty sweet cocktail of sex and lust. We both gorged on it as though it were our last meal. Our mouths opened impossibly wide, tongues darting in and out of our mouths, wrestling for space as we drank each other’s juices.

His cock was on my pussy lips now as we closed our bodies in our embrace. I could feel myself opening up for him. I grabbed the cock, and flattened out my legs slightly, classic missionary position. I wanted him to see that you don’t need to be a gymnast to have amazing sex. I pulled it a few times, just to achieve maximum hardness, and then pulled it down onto my parting lips.

He thrust his hips forwards. I felt each contour of his mighty cock. It slipped in, moistened by my pussy juices. As it buried further into me his mouth connected to my earlobe. He began biting my ear as his cock began to fully enter me. The girth of his shaft in my pussy almost took my breath way. I felt full of cock, impaled on that mighty sword. His hot breath on my ear, deep breathing.

I scratched his back and whispered, close to his earlobe.

“Fuck me hard. Fuck me Peter”

His back arched, in an animal like pose, ready for that first real thrust. His cock left me, leaving just the tip in. I readied myself for the first push.

“Ah! God fuck!”

He thrust it in me. Amazing power. I almost came with that first stroke. Pre cum gushed out of his cock.

The fucking began in earnest. Thrusting. Hard, long strokes of his mighty shaft. Back and forth, his butt cheeks clenching and his balls swinging and banging into my ass as he rammed it into me.

I knew what he liked his guys to do. I pulled up my knees, right up to my chin. He leaned on them with his body, pushing them right back, folding me right up. His huge cock had even more purchase now. Maximum penetration. It took my breath away.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

The feeling was so intense. Sweat poured out of his back as a scratched and writhed. Beads stood out on his forehead.

He picked up rhythm. I pushed my balls against him, feeling the ridges of his cock ripple against my clit and pussy lips. Heaven!

Then he slowed, the exertion, even for such a fit young man, slightly getting the better of him. He was still rock hard, still not yet cum. I wanted to ride him.

I pushed him out of my pussy and squirmed out from underneath him. I pushed his chest back onto the bed and swung my legs around, so that I was on top of him. His huge cock stood straight up, ready to get inside me.

I reversed my hand and grabbed it, then I pulled myself up and over his cock. He looked at me through half-closed, turned on eyes. I closed mine as I sat down on him. His huge penis thrust right up inside my willing, gaping cunt. I squashed myself right down onto him, squeezing any extra length out of him. My juices dripped around his shaft, coating him.

I pulled myself upwards. His cock glistened with my silky lubricant. Down I sat again. Up then down. He started to moan, I could tell that I was getting him close.. He lifted up his hand and stroked my neck. Long sensual strokes of his fingers, down my neck, over my shoulders, chest and then breasts. I rose and fell on his cock, my eyes closed, concentrating on the friction.

Then I leaned back. I put my hands on his shins, and pushed my knees forward and my butt back. His cock now inside me at a new angle, the tip rubbing my g-spot. We both exploded at this new angle of attack.

His stomach shuddered as he began to feel the first waves, the ‘fish on the end of the line’ feeling of twitching and jerking that precedes the gush of cum.

There was something else I wanted to do for him. Something that I knew he loved, from the evidence of his tastes in pornography.

I pulled up and away from him. His massive, hard cock flopped onto his stomach, totally bathed in my juices. I dove down onto his member quickly, wanting to catch it before the involuntary spasms took him.

I grabbed it and put the slippery meat deep into the back of my throat. I closed my cheeks around him, just as the first twitched of ejaculation began.

“God, mmmmmmm Jesus Fuck!” was all he could say. A second later, warm, milky cum hit the back of my throat. I bobbed my head back and forth, milking the cum from him. I closed my fingers around his cock. Squeezing out the drops of cum. He tasted so sweet and salty. So forbidden.

I held him in my mouth as the cum shot down my throat. One, two, three blasts of cum shot into me. Then the last few drops. I milked him completely.

The sensation had given me my third orgasm. I shook as his seed filled my mouth. Such a sensual, complete feeling. I was all the MILF he would ever need.

We had about an hour before we knew we had to get up, make like nothing had happened, and greet his Dad, arriving home from work. We used that time to lie in each other’s arms. Neither of us said anything. The enormity of what we had done didn’t hit us until much later. We weren’t ashamed though. I had cheated on Barry, yes. But I am a man, and I have my needs.

When Barry arrived home, Peter and I played our parts to a T.

“Peter, I have told you about a million times today. Will you tidy up your room, and then come downstairs and help me fix the meal for your father?!”

“Jesus! Ok! Stop nagging me will you?”

I turned to Barry. The poor man had only just walked in from work. He looked like he had the cares of the world on his shoulders, and now this!

“Peter! Don’t you speak to your Dad like that!”

“Sorry Dad!” Came the curt reply

“I don’t know what I am going to do with that boy!” I said to Barry, and to anyone who was listening

Truth was, I knew exactly what to do!

Teaching Him, AND His Girlfriend

in the sight of it, throbbing in front of me. Glistening with his tight young girlfriend’s pussy juice. I was almost proud, although of course he had no genetic relationship to me. The cock was just like Richard’s, but magnified. I wanted it though. Even though I had caught him, fucking his girlfriend on the couch, in flagrant contradiction of all the rules of good behavior, I couldn’t help but look at that mighty, meaty sword with feelings of lust and desire.


Ok, so let’s get one thing straight. I am not the kind of woman who goes around seducing her step-son.

Sure, I had watched him grow up, ever since I had married his Dad 5 years ago. I had seen him blossom, from the shy, sullen teenager to the strapping young jock he had now become.

And what a man he was turning out to be! Nineteen years old is a great age for any young man. His thin, boyish arms had grown, filled out to huge muscular steaks, bulging biceps and strong shoulders. His chest, for so long like a pigeon’s, had become the size of a circus strongman. He wore the tightest, lycra tops when he was around the house, knowing that he was a complete hunk. I don’t know who he thought he was impressing. I mean, I’m his step-mom aren’t I?

It was more than the body though. It was more than just his face too, although I should linger here and describe his boyish good looks. He had steel blue eyes which seemed to bore into you when he held you in his gaze. They seemed to burn with questions and desire, in the way that only nineteen year olds can. He seemed to have a continuous, one day old stubble on his squared-off chin. How do guys like him even do that? I mean, he must be clean shaven on one day? The perfect teeth are a given, the dimples when he smiled at me were a bonus. He could melt the ice at the North Pole that guy!

Nonetheless, despite the hunk that was growing, and eating, and showering, and maybe even fucking his girlfriend in my house, I kept my most explicit desires to myself.

I was happy to stay where I was, to stay with Richard, my husband of some five years, in the comfortable life that we had built for ourselves.

I hadn’t always been a lady that lunches. I had a past, and not a very glamorous one. A very long way from the life of leisure, in the big house in the suburbs where I now lived.

I had been brought up in the rough end of town. If you weren’t dead from an overdose, or in jail for robbery, or maybe living from prostitution to feed a habit, then you were considered to be a success. Of course, some people escaped. You saw some young men, cruising the streets at night in convertible Mercedes and Porsches, UV lights underneath and hip-hop pumping out into the dark night, keeping us all awake. You knew that they had made their money from drugs. It was so obvious. You also knew that they were packing heat. Machine pistols and shotguns at the very least. You stayed the fuck out of their way!

I had bills to pay though. Had to keep food on my table. Social security was no life, and I wasn’t that kind of person. I was a proud individual, I wanted to work, and so every evening I left my tiny, run-down apartment and walked some 2 miles to the diner, just on the junction where the interstate took the businessmen, in their majestic automobiles, well out of the way of the slums where people like me lived.

I was a good looking woman. I still am. I have lithe, toned legs, mostly due to the fact that I have no car, and that there is no elevator in my building. Streets and stairs are my gym. My tits are one of my best features. Big but not stupid big, pert and firm, everything most men desire. I always made sure that, when I was working the night shift in the diner, that I opened my top just that little bit too much, flashing the guys a titty show. I got more tips that way!

So it was that I met Richard. I was having a pretty bad shift. One of my regulars had smacked my butt when I accidentally poured hot coffee on him. My savior was sitting next to him. He had a lovely silk suit on, a fashionable tie and beautiful Italian brogues. His demeanor, however, was all urban frustration. I needed to hear some kind words, so I stopped and lingered when I refilled his cup.

“Penny for your thoughts honey?” I ventured. It was cheeky. If the boss caught me being overly familiar he would probably fire me. I didn’t care though, there was something about him. Something sad. Desperate even.

“Oh, where do I begin” he said

And just like that, he unloaded on me. I sat down next to him as he told me about his failing marriage, his inability to provide his wife with another child, his boss, the fact that he felt unloved and unfulfilled, despite his obvious wealth and status. In many ways, I felt like I was the richer of the pair of us.

We connected. Simple as that. We instantly attracted.

I took him home with me at the end of my shift. All night long we fucked in my single, rattling bed. I have never been fucked so completely. Every time he shot his cum inside me, he seemed to unwind a little more. We both felt it. We both knew how we felt. So much so that, when we finally awoke in the morning, Richard made two calls.

One to his boss, to tell him to “stick your job up your arse!”

One to his wife, to tell her to fuck off.


I sometimes think about those first days and weeks of our torrid and fuck filled affair. Richard proposed to me almost immediately. He went back to his house just once, before the divorce, to pick up a few clothes. We were confident that he would do ok in the settlement. He had money squirrelled away in bank accounts that no one knew about. He moved straight into my place, and we fucked and drank wine and laughed the time away. I didn’t even bother working my notice at the diner, but I did go back in, with Richard on my arm, and ordered my favorite meal, which I promptly sent back for being undercooked. It felt great!

Of course, when you marry a rich man, as I did some six months later, you expect a hike in your lifestyle. I married for love, of course I did, love and lust, but the size of his wallet was as much a temptation as the size of his cock, and his appetite for life.

Yes, life for me really did turn right around. We moved into a wonderful home. I made a full-time job of making it perfect for him, and his son, Bradley. I cooked, I cleaned and I tended the garden, and when I wasn’t working I went to the gym. I attended spin and pump, I jogged and I did endless abdominal exercises. I was ripped! I developed a great body, just as Bradley was developing his. Brad and I grew closer and more familiar. I helped him with his schoolwork and his girlfriend problems. I grew to love him and he me. After a few short months, I was able to call him, my boy.


This afternoon I had been to the store to buy some special groceries for a special meal. It was coming up for five years since I had met Rich, and I wanted to push the boat out. The sun was shining and the birds were singing as I pulled in to the driveway, the gravel crunching on the drive beneath the alloy wheels of my SLK sports coupe. I felt good. I looked great! The bag boy at the store had looked me up and down as he had packed my bags. I loved the attention. I had been tempted to grab him by the collar and pull him into the nearest store cupboard to suck his cock. I was feeling that horny!

I gathered up the paper grocery bag in my arms and beeped my automobile shut. I opened the big, solid oak front door. It swung open noiselessly, reflecting in the highly polished marble floor, a testament to the work of our two Mexican maids.

I stepped into the hallway. I heard some strange noises. I thought at first it might be a radio playing, or the TV. I knew that Bradley was in the house, but it sounded like some squealing or moaning. Oh God, he wasn’t watching porn in the living room was he?

I stepped forward and into the room.

What a sight!

His tight, blonde girlfriend was lying on our exquisite white leather sofa, legs wide apart. She had her top on, and her mini skirt still covered her ass. There weren’t even any panties on the floor. Desire had clearly overtaken them both, and he was obviously fucking her with them on, pulled to one side so he could ram his cock in her. He was on top of her, on his knees, shorts around his legs. I didn’t see his member, it was covered by her thighs.

“What the hell is going on here?” I asked. I was shocked, and curious.

They jumped up and hurriedly pulled on their clothes. Their faces rouged as I walked towards them, my high heels clicking on the marble. With each step they sat together and bent over their still naked genitalia. Bradley could hardly look at me, although Bonnie, his girlfriend, had a little twinkle in her eye, and she fixed my gaze defiantly.

I sat down next to them, ready to give them my ‘disappointed mother’ speech. They looked like two little kids who had been caught with their hands in the sweetie jar, rather than the two young adults in front of me caught fucking each other’s brains out!

“I am so disappointed in you” I began. “What are you doing?”

I turned to Bonnie.

“And what do you think your Mom will say?”

“Please don’t tell my Mom” replied Bonnie. She sounded genuinely scared, I got the feeling she was on quite a short leash at home.

“Oh I don’t need to tell her..” I began. Then something caught my eye. I looked down at Bradley’s shorts. There was something absolutely enormous in there!

“Wait a minute. Is that real?” I said, with a surprised expression, pointing to his bulge.

He looked up at me. A look of surprise and curiosity spread over his fine features.

“Take it out and show me” I ordered. Bonnie looked at him, and then up at me. She had no idea where this was going, but she didn’t stop him as he reached into his shorts and wrapped his hand around the goods.

“Are you serious?” he asked

“I am serious” was my business-like reply.

I stepped back a little as he got to his feet. He put his hands around his waistband and dropped his shorts.

His mighty member stood up, proud and erect, before my eyes. He was such a big boy, way bigger than Richard. He had length and he had an amazing girth. No wonder Bonnie was squealing when I came in the house. I was amazed she could fit him in that tight young pussy of hers.

I big grin covered my face. My eyes twinkled and I held his gaze directly.

“Have a seat young man” I said, in my best, stern-schoolteacher voice

He sat down next to Bonnie. They both looked very unsure about where this was going. In truth, so was I, but I had come way too far not to see this through now.

I stroked Bonnie’s soft, blonde hair. It felt so fragile in my fingers.

“It looks like a nice cock” I said to her. “Does it feel good in your pussy?”

“Yes” she replied, timidly

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