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My Husband’s First Time Bisexual Ménage:

Hot Wife MFM with MM

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My Husband’s First Time Bisexual Ménage

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Jackson raised his arm and without warning, he brought his hand down on my husband’s bare backside with an almighty smack. Tony jumped – yelped a little with the surprise – and I jumped along with him as the resounding slapping sound bounced around the lavish hotel suite. Jackson grinned at our reactions, and at the growing red imprint of his own hand on Tony’s naked butt. He then did it again; this time spanking my husband’s other cheek – as if to even him up. Tony cried out again, but this time there was that familiar tone of lasciviousness to his cry.

Getting into his stride, Jackson smacked Tony’s butt again.

And then again.

I found myself becoming more and more turned on by watching my husband’s bare ass getting spanked – the sound of flesh on flesh, the sight of Jackson’s masterful, dark hand landing time and again on Tony’s now-glowing red buttocks had me pressing my thighs together to squeeze my clitty between my sopping wet pussy lips. I longed to release my breasts from my hopelessly inadequate dress and present them to Jackson and my husband, to have them suckle on a stiff, tender nipple each whilst Jackson continued administering the spanking.

The individual hand prints on my husband’s naked ass were now indiscernible from one another; his smooth skin was now a veritable crisscross of stripes and palm impressions, all of them a mouth-watering dark pink color.

“Your turn.” Jackson said to me with a throaty growl.

“Pardon me?” I said, genuinely taken aback.

“It’s in the script.”

Honestly, I hadn’t read that far. I’d been so enraptured by the thought of watching Tony getting his ass spanked that I’d not read any further. I gulped hard and offered my wrists to the writer/director and went willingly to my fate.

Within no time at all, Jackson had my wrists bound – tight, but not too tight - and bending over the couch next to my husband, my breasts tumbling out of the top of my dress and pressing naked into the back of the couch. I then felt Jackson’s hot, strong hands at the hem of my dress, as he rolled it up to expose my own bare behind. He then paused a while, no doubt admiring the two naked butts that were thusly presented to him, and I just knew that he’d also be enjoying the view of my bare pussy lips that peeked out from between my thighs.

And then came that first smack.

I squealed out in surprise, pain and pleasure as Jackson’s hand landed squarely upon my left butt cheek. I squirmed and wiggled my naked ass at him, as if inviting more of that wonderful spanking. And Jackson did not disappoint. He spanked my right cheek, and then landed a couple of hearty smacks on Tony’s bare ass before returning his attention to mine. I moaned out loud as the heat radiated out from my well-spanked butt cheeks and around to my dripping wet pussy – I could actually feel the warm trickle of my juices running down the soft, sensitive skin of my inner thighs.

Again and again Jackson spanked Tony and me and our moans, groans and squeals filled the room along with that extraordinarily erotic sound of harsh skin on skin as he spanked the both of us almost to orgasm.


My Husband’s First Time Bisexual Ménage:

Hot Wife MFM with MM


Jennifer Lynne

I clicked the lock to closed on my office door and padded back to my desk - there’s something just so deliciously decadent about being barefoot at work that never fails to get me so incredibly hot and wet. I’d actually kicked off my thousand-dollar Louboutins earlier in the day, as was my regular habit – I simply love to give my toes a little freedom during a hard working day, and to hell with what the staff thought. Besides, what is the point of being CEO of your own marketing company if you can’t enjoy a little barefoot me-time in your own nineteenth-floor, executive office?

I sat back in my black leather chair and placed my feet up on the dark wood desk that was covered edge to edge with paperwork, reports, mail and a bazillion inter-departmental memos - all of which were forgotten for the time being. For my mind was elsewhere, as it had been for most of that day, too busy swirling with sexy thoughts of the adventure I had arranged for my hot young husband for later on evening.

I pressed my head back into the soft cushioned headrest of my managerial chair and with one hand I hiked up the skirt of my dark blue Chanel suit, so I could see the tiny black silk panties that clung snugly to the delicate bulge of my warm, tingling pussy.

And before I knew what I was doing, my hand had slipped down the front of those very panties, my wriggling fingers homing directly in on my delicately throbbing clitoris. Ever since I’d first discovered the pleasure that could be derived, I’d always loved the feel of my damp pussy beneath my exploring fingertips; the warmth of the skin down there, the slippery wetness, my neatly trimmed landing strip of hair that acted as a kind of guide to the heaven that nestled down below. I have to say that I have never been one for going the full Hollywood, I much prefer to look and feel like an actual grown woman than a prepubescent child, and I know that Tony – my infinitely sexy husband and naughty playmate – prefers it too.

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