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A Bite to Remember

Eternal Fulfillment 2


Cree Storm

& Maggie Walsh

A Bite to Remember

Eternal Fulfillment Book 2

The second Nick scented his mate he knew his life was about to be complete. He didn't care that he was a vampire and he didn't care if he was considered rogue. All Nick cared about was that fate had finally shined upon him. Until they mated and changes in his body began to drive him to the brink of insanity.

A new job in a new town was something Jagger had known was long overdue. He had been forced out of his coven and was only looking for a peace he had not had in months. Nick, his big grizzly bear, and leader of a small band of men, was the best and most welcome surprise to truly begin this new life. Nick being the fire chief of Maddox, Jagger worries for his mate, but knows that he will do everything he can to come home to him.

He never expected those fires to burn so close to home. When they do, will his mate be able to get to him in time?

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Maggie and I want to dedicate this book to all our readers. Your excitement for each of our books makes writing them fun and exciting to us as well. Thank you all.


Nick was getting tired. Since he and his men had come to Maddox three weeks ago, they had been very busy getting this town up to code. Soon as they arrived they jumped right in and started going building to building, making sure every structure was sound, and they were still only about a third of the way through. They had a long road ahead of them, but at least the work kept them busy.

As per King Destrain, this town hadn’t been truly taken care of in years, which was one of the reasons Destrain, Illan, and Justice were able to buy it up so cheap. Well, cheap considering they had purchased a whole town. But with the paranormal world becoming unstable they all needed to band together.

Angelo’s vision was coming true, and with that a great threat was coming toward them. Illan, Justice, and Destrain were moving them all in the right direction by owning Maddox and Crystal, and buying up all the land in between. The paranormal race needed each other now more than ever if they were all going to survive.

This was their last stop of the day before they could head back home and get some rest before they started all over again in the morning. The gay club he now stood in was scheduled to open in a few days and Rhys had made sure they would have no problem checking the place from top to bottom. So far everything was perfect. Nick was very impressed with the work that had been done here and all the safety measures Rhys had taken to ensure the patrons who visited would be protected.

A small smile came to his face when he thought of the small pixie. Rhys was a stunningly beautiful man who was very feminine, and sexy as hell. Too bad Rhys was already mated to his good friend Illan’s son, Daytona, and his other mate, Ethan. If the pixie were single, Nick would definitely try to get to know the man better. Rhys was a little too twinkish for his taste, but he sure wouldn’t have minded cozying up to the cutie on a few cold nights.

Nick was just about done checking the sprinklers in the vestibule of the club when he heard the door open behind him, but he paid it no attention. Since they had started working, a few people had come in with deliveries, so he ignored it.

All of a sudden, a light, flowery scent wafted up to him and Nick closed his eyes for a moment, enjoying the delicious smell. His bear reared up and pounded its fists against his chest, wanting to get out and roll around in the scent. Nick’s eyes snapped open from the realization of what this meant. Mate. His mate had just walked in.

Nick turned to look over his shoulder and his breath caught from the site of the gorgeous man standing just inside the door, looking back at him in wonder. The gorgeous man walked closer as their gazes stayed locked.

“You must be Chief Holt. Rhys said you and your men would be here this evening to check on the place. I’m sorry I wasn’t here earlier when you arrived, but I had a meeting at Town Hall to sign the final business permits,” the man explained anxiously.

Nick moved down and stepped off the ladder, his gaze never leaving the other man's face. The man before him, his mate, was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Now that Nick was on level ground with the man, he could see that he was a few inches shorter than Nick’s own six foot six, and weighed a lot less than his own two hundred and fifty pounds. This stunning creature had to be about six feet tall and maybe a hundred and eighty pounds, sleek, with a swimmer’s build, and the most amazing deep blue eyes Nick had ever seen. It went perfectly with his straight, shoulder-length, jet-black hair, that looked so soft and silky. Nick’s fingers itched to run through those strands to see if they would feel as delightful as they appeared. And those lips, damn they were sexy. Plump and heart-shaped, with a blush of pink coloring. Nick wondered what those lips would look like wrapped around his cock. Which, at the moment, was lengthening in approval.

“Who are you, handsome?” Nick asked, flashing the man a bright smile.

“I’m Jagger Valentine. I’m the new manager here, and your mate,” Jagger answered breathlessly.

“Shit,” Onyx blurted out with a laugh from beside him, bringing Nick out of his lust-filled haze.

“We’re done here. Why don’t you go round up the boys, Onyx. I’ll meet everyone back at the station once I’m done with the paperwork here,” Nick said.

“Yeah, right. The paperwork,” Onyx snickered and turned to leave. “Have fun with that, Chief.”

Nick growled at Onyx’s back as the man disappeared inside the club, then he turned his attention back to his mate. He held out his hand in invitation to shake in greeting. Jagger stepped closer, reaching out his hand, and clasping Nick’s larger, meatier hand. “Nick Holt. New fire chief of Maddox, and your mate,” Nick introduced himself and gave Jagger another sexy smile.

“It’s nice to meet you. Now what do we do?” Jagger asked with a smirk.

Nick stepped in closer without releasing Jagger’s hand, and forced Jagger to stumble backward. Nick wrapped an arm around his mate’s waist to steady him as he advanced further, not stopping until Jagger’s back was pressed against the wall with Nick’s larger frame trapping him. “Now this,” Nick said, cupping Jagger’s cheek, as he leaned down and captured Jagger’s luscious lips.

He felt his mate’s body tense for a moment, then quickly comply with his dominance, and Jagger relaxed, submitting to him as Jagger opened those lips, allowing Nick’s tongue to invade and taste his mate for the first time.

His senses were on overload. Jagger’s slightly earthy scent wrapped around him and his mate’s taste was like hot chocolate on a cold winter's night, sweet, sensual, comforting, and inviting. A deep growl rose inside Nick’s chest and he wanted more. He held Jagger tighter as his tongue invaded his mate’s mouth, exploring every inch. Jagger returned his passion and held onto Nick’s hips, pulling him closer, their hard shafts pressing together, and a moan escaped Jagger’s lips. Nick’s bear reared up in approval, scratching to get at their mate. Nick pulled back from the kiss and nibbled a line across Jagger’s cheek to his neck.

“Damn, that’s nice,” Jagger said breathlessly.

“You feel so right in my arms, mate. I need to feel more of you,” Nick said huskily.

“Hell yes,” Jagger answered and pushed Nick’s shoulders gently.

Nick straightened, giving his mate a confused look, until he saw the desire in the man’s eyes. For a moment, he was a little nervous that it was the deep scar that ran down his cheek that had his mate pushing him away. He knew it made some people look at him with caution. It actually made him look meaner than he was. It was something that never bothered him before, but now, even with the small thought of it affecting his mate, it caused Nick’s stomach to twist. But then he recognized the desire in Jagger’s eyes and all thoughts of his scar faded.

Jagger grabbed his hand and slid from the wall. Pulling Nick behind him, Jagger led him to the private elevator on the far side of the vestibule, and keyed in a code. The doors slid open and Jagger dragged him inside, the doors closing behind them.

Jagger pushed him against the wall this time and attacked Nick’s lips, as his hands roamed over Nick’s chest. Nick returned the fevered kiss. After a minute, he heard the doors open again and pulled back from the kiss. Jagger panted and licked his lips. “Damn, you taste fucking fantastic. Come on, lover,” Jagger purred and grabbed Nick’s hand again, pulling him out of the elevator and right into a spacious studio apartment.

The floors were covered in a honey colored hardwood, with large floor to ceiling windows making up the two outside walls, giving a beautiful view of Main Street, Maddox. The place had to be at least two thousand square feet of open space. To the left was a top of the line kitchen with all new stainless steel appliances, a marble top counter separating the kitchen from the rest of the space, with high-end artfully crafted lights hanging above. To the right of that was a glass table with four white chairs. Swinging his gaze around the room, Nick saw two wooden stairs about fifteen feet long, that came to a corner, then continued around another fifteen feet, connecting with the far glass wall. On top of the steps was an opening leading to a raised room that was surrounded by smoked glass panels that now sat open to show the large platform bed on the other side, pushed against the windows, with the same stunning view. There were boxes piled all around the room, but the bed was nicely made with masculine, chocolate brown sheets and a dark blue comforter.

“Beautiful place,” Nick commented.

“Thanks. It comes with the job. Excuse the boxes, they just arrived today. The rest of my furniture should be arriving tomorrow night,” Jagger replied as he stood there watching Nick.

“So, I see you’re living out of boxes, too, right now,” Nick said.

“Hopefully, I’ll have everything set up and put away within the next week. With the grand opening this weekend, well, if the gorgeous fire chief signs off on the papers that is, this may take me a few days,” Jagger said, flashing Nick a sexy, flirtatious smile.

“Oh, I think I can put in a good word with the chief to get those papers moving right away,” Nick replied, flirting back as he stepped closer, slipping an arm around Jagger’s waist again.

“Oh, yeah? Well then, I must find a way to thank him for his fastidious work,” Jagger answered and ran his hands up Nick’s chest.

“It was easy with Rhys taking charge. That man knows what he’s doing. He spared no expense on the safety features in this building.”

“Well that’s comforting to know, seeing that I will be working and living here. As well as giving me peace of mind for our patrons,” Jagger replied and leaned in, kissing Nick’s throat.

Nick lifted his chin, giving Jagger more room as a low growl rumbled in his chest. His hands tightened around Jagger’s waist as his eyes closed from the pleasure. He couldn’t take much more of this flirting and teasing, he needed more. Nick held Jagger tight, picking him up and Jagger wrapped his legs around Nick’s waist. Nick walked them across the room and climbed the two steps to the raised loft.

He placed Jagger on his feet beside the bed, then slid his hands to the hem of Jagger’s untucked button down and pushed beneath the fabric making contact with his mate’s smooth skin. Jagger met his gaze as his hands went to the buttons on his shirt and began unbuttoning them. Nick’s gaze stayed glued to what Jagger was doing, his need rising with each inch of flesh being exposed.

A twinkle entered Jagger’s eyes and he licked his lips again. That was it for Nick, his need skyrocketed and he needed to feel their bodies intertwined. He grabbed the front of Jagger’s black shirt and tore it the rest of the way open, causing a few buttons to pop and clink against the hardwood floor. Jagger gasped from the action and his eyes filled with heat.

Nick grabbed the hem of his own shirt and quickly pulled it up over his head and tossed it aside, then undid the buckle on his belt, popped the button, and drew the zipper down. He pushed his jeans down his hips, taking his boxer briefs with them and toed off his shoes, then stepped out of his clothes. Nick looked up and met his mate’s lust filled gaze and he straightened to his full height, allowing his mate to look his fill.

Jagger’s gaze roamed over his body, and with each second, it felt as if his mate were caressing him with his eyes. His ego soared with the knowledge that his mate appreciated his naked form. Not only was he a bear shifter, but being a firefighter, Nick worked out daily to keep his physique in top working condition. From the look in his mate’s eyes, every minute had been worth it.

“Damn, you’re big. And I’m not just talking about your size. Fuck if that ain’t the biggest, most beautiful cock I have ever seen,” Jagger stated with a whimper.

Jagger quickly divested himself of his slacks and shoes, as Nick let his gaze roam freely, appreciating his mate’s toned form as well. Nick licked his lips as his gaze fell on the hard, leaking shaft, jutting out from a patch of dark wiry curls between Jagger’s legs. It had been almost a year since Nick had been with a lover and he needed the release.

“You’re pretty big there yourself, mate. I can’t wait to taste you,” Nick growled, then moved closer, pressing against Jagger, making the man lose his balance so he fell back down onto the bed behind him with a chuckle. Nick loved the sound of his mate’s happiness and wanted to hear it every day for the rest of their lives. Jagger pushed back, sliding up the bed as Nick climbed on, crawling over his body. Once Jagger’s head laid on the pillow, Nick claimed his mate’s lips again, needing another taste.

He pressed down against Jagger, pushing the man into the mattress with his weight, and groaned at the deep pleasure the move gave him. Feeling his mate’s naked flesh against his and their hard, leaking cocks pressed together was a delicious sensation

Pulling back from the kiss, Nick worked his way down Jagger’s body, stopping to nip his collarbone and pay attention to the pink discs on his chest. Nick played with the small, hard nubs for a moment, then continued down to Jagger’s hip bone, nipping him there as well. Nick took great joy in all the small grunts, groans, and whimpers that came from his mate under his ministrations. And the way Jagger’s body arched and writhed against the bed was very erotic.

The tip of Jagger’s cock brushed against his chin, and Jagger whimpered. “You okay, sweetness?”

“Oh, yeah. The brush of your five o’clock shadow against my cock felt great,” Jagger answered, panting.

Nick chuckled and gently ran his bristled cheek against the underside of Jagger’s cock, making the man cry out his name like a plea. Nick licked around the bulbous head, taking in the tangy taste of his mate and loving it. He wrapped his lips around the helmet and sucked, trying to get more of that delicious goodness. Slowly he lowered his head, taking more of Jagger inside him, then stopped as the tip hit the back of his throat. Nick sucked on the shaft as he pulsed his tongue against the thick vein on the underside and Jagger went crazy.

“Holy fucking hell, mate! Oh, yes! Damn, that’s so fucking good!”

Nick pulled off Jagger’s shaft long enough to ask for lube, then returned to giving his mate a blow job he would never forget. A soft thud sounded next to his head and without stopping his attention to his mate’s cock, Nick turned slightly and saw the tube. He snatched it up and blindly poured some on his fingers, then drizzled a little down Jagger’s crack. He tossed the bottle aside and slid a slick finger between Jagger’s cheeks, slicking the seam, then pressed a finger against his hole.

He continued to suck his mate as he added more fingers, stretching Jagger open to accept his large cock, as he listened to Jagger’s cries of passion and felt his body moving against the bed. Nick couldn’t wait any longer. He needed to be inside his mate and see the sexy man with his own eyes as he took pleasure from what Nick did to him. And he would give his mate only pleasure.

Nick felt Jagger’s sac pull up tight against his body and knew his mate was on the edge, but he didn’t want the man coming now. He wanted his mate to come around him, squeezing his cock tight as he was balls deep inside him. Nick released the suction and slid off Jagger’s shaft, as he pulled his fingers from within him. Jagger whimpered from the loss, but Nick quickly got into position between Jagger’s spread thighs and grabbed the base of his cock. He placed the tip against Jagger’s hot hole and pushed forward, thrusting just enough for the tip to breach the outer ring, and causing his mate to cry out again.

He closed his eyes against the pure bliss he felt at having his mate wrapped around him, and Nick wasn’t sure he would make it completely inside his mate. Only the head was buried within him and the pleasure was so great that he was already about to explode.

Taking a deep breath, he slowly released it and pressed forward, sinking deeper. The feel of Jagger’s body stretching around him, opening just for him, was euphoric and Nick didn’t stop until his balls tapped Jagger’s ass and he was fully seated inside his mate.

Nick’s bear rolled over onto his back, exposing his belly, as he growled low, telling Nick of his own pleasure from what Nick was doing. “Move, mate. Take me now,” Jagger begged.

Who was he to deny his mate? Especially when he begged so nicely. Nick grasped Jagger legs and threw them over his shoulders, then grabbed his mate's hips and began a steady pace, thrusting in and out. Nick watched in fascination as his mate twisted and writhed against the bed below him. His fingers clutching at the comforter, and his knuckles turning white. Nick thrust in harder and Jagger arched up off the bed, head pressing back into the pillow, eyes closed, and mouth open as a sexy keening sound escaped his lips.

He wanted to hear that sound again and keep his mate looking exactly as he looked right now. The man was stunning lost in the throes of passion. Nick could watch this vision forever and never get tired of it. Two gleaming white fangs dropped from Jagger’s gums, the tips pushing past his lips and Nick immediately knew what his mate was. A vampire. He had no problem with whoever fate had granted him as a mate, for he knew mates were a great gift, and made perfect for one another. And his bear was in complete agreement. He growled low, demanding Nick claim what was theirs.

He slid Jagger’s legs from his shoulders and lay above him, placing his arms on either side of Jagger’s head, holding most of his hulking form off his mate, their faces only an inch apart. “Look at me, mate,” Nick growled through clenched teeth as his hips continued a steady rhythm.

Jagger opened his eyes and their gazes met. Jagger’s eyes were glazed over and Nick’s heart filled with pride knowing he put that look on his mate’s face. But he also saw the raw need and desire within his mate’s beautiful deep blue orbs. “I want you, mate. I want to claim you and make you mine forever. Is that what you want, too?” Nick asked, then held his breath, nervous his mate would reject him.

“Yes. You are my mate and we were made to be joined. Claim me, my big, strong bear,” Jagger panted, then turned his head to the side and lifted his chin, exposing his throat in submission. Nick’s bear went crazy with need, and Nick struck, sinking his teeth into the soft flesh where shoulder met neck, then closed his eyes and moaned in bliss as Jagger’s delicious blood bathed his tongue. It was like nothing he had ever tasted before. Ambrosia came to mind, but even that word paled as the definition of the taste of his mate. He couldn’t think of anything that would describe this feeling of pure bliss, or the taste of his mate. His bear stood on hind legs and roared out his pleasure, the sound echoing through his mind and multiplying his desire.

Nick’s hips began to snap at a punishing pace as he took his mate harder and faster, while still drawing his life-giving essence. A foggy thought was niggling the back of his mind, but he was so enraptured in the moment, that he couldn’t comprehend what it was telling him. His mate’s blood was like liquid Viagra, a jolt of lightning, and everything delicious in the world all wrapped in one package, and he was the lucky bastard that got to experience it.

Then he heard a small whimper from his mate, but this one was not from pleasure. Nick could hear and feel the distress coming from his mate, and shook the fog from his brain.

“You’ve taken too much, mate. Please stop,” Jagger whispered his plea, and Nick immediately released his neck, pulling back and licking across his mating mark.

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