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Barnyard Bitch

Lindsey Greene

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Barnyard Bitch

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Stumbling around in the dark half drunk, her cell phone dead and car in a ditch, Charlotte’s night was going from bad to worse in record time with no signs of improving anytime soon. Desperate to get home as quickly as possible not only to use the toilet, but to put the night behind her, she climbed over a wooden rail fence at the back of a large farm and made her way across – sticking to the shadows and careful not to spook the horses lazily grazing for a late night meal.

As she neared a large barn, Charlotte could hear faint moans and cries. Curiosity piqued, she tip-toed over to the dwelling and peered in through a partially opened window. Eyes growing wide, hand slapping over her mouth to stifle the shocked gasp, she saw a woman at the left end of the barn strung up from the rafters while several men took turns striking her with floggers, belts, canes and paddles. And at the other end, three women were down on all fours and locked in stocks as a Doberman, Sheppard and black lab took them as if they were nothing more than bitches for their use.

Like watching a train wreck, Charlotte found it almost impossible to turn away as her eyes darted left and right. But she was not the only one watching. In a small room off to the left, sat a naked man named Brent whose sole job was running and maintaining the recording equipment that captured everything inside and out. And as he laid eyes on Charlotte, he grinned. Dressed in a simple white blouse and skirt, her long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail giving him a clear view of her stunning features, his perverted mind went into action.

Stepping out through the back of the barn, Brent snuck around the side of the building and up behind Charlotte. Grabbing her arms, he held her wrists with one hand and clapped his other over her mouth. “Like what you see, cunt?” Charlotte struggled to free herself, but Brent’s grip was tight. “Trespassing and peeping are illegal so unless you want to go to prison I’d stop struggling and keep your mouth shut if I were you. Understood?”

Charlotte nodded and when the hand was moved from her mouth, she pleaded. ‘Please, I just cutting through to get home. Let me go and I’ll forget everything I’ve seen here.”

“Honey, you’re not going anywhere just yet. Now shut your mouth and listen because I’ll only say this once. I can take you into the house and call the police to have you arrested, or we can go into the barn and have a little fun.”

“F-Fun? What kind of fun?”

“You saw what was going on in there.”

“You can’t be serious!” Charlotte said a little too loudly, catching the attention of several men within who looked directly at her frightened face and two of them came out to see what was going on. “T-Th-They’re getting fucked by dogs!”

“So they are. The choice is yours. A night of humiliating and degrading sex, or years in prison for trespassing, peeping and assault.”

“Assault? But I never…”

“Pretty sure I just saw you slap him across the face, “Jacob smirked. “What in the hell is going on out here Brent? Who is this pretty little cunt?”

“My name is Charlotte, not cunt. Now let me go!”

“Well, Charlotte, I don’t know who the fuck you are and despite the posted signs you’re trespassing on my property. Steve, call the police and get this bitch out of here.” Turning to go back into the barn, he stopped when Charlotte spoke.


“I gave you a choice,” Brent said. “Prison or sex. Make up your mind now, but be warned that if you go into the barn you won’t be coming out until we’re finished playing with you.”

“I don’t want to go to jail.”

“Are you saying you’ll let us have our way with you?”

“I don’t want to have sex with dogs, if that’s what you’re asking. I just want to go home and forget I saw anything.”

“That’s not one of your choices. Now, there are two things I want to hear out of your pretty little mouth. Call the police, or Have your way with me. Make your choice.”

Weighing her options and finding neither appealing, Charlotte tried to pull free, but Brent’s grip remained firm. Looking back into the barn, she saw the dogs humping their hindquarters like jackhammers into the moaning women’s pussies. She saw the men spanking, flogging and caning the woman at the other end of the building and her heart sank in her chest even as her belly filled with butterflies. Every fiber of her being telling her she was going to regret the decision, she made it none the less. Hanging her head, she let out a pathetic sigh. “Have your way with me.”

“Just so we’re all on the same page here, you’re giving us permission to fuck you however we see fit for as long as we see fit, correct?”

“Yes. Just do it and get it over with.”

“We’re going to need to hear you say the words.”

“I’m giving you permission to fuck me however you see fit, for as long as you see fit,” Charlotte said, her face going rid. Inhaling sharply, she froze as her blouse was ripped open and her breasts groped by Jacob. Letting go of her wrists, Brent tore her skirt and panties off and stared at her perky backside. Liking what he was seeing, he grabbed her by the waist, pulled her ass back and shoved into her pussy hard and deep. “Uuhhnnn! O-Oh my god!” she exclaimed as Brent took her from behind.

Placing a hand on the back of Charlotte’s head, Jacob guided her down to his throbbing hard cock. Slapping it against her right cheek and then the left, he pressed it against her lips. When they parted, he thrust down her throat. Unused to taking anything so deep and hard from either end, Charlotte choked, pulled back to take Brent deeper and then moved forward only to gag anew.

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