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Forbidden Family Sex

Vol. III


Trisha Treat

Copyright 2017 Trisha Treat

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Gangbanged by my Daddy's Band

I was so excited that Daddy was going to get to go to Daddy's band practice tonight. Daddy had been playing guitar in a rock band that played around town for years, but he would never let me hang out at practice and watch them play in the bass players' garage where they met up once a week. Whenever I begged him to bring me, he always said that it was no place for a young girl to be hanging out on a weeknight, and he refused.

Today, though, he had no choice but to bring me. He had grounded me for sneaking out of the house last week to go see my boyfriend, and he refused to leave me at the house alone until I was off of punishment. I would have pointed out that it was ridiculous that he was still trying to punish me even though I was 18 years old and technically an adult - but today there was no use in arguing since I was going to finally get to go to band practice with him like I had always wanted.

"Candy, are you almost ready? I am leaving in five minutes! You'd better have your happy ass down here!" Daddy bellowed from downstairs.

I expertly applied my lipstick and smoothed down my hair. The guys in Daddy's band were hot, and I wanted to make sure they'd notice me. I had picked out a low cut top, a plaid skirt, and tall heeled boots to wear. I had laid the makeup on thick, and I looked fucking awesome. I batted my long dark eyelashes in the mirror, making sure I looked perfectly fuckable.

I knew that that was probably not going to happen, but if there was any chance of being taken by any one of those men, my Daddy included, I would spread wide and let them fuck me hard, and I would love it. I was already growing horny just at the thought of being fucked by Daddy's sweaty, long haired band mates, so much so that I sat at the edge of the bed and reached my hand under my skirt, pushing my thong aside and dipping a finger into my pussy. I was slick as can be already, and I had to rub my clit a little bit to find some relief from the burning desire I was feeling.

"Candy!" My dad screamed again. "Get down here right fucking now! You're not staying here! I will drag your ass down here if I have to!" Daddy was getting pissed. There was no time to get off, I had to go. I bounded down the steps, and Daddy took one look at me, looking disgusted.

"What in the fuck are you wearing that for?" He asked me, shaking his head.

I shrugged my shoulders. "It's just what I put on. I always dress like this."

"Whatever, there is no time to change. Get in the car. The guys are going to be fucking drooling all over you when they see you, I don't know why you had to dress so slutty." Daddy said, glancing at my cleavage and letting his eyes linger for a moment before he got into the car.

When we arrived at the band practice, I could already hear the guys warming up in the garage. I followed Daddy inside through the house and into the garage. The garage was full of music equipment and band posters, and I looked around curiously. When we walked in, all four of the guys stopped what they were doing and stared at us. Well, they were mostly staring at me. I could feel four sets of lustful eyes on my body, looking me up and down hungrily.

"Hi, guys," I said sweetly, and waved while standing cooly next to my father.

"You didn't tell us you had a girlfriend, Dan," the guy holding the mic said with a snicker. He had long black hair, and was wearing a ripped muscle shirt that showed off his thick biceps. I wondered if his cock was thick and sturdy just like his muscled arms were.

"That's my daughter, Candy," Daddy sneered at him.

"She's your daughter?" Another man that was tuning his guitar stopped what he was doing at looked me up and down, "She's fucking hot, dude." He said to my dad, as if I weren't in the room. "Good work."

Daddy smirked at him, and then looked to me as he began pulling his guitar out of the case. "Just sit over there and try not to be a distraction." He motioned to an uncomfortable looking chair that was sitting in the corner.

I sat down and watched. Just then, the drummer, who was probably the most ripped of all, offered me a beer. I happily accepted. I knew Daddy wasn't going to make a big deal about it in front of his friends, so I decided to take advantage.

I watched as they all practiced, and to my surprise, they sounded pretty good. I was bobbing my head back and forth, and had helped myself to a few more beers out of the mini fridge that they kept close by.

They were all drinking and ripping on each other, having what looked like a pretty good time. I was getting tired of sitting down in the corner, and I was feeling pretty loose from the drinks, so I decided to get up in front of them and do some dancing.

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