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Drunken Sex With The Dog Next Door

Brandy Bestiality

Drunken Sex With The Dog Next Door

Brandy Bestiality

Copyright 2017

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Drunken Sex With The Dog Next Door

My head spun in circles, increasing in speed with each pass, as I stepped out of my boyfriend’s car, slamming the door behind me. With my panties in my hand, I stumbled toward my house.

I couldn’t fathom why he wouldn’t fuck me. I practically threw myself at him. But, after teasing the crap out of me, pulling my panties off with his teeth, he just stopped, saying, “Candice, I can’t take advantage of you while you’re inebriated. I’m taking you home.”

Well, fuck him!

Or not, as the case may be.

I cursed him silently as I zigzagged through the front yard. The asshole didn’t even wait to see me make it to my door before peeling off as fast as he could. Good riddance, I thought numbly.

I didn’t know why he was pissed. I was the one left high and dry… well, drunk and wet. I was the one who was so horny that I was almost willing to start screaming at my sleeping neighbors, pleading with them to come and fuck me, one at a time, or in a massive gangbang.

I stumbled up the steps, laughing as I fell on my ass. I reached into my purse and pulled out my keys before attempting to stand back up.

Once I had righted myself, self-consciously looking around to make sure nobody saw me slip, I headed for my three front doors. I scraped my house key along the siding a few times, before realizing that I needed to aim for the middle door.

I stuck the key into the lock, turned it until it clicked, and then turned the knob. As the door flew open, I fell through, landing hard on my face. I rolled over on to my back, staring up at the spinning ceiling, too lazy to pull my miniskirt back down, not caring that it rode my waist, exposing my clean-shaven cunt.

Not caring that my spread legs gave anyone who happened to walk by my open door a clear shot at my goods. “Letemsee,” I mumbled. Hopefully one of them would fuck me sober.

I laughed at the idea of my elderly neighbor going outside, for whatever reason, look through my door, see my young, tight pussy, and run back inside for his little blue pill. I was so horny that I hoped if it happened, the pill would kick in quickly.

My head became clouded, even more than it already was, my body succumbed to the warm blanket of numbness, and I closed my eyes. Too drunk to get up. Too drunk to close the front door.

Too drunk to rub my erect clit until all my sexual frustrations flooded out of my scorching hot cunt in a tidal wave of juices.

I passed out.

I wasn’t sure how long I had been asleep, but when I woke up, I noticed two things right away. The first, my head hurt; dull throbbing pains beat against my temples. The second, a cold, wet nose was pushing and rubbing against my engorged, smooth pussy lips, while a warm, thick tongue slithered between my slit.

Through squinted eyes, I looked down and gasped. At least, I think it was a gasp. It came out with an undertone of a moan, throaty and wet. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, Denver, my neighbor’s Collie, going to town between my thighs.

My mind still a little foggy, I decided that I didn’t care that it was a dog, that it was immoral, or that it was illegal. All I knew, looking down at the cute dog, was that something that felt this good just couldn’t be wrong.

As Denver continued to lap at my pussy, his tongue sliding from my clit to my opening, I moaned louder, shifting my hips to give him better access. “Yes, Denver! Yes! Yes! Yes! Lick my pussy! Good boy!”

I began to writhe on the floor, unable to take the way his wet tongue teased my clit, only to shove it inside my pussy a moment later. I knew that, as good as the tongue bath felt, I would need a cock in order to cum. But could I really let Denver shove his cock deep inside my womb?

Damn right, I can, I thought as my arousal spiked, my pussy aching for release.

I scooted back, laughing as the eager dog followed, keeping his nose buried in my snatch. “No, Denver,” I told him, smacking his nose away from my thrumming cunt. “Just wait, boy. It’s your turn.”

I spun my body in a circle, the carpet setting the bare flesh of my legs afire, until my head was directly underneath the brown and white dog’s body. I reached up and massaged his limp cock through the furry sheath.

After several minutes, and getting the panting collie’s cock only halfway hard, I decided to change tactics. I raised myself up on my right elbow, putting my mouth right next to the four inches of semi-hard, red cock.

I closed my eyes and stuck out my tongue, tasting the red flesh of his shaft. I was surprised by the lack of taste; but knowing that it didn’t taste awful, I wrapped my lips around the tip and sucked his cock into my mouth.

With a few bobs of my head, his cock extended another few inches, swelling against my tightly wrapped lips. There was a sweet flavor overwhelming my taste buds as pre-cum began to slowly leak from the tip of his bestial fuck-pole.

I never thought I would enjoy the taste of a dog’s spunk, but the sheer enjoyment I got just from the sweet flavor spurred me on to suck harder. And the harder I sucked, the more pre-cum flowed out and went down my throat.

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