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Appendages rise from the depths to take three friends and make them scream! Tony and Mary join Brenda out on the lake, where a creature with enough slimy, rubbery appendages to pleasure them all has its way! They pleasure each other while the beast probes and explores them in ways they never imagined. The conclusion of a 3-part adventure.

An erotic short story featuring slick, sucker-covered appendages, multipartner MFF, DP with rear entry, and lots of gooey slime.

Genre: Erotica/Paranormal/ Hentai-inspired appendages / MFF/ DP, anal

Length: Approx. 4,515 words


Copyright © 2017 by Michael Jade, Smashwords Edition

First E-book Publication: May 2017

Cover design by Jade Bleu

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Despite having already fucked the hell out of his girlfriend less than an hour before, Tony was having a tough time controlling another rapidly growing chubby. Mary emerged from their tent after their earlier hot fuck session in the woods wearing a sexy little black bikini. Tony admired the way his girlfriend’s body looked in the barely-there swim suit. Her nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric of the top, and her perky tits jiggled and bounced as she adjusted the straps. Tony’s mind flashed back to how hot it was to ram her hard in the woods while they watched their friend Brenda get probed hard by some kind of tentacled beast that inhabited the lake. He had been very pleasantly surprised to discover just how much Brenda enjoyed herself—and how much watching it turned his girlfriend on. Now, Mary seemed almost obsessed with getting her own turn with the many rubbery appendages out on that lake. This didn’t make Tony jealous in the slightest, but instead had him eager to see that happen.

Tony and Mary both looked up as Brenda made her way back towards their campsite. She looked disheveled and embarrassed, though Tony was sure she had no idea that they had watched her cum like crazy from tentacles being shoved up her cunt and ass. He could see Brenda trying to use her towel to cover up some of the pinkish red sucker marks that the tentacles had left on her skin. Brenda looked startled to see both of them at camp, and the way they were looking at her must have made her feel uncomfortable. Mary took the lead and went right up to Brenda and put her hands reassuringly on her friend’s shoulders before giving her a soft hug.

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