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The Game
Part 1

Felix Richards

They usually treated each other very well. They asked questions, and communicated about their wants and needs. It was great for their marriage as a whole, but made for a fairly plain sex life. After years of routine sex, not unsatisfying, but also not the thrill either of them wanted they tried something new.

At first the idea was just to push each other a little further along with the things they had already talked about doing, but it became an adventure of its own after they started. One night after he had tied her up they had a conversation and they decided to keep searching. It had been fun for both of them, but they hadn't found the high they both wanted.

It seemed complicated, it had been her idea, she was the more organized of the pair. She was confident in her plan and he was willing to try almost anything new. They laid in bed late on a Sunday morning. They had enjoyed playing with each other and in the warm afterglow he gently rubbed her breasts as she wrote out a list.

"Silly, juvenile things we want to do together?"

They both thought for a moment and he spoke.

"Play sex in the car, maybe do things in public... "

She took notes and added a few things of her own.

"Very risky things we want to try?..."

She wrote down a few more things.

"The wildest things we would ever do together?"

More notes.

When they had finished their conversation they napped naked. For him, feeling her soft skin against his was one of the most enjoyable things about their sex life.

The next day while he was working he got an email. The notification on his phone caught him by surprise, he usually didn't get email this late in the afternoon. When he checked his phone he knew immediately what it was, the subject line read "matrix of sexiness."

The rules were simple. There were two columns one white one, one red one. There were two dies at home one red, and one white. White were spontaneous things they could do without much planning, safe things. Red were more adventurous things that took planning.

After her explanation she dared him, "roll the dice tonight." He did as soon as they were together that evening. He rolled the white die, and they played strip poker , stripping in the living room as they lost and won sums of imaginary money. They had an enjoyable romp that night and they laid together again enjoying the afterglow together and talking.

"Who gets to roll the red die?"
He asked her.
"I bet you want to roll, you just want a threesome,"
She teased him, and he kissed her on the cheek.
"Well... Yes... But you never defined the rules to this part of the game"
He replied.
"True... Why don't we take turns? ...or maybe roll it together?"
They agreed to that and shared a kiss as they took the die in their hands and tossed it onto the floor beside the bed. It rolled across the floor and stopped on 10. They looked at the matrix together.

Neither of them spoke for awhile.

"I'm not sure I want to start with that one,"
"Me either,"
"What do we do?" She asked
"I think we should just do it, and if we change our minds we can stop and leave,"
She snuggled up to him, pulling him around her.
"Ok, I guess we can do that,"
He could hear the hesitation in her voice.
"Babe, I love you, we have a solid relationship, we trust each other... I'm nervous about it to but it could be really thrilling and we may really enjoy the high."
She thought for a moment.
"What if we don't?"
"Then we say 'fuck it' and we stop and leave,"
"Ok. Let's figure this out"

She did the research, like she usually did, and in a week they had a date set.

The party was at a larger house a few towns down the road. They had chosen to travel to avoid seeing anyone they might know. When they arrived they were invited inside by the organizers of the party, a pleasant couple, both clearly middle aged professionals.

"Hi, welcome!" They had said.
The organizers led them to an office and sat down with them.
"We just want to let you know that there are rules here, we do this with every new couple just so we all understand each other,"
This didn't surprise them and they listened as the rules were explained, then they led them out to the gathering.

"Everyone this is our new couple, and this is everyone!"
Greetings were spoken and introductions made.

One of the women in the room caught both of their attention. She was about their age, friendly but reserved, and just attractive enough to be tempting, and just plain enough to be nonthreatening. They chatted for awhile about life, the neighborhood, just the small things that people say to one another. She eventually introduced them to her husband, also a quiet person. Something about this woman was tempting. Though she was plain looking she oozed sexiness, she was confident in herself without arrogance, intelligent but silly, and playful but with a streak of seriousness.

"So this is your first time?"
The temptress finally asked them.

They replied together
The temptress smiled at them,
"I really want to talk to your wife, can we talk? ...I would like it if you listened though..."
"Of course, I think I can be attentive and quiet,"
They all giggled.
The temptress extended a hand to the wife that she accepted cautiously.
"I'd really like it if you told me how you felt about an idea, can we talk about that?"
"I think you are a cute couple, and we like to invite other couples up with us. If you want to, I'd like to invite you upstairs with us... But I want to know what is off limits before we do."
His wife smiled and he waited silently to let the women speak.
"He can't be in you, and I'm not very comfortable being with another woman, I'll try it, but I haven't done it before,"
"Anything else?"
"Well... I don't know... I don't really want your husband in me,"
The temptress teased her,
"You might later,"
"That isn't very fair to my man if I don't want him in you!"
They giggled at the bluntness of the thoughts.
"Can I put him in my mouth?" The temptress asked, looking her husband over from top to bottom.
"Will you let mine have your mouth?"
She glanced back at him and he nodded his reluctant approval.
"I'll get us a room, don't wander off."

The room the temptress and her husband had managed to get the key to was either the master suite, or the whole house had been built with the intention of hosting these types of gatherings. The bed was the largest they had seen. Four heavy posts and a canopy with heavy beams and eyelets. They weren't sure what the eyelets were for but they imagined they were for a swing or restraints. There was a bathroom with a large glass walk in shower.

"The shower is a steam shower, and it's got three shower heads. It's pretty fun,"
The silent companion of the temptress said.

They took a few minutes to look around. The room was sparsely decorated, but the lights were low and inviting and the room was warm and comfortable.

The temptress pulled her husband to the bed and asked the couple to join them.
The women sat upright, facing each other while their men sat behind them rubbing their backs and shoulders.

"You seem a little nervous,"
"I've never done this with a woman before,"
The temptress extended a hand to her.
"Why don't we just go really slow and see what happens."

The two women sat facing each other holding hands and rubbing each other's forearms. Occasionally one of the men would sneak a hand around their wife and touch a thigh or a knee.

"You should show me some skin, you're skin is so soft..."
The temptress said.
The wife lifted her shirt a little and showed her tummy to her. The temptress ran her hands around her waist and squeezed her hips gently. They both giggled and the temptress pushed her down and began kissing around her belly button. Her husband held her as the temptress ran her hands under her clothes, up her sides and over to her collar bones. She paused for a moment and looked up.

"Is this OK?"
The wife nodded with a smile and the temptress continued running her hands across her chest snaking downward until she found the soft places hiding under the straps of her bra.

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