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The Game
Part 2

Felix Richards

They had rolled the white die, landing on a three. The matrix read 'Take a whole day.'

She had written that particular block. She wanted to really enjoy and savor some time together. When they had the time there was always lots of banter and teasing between them, something they both loved. The intimacy they shared was more than physical, but the physical part of their relationship made it easier for them to enjoy the other parts. After a good romp they would lay in bed and talk while they snuggled. They would connect emotionally sharing their deepest feelings and laughing or crying together.

She wanted to spend an entire day enjoying the playful things about each other.

She was finishing a few things from work while he slept in. She usually didn't bring work home, but she had been eager to leave the office on Friday and decided to finish up some writing the next day. She was typing at the computer when he woke up. She'd left a note in the bathroom, taped to the mirror. It said, "tease me all day, or face the consequences". They had agreed that if either of them failed to follow the rules of the game they were trying that there would be some vague consequence. She heard the tape peel off the mirror and the drawer open, then the water running. He brushed his teeth and then walked out of the bathroom shooting her a suspicious and playful look, before he darted behind the couch, crouching down and trying to hide from her. She could see him, and hear him, it was like a noisy child pretending they were invisible. He crawled up behind the chair she was sitting in, squeezing her shoulders with his hands as he rose behind her. He paused and rubbed her neck kneading her muscles until they were soft.

"Good morning,"
She said, smiling to herself as she melted into his hands.
"Good morning my love,"
He whispered into her ear, while he kissed her cheek.

He left promptly, heading to the kitchen. She heard dishes clanking and the stove fire up. She was almost finished writing emails and reading reports, but her husband returned to the desk with breakfast before she was done. He had scrambled some eggs and made her some toast. They shared a plate, and he fed her while she worked. He'd fork some egg and rub it against her lip, she would tease him back by licking the fork seductively. When they had finished eating he washed the dishes and laid down on the couch to read.

When she finished her work she stood up to stretch. Her husband had managed to fall asleep, his shirt pulled up over his tummy slightly and the book he was reading still balanced on his chest. She crawled up to the edge of the couch and gently kissed his tummy. He didn't stir at first, so she slid a hand under his shirt, reaching along his chest to find the hair she though was so masculine. She tugged gently on his chest hair while she kissed down around the waist band of the shorts he was wearing. He still didn't stir, so she began to peel down the elastic band kissing along it's perimeter. She was wondering how far she could get before he woke. She kissed just under his belly button, along the trail of hair leading down. He finally woke up. He jumped up a little and grabbed her hand on his chest.

"What do you think you're doing?" He said groggily.
"Teasing you." She smiled.

She stood and started to walk out of the room stopping to slip her pants off, she took a few more steps and ditched her shirt. As she rounded the corner she called back to him.
"I'm showering, are you coming?"

After they had both washed themselves he took some of her soap and spread it across her back again. He sat on the shower seat and motioned her onto his lap. The soap made her back smooth and slick. He rubbed her shoulders, down her spine, and around her hips. When he pressed his fingers into her flesh she moaned a bit and felt herself tense, then relax as he drove them slowly down her back until he had a handful of her butt. He squeezed her, and kneaded the thick muscle gently.

His back rubs always made her feel relaxed, not just physically, but emotionally. They gave her a burst of gayity that helped her feel playful and secure. As she sat on his lap, soapy water dripping down her butt, she began moving her hips side to side feeling for what she hoped was there. She found his penis, he wasn't hard, but she tried to inspire him by moving up and down, running her butt over him. He enjoyed watching her, and feeling her do this. He liked the way he spine moved and she swing her hips around. As he felt her move he grabbed her hips pulling her back, and further into him. He pulled one of her arms around him so he could reach the side of her breast with his mouth. After the water washed the soap away he licked the edge of her breast, starting at the curve of the bottom, up the straight side until he reached almost to her armpit. Her nipple hardened when he did that, but he could quite reach it with his mouth. She kept moving her hips a little, still trying to work him up. As he got harder he wanted to deny her the pleasure of teasing him so he pushed her up into a standing position. He stood and pulled her into him. She locked eyes and followed him in for a kiss. He clenched onto her back, digging his fingertips deeply into her back until she went limp in his arms. She shivered as he relaxed his grip.

She felt felt helpless after he let go of her. She didn't resist as he grabbed a handful of her hair and guided her down until she was bent over the shower seat. She thought she could hear him kneeling behind her. He ran a finger down her backside, gently touching her all the way from her anus to her clit and back. He did this a few times. She moaned in surprise as she felt his tongue on her perineum. He licked the small space between her holes in small circles. He pulled her cheeks open and licked up and down. He teased her anus with the tip of his tongue, pressing into it, and circling it.

His motions almost tickled, and she tried to pull herself away from him but he held her in place, continuing to lick her until he could feel her wetness on his chin. The intensity of the sensation was overwhelming, the only thing she could think of was what he was doing to her and how good it felt. He used his fingers to spread her wetness up and down her slit stopping to massage her clit gently with each pass. With every pass she could feel waves of pleasure running down her legs out to her toes, making her shiver slightly, and a warm heaviness growing in her chest making it harder for her to breathe steadily.

He stood back from her and rubbed the tip of his penis against her clit. She wanted him in her, she didn't care where right now, he could have anything he wanted. Then there was a pause. The shower curtain opened and he left her bent over with the warm water washing away all the evidence of how he had made her feel.

When she found him on the couch he was touching himself and watching a porno on his phone. She was a little peeved that he had gotten her so worked up and left her just to go play with himself. She watched him from behind the couch leaning over his shoulder and resting her chin on his collar bone. She realized he wasn't watching anything yet just browsing.

"Why did you do that to me?" She whispered as she bit his neck.
He shuttered and pressed his shoulder up squeezing her away from him.
"Because..." He said playfully. "...I'm not done..."
He grabbed her hair and turned upward to kiss her. They shared kisses and exploring each others mouth's and lips. She climbed over the couch cushions and laid on her tummy next to him. He was hard, but she wanted to tease him like he had her. She licked him, up and down. She rubbed her tongue on the sensitive part of the his shaft side to side. She held his balls, playing with them, pulling and pushing his scrotum gently with her fingers. He watched her, looking into her eyes, hoping she would slide his member into her mouth, but she refused, she just kept licking and kissing. He loved feeling her lips on his penis, but he wanted to be in her. She teased him for a moment more. Then left for the bedroom. He sat there, cooling down and plotting his revenge.

The sun was setting outside. They had spent the afternoon teasing each other. The husband decided to end the evening on his terms.

His wife was laying on her back, gently touching herself, and waiting for him. She had her legs spread showing him everything. She smiled when he came through the doorway. She had slid a finger into herself, feeling the spots she enjoyed, and as he climbed onto the bed she offered him a taste. He took her fingers into his mouth. She was sweet and warm, inviting. When he was close enough he kissed her thighs, and licked her clit. As she lay back enjoying the pleasure he pushed her legs up until her knees where almost next to her ears. He licked her top to bottom again, teasing the back with his finger while her slid his tongue into her. She was even sweeter inside that what he had tasted on her fingers.

She sometimes enjoyed it when he played in the back. Tonight was one of the nights he had teased her enough and made her feel bothered so much that she would let him do everything. He kept licking her and she reached down to stroke him, she couldn't reach him so she brushed his tummy with her fingertips. When he penetrated her anus with his finger she felt her whole body tingle, she relaxed and let him in a little further. He could feel just past the opening, he tilted his finger up and reached in a little further. His finger was pressing against her G spot from the other orifice. She moaned a little as the tension built. He licked her clit with increasing voracity, making her breath harder and harder. He stopped, and scooted up. He gently forced his erection into the back.

He could feel her sphincter stretch as he pressed deeper into her. It almost hurt for her, but she didn't care. They were doing the dirtiest thing she could imagine right now, after the all the teasing centered on her butt. The thought of her man, forcing his way into the wrong hole just because he wanted to turned her on. He still held her legs up, but she was helping him now, pulling her knees up with her hands making it easier for him to take what he wanted from her.

The tightness of her body made thrusting almost impossible. He was surrounded by her and he could feel her pulse, he could feel the little twitches and he could feel his own climax building. He thrusted gently deep until she grunted and snarled at him. He knew it probably hurt, but when he tried to retreat she spread her cheeks with one hand and pulled his hips toward hers with the other. He had to withdraw or finish and he chose to prolong the engagement.

He climbed off the bed and retreated to the shower, leaving her to soak in her own arousal.

She followed behind him few moments. He was washing his dick so they could keep playing when she stepped into the the shower. Without saying a word she grabbed his erection and began stroking him, cleaning him off at first, then cleaning behind his balls, then stroking him purely for pleasure. They stood there kissing, he squeezed her breasts and rubbed around her nipples while she bit his neck making him shiver. He clawed her back, while she squeezed his butt, they took turns doing the things they knew pushed buttons. Eventually he pushed her downward and she understood he wanted her mouth. She took him, licking the length of him on the way in. At the bottom she pulled his balls forward to lick them while he was still in her mouth. She knelt there on the floor sucking on him and using her hands to stimulate him. He grew harder and harder until his erection ached. She kept going. He could feel the orgasm on it's way, and as she watched his face and listened to the way he was breathing she too could tell he was almost there. She stopped, leaving him at the edge of a climax and left the shower. He followed behind her dripping wet as she trotted to the bed.

He pushed her over the side of the bed and penetrated her from behind. She felt every inch of him slide into her, press against her and slid out. She could feel her lips parting when he pushed through them and she could feel her clit aching, begging to be played with. She sat up and crawled over the bed, inviting him to come with her. As he lay down she mounted him. The first thrust left her quivering and she lifted herself again this time tilting her hips so that her clit rubbed against him. She tightened around him as she came. He could feel her juices dripping down his balls and she felt so tight after her orgasm he couldn't stop trying to thrust into her.

When she stopped shaking he pushed her onto her back and mounted her, taking her arms at the wrists and holding them above her head. She wrapped her legs around him so he couldn't escape. He pressed into her harder and harder, each blow brought her close to cumming again. He reached behind him and broke the hold she had on him. She knew it was his turn, and she reached down to finish him.

His erection exploded as she touched it. He was slippery from being inside her and she stroked him feeling each contraction with her fingers as his semen landed on her cheek, her breast, and her tummy. She kept stroking him until the sensitivity in his head had eased then she took his softened member and forced it back into her, squeezing it to force any remaining cum into her.

He wiped the semen from her face and rubbed it on her lips. She licked it off and sucked on his fingers. She wiped away the semen on her breast and slid those fingers into herself. She was still hot, and wanted one more, but for the moment he needed to to rest and she knew it.

She played with herself using his cum as lubricant. She fingered and rubbed her clit until she brought herself over the edge again, squeezing her thighs together and crushing her own hand. She couldn't help but gasp and moan loudly. She felt him next to her, sleepily fondling her breasts and licking her nipples. She had been so focused on her orgasm she didn't realize he had been doing that the whole time.

The sun set as they both napped. She woke up first, and she could feel how wet she still was. She decided to shower again, but as she started the water her husband bent her over the bathroom sink. He reached with his fingers between her legs, touching her clit gently from behind her. He felt how wet she was too.

He said to her,
"Today isn't over yet,"
She turned, and looked deeply into his eyes as she knelt.

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