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Secret Stud

By R. Richard ©

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Secret Stud

By R. Richard ©

My story really starts back in high school. I was able to get into a magnet school type of thing. My main area of skill is math. My weakest area of skill is dealing with ass hole high school boys. In the magnet school, I found that I was the top math student, even with a lot of competition.

One day, I was walking along a hall, with little Howie Chen,when we got jumped by four punks. Little Howie used Kung Fu. I used a pair of single sticks. I got rid of two of the punks fast and little Howie was handling the other two, when one of the punks pulled a gun. The punk intended to use the gun against Howie . I hit his arm with a single stick. The single stick survived, his arm did not.

Howie and I then got the hell out of there. We wound up sitting with four Chinese guys at the little snack shop.

The Dean of Boys came by, at speed, and asked, “Did you see a couple of guys run past?”

One of the China guys pointed at a nearby corner and said, “That way!”

The Dean of Boys departs, at speed,

Little Howie tells the guy, “We got jumped by four punks. One of them had a gun. Jimmy used a couple of single sticks and maybe saved my life.”

An-Hing thinks for a few moments and then says to me, “You can’t just go around hitting punks with single sticks. You need to join our Kung Fu gym class and we show you how to do it with just your hands and feet.”

(My current gym class is filled with terminal wimps and I decide to enlist.)

I start to work out with the Chinese guys. The work is hard, but I get good at it pretty fast.

(I then discover an interesting thing, that will impact the rest of my life. There are many styles of Kung Fu, but two main types. There are external types and internal types. The guys who study the external types look like: ‘Yes, I hang out at Muscle Beach.’ The guys who study the internal types look like fit, well defined guys, but not muscle men. The type of Kung Fu that I study is an internal; type.)

As I study high school classes, I find that I’m getting poor grades in English.

I then meet Wild Wanda. WW is a real looker, a poet and bat shit crazy. However, WW has an offer for me. If I will deal with an anus, who’s bothering WW, WW will see that my English grades improve.

I escort WW to a dance.

Anus boy is larger than I am and he figures that he can just brush me aside and get at WW.

I do a ‘joke’ Kung Fu attack on anus boy, striking him with just light taps. (I damn near kill the anus. I then do what nearly 13 years of education have failed to do. I have anus boy look up one word in a dictionary. The word is ‘quadriplegic.’ Anus boy’s behavior improves a great deal.)

(I continue to do the same kind of work for English class that I did before, but my grades improve dramatically. I suspect that WW talked to my English teacher. It’s just a guess, but I would put the probability at 99+%.)

As I near high school graduation, I have earned a second degree black belt on King Fu and I have a published paper in mathematics. I then find that my best and highest use, economically, is flipping hamburgers. I mention the fact to WW.

WW asks me, “Jim, how old are you?”

I tell her, “I just turned 18-years-old.”

WW grins and tells me, “I also just turned 18-years-old.”

I ask, “So what? That’s the normal age for high school graduation.”

WW grins and tells me, “Since you’re 18-years-old, I have a much better job for you than flipping hamburgers.”

I tell WW, “I’m willing to listen, but I warn you I’m allergic to iron bars and prison food.”

WW laughs and says, “No, nothing like that. I want you to take me home and fuck me.”

I stammer, “I thought that you just said ...”

WW laughs, “That’s what I just said.”

We then walk over to WW’s place. She lives in an apartment that’s considerably nicer than the dorm room where I live.

WW then strips for me, as I fumble off my clothes. WW then guides me through what she wants me to do.

I’m strong and I’m trained to move, so I do pretty well. I mount WW and stick my hard cock into her wet pussy. I stroke strongly against a little resistance, but I can get deep and I feel WW respond. As I get involved with the fuck, I feel WW move under me, changing the angle of my stroke a bit, with each new stroke. I like the effect and I find that I can do some of the same thing, by angling my hips. WW and I get into a rhythm and we work to a shattering mutual climax. I pump-my cum into WW’s pussy and then I toll off her. We lie, side by side, breathing hard.

Finally, WW gets her breath back and lectures me, “You got a good sized cock. You got six pack abs. You’re strong as hell\. You picked up the angulation of your hips, by yourself. You got deep into me and made me climax for real. I make a lot of money, fucking on camera. You can do the same kinda thing.”

I laugh, “What kinda job do I get, after people see me fuck, in a video?”

WW lectures me, “The porn video people have makeup artists. They can make you look enough different that people don’t recognize you.”

I ask, “How much money can I make?”

WW lectures, “If you show up on time, sober and can get an erection, wood they call it, you can easily make double what you could make at a menial job and that’s working maybe a couple of hours, once a week.”

I laugh and say, “I’m a math guy. I have to show up, day by day, with my homework done. However, I don’t even have a car, to get to work.”

WW lectures me, “There’s a big, old house, within walking distance, from here. It’s involved in some kinda law suit. They can’t sell it, so they rent it out for porn video shoots.”

I can’t see anything better, so I agree to give it a try. With WW’s help, I talk with the Director and he agrees to use me in his porn video, if I can pass the lab test.

(I then have to spend a large amount of my money to pay for a lab test. The lab test is to test for sexually transmitted diseases. There’s a lab in town that specializes in that sort of thing and I pass the test.)

I walk to the house, at the appointed time. I check in and I strip to naked. I then roll on the kind of tan stuff that body builders use, for a contest. The makeup lady then fixes a couple of spots that I missed and then she draws a scar on my hand and arm. I’m now ready for the video. (The video that I’m to appear in is called, ’Sorority Snatch.’ The ‘plot’ is that a bunch of sorority girls run wild in their sorority house and are screwed by boys. As I wait for my debut, I notice that a lot of the girls walk around the place, in the nude. It makes sense, since they are gonna get filmed in the nude. Why wear something that just has to be thrown aside, maybe to disappear? The boys are all naked, maybe for the same reason.)

My scene comes. A girl, in the nude, except for glasses (A girl wearing glasses, got to be a virgin, right?), walks up to me. I grab her and lay her down on a convenient inflatable mattress. (Okay, I’m scared that I may not get an erection. I mean nude girl and all, but lights and camera.) As soon as I grab the girl, my cock comes up for a look around. I lie down on the inflatable, next to the girl, roll onto her, stick, my hard cock deep into her very wet pussy, and then I start to stroke. Despite the glasses, the girl knows how to use her internal muscles. She rocks, she rolls, she massages my driving cock. I feel the effect and I want it to last forever. The girl wants it to end now. We both lose. I run up to climax and I then have to pull out and jack my cum onto the girls stomach. I hear,”That’s a wrap.” then I get up. The girl is trying to get up-and they help her, so that they can clean off the inflatable.

I wander off and find a boy’s room. I get cleaned up and wander back into a hall way.

A clothed girl, with clipboard, comes up to me, on the run. She says, “Woodsman, you’re gonna get your cock sucked.”

(I think that she’s a little too aggressive, but what a pickup line!)

The girl tells me that, “Some ass hole is a no show. We gotta wrap up shooting, now!”

I tell the girl, “I just came, I don’t know if I can do it again so soon.”

The girl just smirks at me, “Do the best that you can.”

I walk into a room.

A naked, big tit girl strolls into the room, kneels in front of me and takes my cock in her mouth. (I think that maybe, in a previous life, she was a vacuum cleaner.) She sucks my cock, she traces the ridges with her tongue, she moves her mouth up and down my shaft, as if her mouth was fucking my cock. Finally, I start to come and she spits my cock out.

I use my hand and I spurt a bit of cum in her face. (Clipboard girl adds a bit of fake cum from a squirt bottle and we paint the cock sucking girl’s face.) The scene ends when the camera man says, “That’s a wrap.”

I again go and get cleaned up. I then meet the clipboard girl, in a hallway. I get two checks from the girl.

The girl tells me, “You get paid for each sex act. Normally we wouldn’t use you again, so soon after you came, but it was an emergency.”

I thank the girl, for the checks, and then I walk out to the front door. I see a fully dressed WW waiting.

WW asks me, “How did it go?”

I laugh, “I was a little scared that I wouldn’t get wood.”

WW laughs, “Yeah, that’s a problem for a boy. A girl can fake it, but a man either gets wood or not.”

I say, “I got a second scene. I can’t believe it, but they paid me to get my cock sucked.”

WW laughs, “A working boy or a working girl gets paid by the sex act. I was the star and I get paid for the video.”

I ask, “Then, you were one of the nudie cuties?”

WW lectures me, “I was the star, I got marched into a bedroom and then I had to strip and take on three guys at once, one in my mouth, one in my pussy and one up my butt. I’m gonna be sore for a few days.”

I say, “For maybe two hours work, I made three and a half weeks of, ‘Would you like fries with that?’ wages.”

WW tells me, “As I well know, you got a good sized cock. You can get wood, in front of the camera. You can even recover pretty quick. You got what it takes, but if you want more work, you gotta get an agent.

I ask, “How does that work?”

WW lectures, “I can hook you up with an agent. The agent interviews you and finds out what you’ll do and what you won’t do. The agent finds you work. When you get paid, you pay the agent. If you stiff the agent, you don’t get any more porn work. If you look good, you got a good sized cock and you’re reliable, you make good money.”

I say, “I got the blow job, because some ass hole didn’t show.”

WW laughs, “Chances are, the ass hole doesn’t work porn any more.”

I don’t have a car.”

Your agent will either get you a ride or send you to where you can walk or take a bus.”

I then lecture, “Normally I wouldn’t take a porn job, as I would then find it hard to get the job that I want, when I get out of college. However, I talked to some people and I figured out a disguise. I’m wearing the same stuff that contest body builders use to look really tan, on stage. I also had the make up lady draw a scar on my hand and arm.”

WW asks, “Will the tan stuff wash off?”

That’s what the body builders tell me.”

WW muses, “The scar thing will work for a boy, but not for a girl.”

I laugh, “It makes me look a little macho.”

WW asks, “Then you’re gonna try porn?”

I sigh, “If I tell you why, you’ll laugh at me,”

WW says, “No, I won’t laugh.”

If I do porn, I can work maybe a half day, a day a week and make really good money. When I’m not working porn, I’ll be taking classes at the local junior college. If I work it right, I should be able to finish 30 classes in two years, of twelve months a year. That leaves me just ten classes to go to graduate. I can then use the porn money and a scholarship to get a major college degree and a lifetime of good jobs.”

WW muses for a bit, “You can’t do the heavy college load, while working at a menial job.”

If an agent can keep me working, I can make enough to live the life of a junior college student and still save enough to get me through the last year of college.”

WW lectures, “I can hook you up with an agent. Let’s see how that works out.”

I talk with the agent that WW set me up with. He signs me up and he even has a gig for me, the next day. It seems that another guy let his lab test qualification run out and they need a stud, the next day,

I again walk to the house, at the appointed time. I check in and I strip to naked. I then roll on the tan stuff that body builders use for a contest. The makeup lady then rolls over several spots that I missed. Then she draws a scar on my hand and arm. I’m now ready for the video. (The video that I’m to appear in is called, ’Morning Delight.’ The ‘plot’ is that a rich woman has hired a stud to fuck her. The woman’s black maid lets me into the house. I follow the black maid into a lady’s bed room, where the woman is waiting. The woman poses, wearing some sort of maybe blouse that’s about the same kinda material as a lady’s sheer nylon stocking. The lady has big-tits and a shaved pussy. She then takes off the blouse and gets on a bed, in doggie position. I strip and join her, kneeling behind her and I slide my hard cock deep into her very wet pussy. I then stoke into the woman’s pussy, angling my hips a bit and I think that I’m in complete control. (I do notice that there’s some guy fucking the black maid, over on the next bed.) I stroke until I hear camera man say, “Big finish.” The woman clamps down on me and brings me off. I pull out and spurt my cum over the woman’s ass, with a hand job. I then slide off the bed.

The black maid and her stud are also in doggie position. He works the woman hard and strokes his cock deep into her pussy. The stud lasts a bit longer than I did, but he comes and then spurts his cum over the woman’s ass, with a hand job. He then slides off the bed.

The women get up and sort of stagger off to a bathroom.

The other stud and I go into another bathroom.

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