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Are You Sure?

By Richard Carlisle

Copyright Richard Carlisle 2017

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Megan’s jaw dropped, her eyes as wide as saucers. She stared at her friend, still somewhat in shock over what she’d heard, almost speechless. Carol’s remark had been innocent, unguarded. One of those things that just slip out naturally when conversing with your best friend. But… Could it be true? Had Carol cheated on Jack? Her loving husband of ten years and the father of their children?

Carol saw the stricken look on her friend’s face, a deep red flush developing on her own as she realized what she’d said. Her hand flew to her mouth, as she looked back at Megan. Taking a deep breath, she looked her straight in the eyes. “It’s not what you’re thinking, Megs. I’m not ‘cheating’ on Jack, not exactly anyway. I promise. Jack and I… Well… We’ve been exploring having sex with other couples on and off for the last couple of years. It’s called ‘swinging.’ Honestly, our sex life had gotten a little dull and some friends of Jack’s turned us on to it. The sex is always mutual, and I must say, we’ve never been happier.”

Megan was still in shock as she reached for her glass of wine, her hand shaking as she drained it. Signaling the waiter for another round, she stared at her friend warily. “You mean, you actually do it with other guys and Jack… I guess… Doesn’t mind? Or, is it that he’s getting some on the side too and you don’t care?”

“It’s nothing like that at all, Megs. Really, you almost make it sound sordid or something. It’s not, I promise you. We’re all very comfortable with having sex together, that’s all. It’s fun, freeing in a way. I don’t love any of the other men I’ve been with, I love my husband. And, he loves me. Deeply. We have no desire to spend the rest of our lives with any of the people that we play with, but the sex is phenomenal. Both with them and at home. And, honestly, Jack and I have never been better. He can’t keep his hands off me,” giggled Carol.

Chapter 1

By the end of their lunch date, Megan and Carol were in no condition to drive home. The bartender had long since cut them off and even taken their car keys away, offering to get them a taxi. Megan’s face was burning with embarrassment as she called Bob, telling him that they had gotten a little carried away at lunch and asking for a ride home. She knew he’d be available, Bob was a writer and worked from home. Although, he didn’t appreciate the interruption of his train of thought, he dutifully picked up the two intoxicated friends and safely delivered them. Putting up with constant giggles coming from the backseat as the two of them whispered constantly to each other back there the entire way home. Once they were safely home, he sent Megan in for a nap, bringing her a large glass of water and two aspirin. It was a Friday, at least she wouldn’t have to get up early and go in to the office. It’d be easy enough to retrieve her car in the morning.

Three hours later, his wife emerged slightly red faced from the bedroom. She was wearing a short, sheer peignoir that only barely obscured the extremely sexy and lacy baby doll nighty beneath it. Fresh from the shower, her long hair was scented with her shampoo. A touch of perfume reaching his nostrils as she came close to him. “Sorry about interrupting your writing, Babe. We just got sort of carried away at lunch. Carol, kind of surprised me with something and it led to a very involved conversation. One that just seemed to keep crying out for more wine,” she laughed, shaking her head as she did. Her laughter coming out in a somewhat sardonic tone, there was more going on here than she was saying.

“That sounds rather ominous, anything wrong between her and Jack? They always seem so happy together,” I asked.

“No, nothing wrong. Not really, anyway. But, I think that maybe that’s a conversation best done later, maybe with some more wine?” giggled Megan. “Why don’t I call and order us a pizza for dinner, maybe we can rent a sexy movie afterwards?” she purred, her fingers tracing along my earlobe. A thrill raced through me, at her soft, seductive whisper.

“Uh… Yeah, sure. Sounds great, Megs. I’ll just finish up here and grab a quick shower,” I said. Blood rushing to my swelling cock at her sultry words. Megan didn’t often get sexy anymore, I guess we were just kind of in that seven-year rut stage or something. It sounded like tonight might just get very interesting.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Megan with all my heart. I can’t even imagine my life with anybody else. It’s just… Well… Okay, after seven years of marriage, plus a couple of years together in college… It just seemed like the same thing over and over. Kind of stale, I suppose. What can I say? I mean she was still sexy. Damn! Was she. I swear she looked better today than the day we got married. Five foot three, with long dark hair and pert tits that had barely sagged at all, even after all these years. We both worked out, one of our bedrooms dedicated to a treadmill and weight bench. But, you know, nine years with the same woman. There are only so many positions available, none of them being anything new. Trust me, we’ve tried them all. Most of them, multiple times.

Wrapping up my work took longer than expected. So, as soon as I was dressed after my shower, I hustled straight to the kitchen. Megan was pouring a cold beer into an iced mug for me, a half empty glass of wine was setting on the counter next to it. She had two plates already set out. As soon as I came in, she pulled the pizza out. She’d kept the box in the microwave to keep it warm. I stood there admiring her slender form as she bent to retrieve it. The sheer peignoir rising, revealing her tight ass. The lacy baby doll she wore beneath it even allowing her dark to nipples show through. As she turned, I caught a flash of the dark landing strip between her legs through the lacy covering of the matching panties. Damn! She looked so fucking hot.

Suddenly, my heart skipped a beat, Megan had answered the front door in that outfit! Must have. The realization striking me like a bolt of lightning. OMG! That delivery driver must have gotten quite some show. I guess she hadn’t needed to leave him a tip. I suppose I should have been upset, but instead I found my cock swelling painfully in my pants. I couldn’t quite believe she’d let another man see her in that. Fuck! She looked good enough to eat.

Megan handed me a plate already filled with two pieces of pizza, shaking me from my lustful thoughts. I picked up the iced mug of beer and followed her into the family room. Her soft curves easily showing through the thin peignoir, her tight little ass swaying with every step. She was wearing ballet slippers on her feet, her long legs seductively on display as she sat down. Her luscious nether lips outlined as her panties snugged tightly against her sweet pussy. Sitting beside her, I picked up the remote and thumbed through the pay channel offerings, searching for something more adult in nature. Not wanting to spoil the mood of the evening, I found one that sounded rather sexy. Something about a housewife who moonlighted with an escort service whenever her husband was out of town. “That’s an interesting way to add some disposable income,” giggled Megan, sipping her wine.

The movie was pretty much what you’d expect, but Megan didn’t seem to mind. Both of us getting a little turned on as the plot developed. When the wife met her first ‘client,’ I heard Megan take a little gasp as his big cock was exposed. Hell, it made me curious, what can I say? “Have you ever been with a guy that… You know, had a really big cock?” I asked shyly.

“What? You mean, like that thing? No! I promise you, in my admittedly somewhat limited experience, those don’t happen very often,” she laughed. “I don’t think I’d ever want to. That thing would rip me in two.”

“Guess that’s a good thing, I love you, but my cock will never be that big,” I commented. My cock being a more average six and half inches.

“You do just fine, Sweetie. I think I’ll keep you around,” purred Megan.

As she took another sip of her wine, eyes still glued to the TV screen, I broke the silence regarding her liquid lunch. “So, what’s the big deal with Carol and Jack today?”

Megan shifted beside me, her eyes sparkling as she focused on mine. “Well, we were having our usual Friday lunch and a glass of wine, or maybe two, when she let it slip that she’d been with another man. When she realized what she’d said, she decided to explain further. It seems that she and Jack are now ‘swingers.’ Have been for a couple of years now.”

“Swingers? You mean like…”

“Oh, yeah! That’s exactly what I mean, they’ve been having sex with other people,” Megan’s voice growing softly sultry as she said it. “Carol’s slept with five other men since they started, and she claims they’ve never been happier. Apparently, they were sort of in a sexual rut and some friend of Jack’s turned them on to it.”

“Wow! I had no idea. Jack has never even hinted at anything like that when we’ve been together. How do you feel about it? I mean, are you shocked, or upset by it?” not sure myself how I felt about her news. Carol? Damn, she was one hot looking lady, short with curly blonde hair and huge tits. Don’t get me wrong, Carol wasn’t fat, far from it, just very curvaceous. My cock even swelling a little as I thought of those luscious charms being available to other men. Those huge tits bouncing as she… Whew! But, the whole idea seeming… I don’t know, a little out there I guess.

“I was absolutely floored when I first found out. I think I was as embarrassed as Carol when she realized what she’d let slip. Apparently, they’ve been keeping their alternative lifestyle a closely guarded secret. Nobody knows but their swinger friends. Well, not until today, anyway. It’s kind of hard to look at her the same way now. Probably, to see Jack in the same way, too. I mean… Hell, I don’t know what I mean,” said Megs. Her eyes a little dreamy at the thoughts running through her mind. Or, maybe it was just the wine and the sexy movie.

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