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“Suck that meat, sweetheart. Don’t be shy,” I said. “It’s crazy how your voice sounds like that of my father,” she said.

Slowly, she lowered her head and took my beastly cock into her mouth. She was sitting cross-legged on the bed and when she leaned forward to suck me, her big hanging tits rested on her legs. The sensation was incredible and I could feel that it wouldn’t take very long for me to shoot my load.

After tasting my cock, Alexia raised her head and said, “Since you sound so much like him, can I call you daddy?”

On hearing her say those words, my cock twitched. God, that was going to be good. Very very good.

“Of course you can call me daddy, honey. Now suck daddy’s cock, would you?”

Again, she lowered her head and wrapped her adorable lips around my red and shiny shaft. With her right hand, she skillfully jerked me off as she sucked my pole. It was not her first time sucking a cock, I could tell, and that made me mad. Fucking slut.

“In you throat, honey. Take it in your throat,” I said. “No, daddy. I can’t, I’m going to choke,” she said. I looked at her and snarled hard to show her I was not kidding.

Looking a little scared, she quickly lowered her head and slowly swallow my whole length. When my large and red cock hit the back of her throat, she gagged hard and quickly pulled out, leaving a massive amount of saliva on my dick.

“See? I can’t,” she said. “You need to learn, go for it, but this time, do some back and forth motions,” I said, knowing that I was about to cum. I wanted to unload in her throat and take her by surprise, that little slut.

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