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I Fucked My Son In The Car : Sinful Mothers 3


Copyright © 2017 by Tori Westwood

Smashwords Edition

This is a work of fiction. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters 18+.

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About This Book:

My son and I are visiting relatives out of state, but the traffic is making it impossible. We wind up having to sleep in the back of the van, but I really struggle to sleep with clothes on. After some frustrated minutes I finally relent and undress, much to my son, Daniel’s fear. With us both so close to each other I start to get ideas and soon Daniel’s stiffness is more than apparent. I can’t wait to tackle that big cock of his and take it inside me.

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“I want it,” I said.

“I want it too,” he said, and kissed me as though he’d been starved of sex for months.

My hand wandered back down and this time I went straight for him, wrapping my fingers around his girth and listening to him exhale as I gripped it.

I pulled it close to me and marveled at how thick it felt in my hand. Daniel was a good size—a very good size—and in no time at all I was imagining how he’d feel inside my mature pussy.

I could feel myself becoming wet as jerked slowly up and down his big cock with a downturned hand, tugging him towards me as though he were a length of rope and feeling the bursting veins pump life into his huge dick.

“Touch me, Daniel,” I said, gasping off him briefly. “Touch me down there.”

Daniel wandered his hands down my body, dancing over my nipples and sliding his way down towards my aching groove with shuddering, nervous movements.

I felt him at my hair and soon he was pushing further down. I felt him flip inside the wetness of my groove and tickle my clit, moving down further until he was poking a little inside my sticky honey-pot.

“That’s right, Daniel,” I cried. “I want you so bad.”

He pulled off me quickly and withdrew his hand and I feared the occasion may have got to him. Maybe he’d decided to do the sensible thing and drop it here.

“I—I can’t, Mom,” he said and I deflated a little.

You can, Daniel,” I said. “I want you too.”

“It’s not that, Mom,” he said, and seemed shy all of a sudden.

“What is it?” I asked, caressing him as my lust continued to burn.

“I’ve—I’m … ”

“What is it, Daniel?”

“I’m … a virgin,” he said and the word made me swell with delight.

I tried to hide my excitement.

“That’s okay, honey,” I said, holding his face and kissing him. “Mommy will show you how.”

“I’m nervous, Mom.”

“There’s no need to be, honey,” I said, kissing him again and again on the cheek and mouth. “It’s just you and me.”

He sighed and I ran a hand down him to find him still bolt-stiff.

“Do you want me?” I asked, breathing over him and making it impossible to resist.

“I do, Mom,” he confirmed.

“I want you, Daniel,” I said. “I want to be your first. I want to show you how good this is.”

“Show me, Mom,” he pleaded. “I’m ready.”

I kissed him again and then pushed the quilt off us both in a flurry, showing him my big, womanly tits that were half-illuminated by the moonlight through the windows.

“Suck my tits, Daniel,” I said. “I’d like that.”

I Fucked My Son In The Car : Sinful Mothers 3

“More traffic!” I said to the heavens, bashing the wheel in frustration.

“We’ll never make it, Mom,” Daniel said, looking ahead and trying to peer around to see the source of the obstruction.

The two of us were travelling a couple of states over to visit my sister which we liked to do a couple of times a year. With us both in our forties we each had families but still tried to make time for each other.

My son Daniel was accompanying me this time around. He didn’t always come but it had been a while since he’d seen his aunty and having his company sure made the journey easier. His father was always too busy at work to join us. Shit, he was too busy at work to do anything, including fuck me like he used to. But we’ll get on to that later.

“Good thing we took the van,” I said, rapping my fingers on the dash to the music.

“Why’s that?” Daniel asked.

“So we can sleep in the back.”

“Huh?” Daniel said, suddenly roused.

“Well look, honey,” I said, presenting the view out of the windshield to him. “We’re never gonna make it.”

“Can’t we get a motel?”

“Why would I spend good money on a motel when we can put the seats down in the back.”

Daniel turned to me, looking distraught. “That doesn’t sound very comfortable.”

Good thing I bought a duvet and pillows then, huh?” I replied with a smirk. I always thought a few steps ahead but I hoped I’d never need them.

“So we have to share a bed?” he said, aghast.

“Wow, sorry, Daniel,” I said, pretending to be offended. “I didn’t realize the idea was so horrifying.”

“It’s not that, Mom,” he said, noticing he might have hurt my feelings. “It’s just … I’m nineteen now and—”

“I know, Daniel, I know. You want your own bed.”

“It’d sure be nice.”

Well I just can’t afford to spend money like that, I’m sorry.”

He was silent as we slowly inched forwards.

“You understand, right?” I asked, trying to look under at his face as his head stayed cast down a little.

“I understand.”

“I won’t tell your friends,” I said half-joking and rubbing his leg.

“You better not,” he blurted, perking up a little.

I continued to rub his leg before I realized I was lingering on it too long.

“It’s just one night,” I said, trying to console him further.

Okay, Mom,” he said wearily. “It’s alright.”

I put my hands back on the wheel and squeezed it tight, kind of excited to be spending a night beside him. It had been so long since I’d shared a bed with my darling boy. What was more exciting though, was that it’d been so long since I’d shared a bed with anyone under forty and having my strapping, nineteen-year-old son beside me at night was kind of flattering in a weird way.

The next hour we trudged slowly past an accident that must have been causing our delay. I could scarcely concentrate on anything though, because a more worrying thought was filling my mind.

I’d always sleep naked, and I mean always. Whenever I even tried to wear clothes I just found it so inhibiting and uncomfortable that I could never drift off.

For Daniel’s sake I realized I had to at least try. It was difficult enough to convince him to sleep next to me, so having him sleep beside me whilst I was naked—well, that felt impossible.

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