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Bred at work:Katie

By Alex Vander

Copyright 2017 Alex Vander

Cover Copyright 2017 Alex Vander

All characters are 18+ and consenting adults

It was a rough day getting to work this morning. Two men stopped me on the way to have me suck them off, and now I'm late. My boss is gonna have my ass today. More than usual at least. Hell he may have me spread my legs and let every client that walks in the door fill my pussy up before they meet with him.

I heard it happened to Sally before I started to work here. She got knocked up and had to stop working since most dudes weren't into being serviced by a pregnant chick. Oh man I hope he just has me keep servicing them with my mouth and ass, or at least tells them to pull out and cum on my face and tits instead of inside me. I opened the door to the small marketing firm I worked at and was instantly scolded.

"Where the hell were you Katie?" My boss yelled at me as he walked towards me getting his cock out.

"I had to blow two guys on the way to work," I said while kneeling down to drain his cock, "It's the law! On Wednesday's every woman has to make her mouth available for any man that wants to use it!"

I took his cock into my mouth and started to lick the bottom of his shaft. He always liked that. He had a lot of precum already he must've been looking forward to me showing up. All the worse that I disappointed him! It made me feel good that he wanted to use me though. Waiting for me to get here instead of using the mouth of any of our female clients that were here today.

"I pay you to let people fuck you here. Not on the streets," He said while stifling a moan of pleasure, "Plus It's been two hours. I know you can suck two men off faster than that."

"I missed my bus because of it," I said quickly and then stuffed his cock into my mouth. Pursing my lips and trying to get him in as deep as I could. That always seemed to do the trick.

"I don't want to hear you-" He tried to say as he came deep in my throat. His cum overflowing out of my mouth and dribbling down my chin.

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