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Welcome home G.I.

Written by: Jack Ryder

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Welcome Home G.I.

I was medevac’d to Ramstein Air Base in Germany following the crash of the C130 cargo plane that had killed both of the pilots and 3 of the 5 crew members. The official account of the “accident” was hydraulic failure.

The part that was left out of the “official public news release” was that we had been shot down by a teenage Iraqi insurgent with a rocket propelled grenade from a rooftop in Bagdad while we were in a final landing approach.

At some point while the aircraft careened down the runway after hitting the ground with the wheels still retracted, the pallets fastened to the floor retaining rings broke loose and bounced around the cargo bay destroying everything in their path.

Although the pilots had been killed on impact, the other fatalities occurred back in the cargo bay. Although the crash happened at a very high rate of speed, those few moments of catastrophic devastation seemed like a slow motion horror movie to the five of us stuck in back of that disintegrating airplane.

Three of my friends were crushed to death within seconds as the heavy pallets bounced around and flew apart while the aircraft bounced several times before coming to rest in the sand off to the side of the runway.

I had managed to jump out of the way of the huge pallet that nearly nailed me. But as the aircraft slid off the hard surface into the sand, it caused a backlash sort of motion which made the pallet snap back along the roller rails. Before I could move, the pallet rolled over my left foot crushing it so severely that it was severed from my ankle.

It took three months to recuperate at the hospital. Besides the severed foot, I had sustained a mild concussion and three broken ribs when the last brutal roll of the aircraft threw me against the frame of the cargo bay. I worked very hard to rehab my body and become accustomed to walking with a prosthetic foot. I was very determined to not let my disability prevent me from moving on with my life.

I made it a point to visit one of the brothels before I left Germany. I wanted to see how women might react to a man with a fake foot or what I look like after I remove it. The woman treated me like any other customer at first until we had our clothes removed. “I see you are wounded soldier,” Helga told me softly as she gazed down at my damaged extremity.

“I give you a free night if you like,” she told me softly. Her offer seemed awkward to me as I gazed up into her eyes. “If this is a pity thing, I am not interested,” I told her quietly. Helga came over and sat on my lap and kissed me tenderly on the side of the neck. “It is not pity young soldier,” she told me. “It is a thank you for risking your life to keep other people safe,” she assured me.

Before I could say another word, Helga guided my dick into her pussy and sat down until my dick was completely buried inside. “Besides, it would be a shame to waste this big beautiful cock,” she murmured. “This is my pleasure,” she purred as my fat 9 inch dick stretched her vagina like a tight glove.

Helga fucked me three times that night and insisted on not receiving any sort of payment. She told me that she enjoyed our time together more than anything she could remember in quite some time. She told me that she would always remember her beautiful soldier.

From Ramstein, I took a military flight to Pensacola Florida. After a six hour layover, I took a commercial flight to Las Vegas where I would out process from the Air Force at Nellis, Air Force Base. That was now my home of record since my father has his permanent residence there now. Since I was being discharged due to medical disability, I would return to my home of record.

Chapter 2

While I was waiting to catch my flight in Florida, I was approached by a middle aged woman in the Airport bar. “Welcome home G.I.,” she whispered as she sat down next to me. “I’d sure like to thank you for your service,” she added while she opened the front of her trench coat to expose herself to me. Underneath the coat she was wearing only a white garter belt that was holding up her white silk stockings. For a forty year old woman, she had a smoking hot body with firm 38DD silicone hooters. “I’d sure like to let you,” I answered her while I stared at her gorgeous tits.

After short introductions, Nancy informed me that she had a hotel room at one of the hotels just outside the entrance of the airport. She assured me that she would get me back in plenty of time to catch my fight home. I was amazed when I saw her bright red Lexus sports coupe. It suggested that she was a lot classier woman than my first impression.

Nancy informed me that once a month she hangs out at the airport on a Friday evening to look for young single military men coming home. “I prefer younger single men who are in good physical condition and not looking for a lasting relationship,” she informed me.

I prefer these quick physical hook ups because I’ve had too many men more interested in my money than a real relationship,” she confided. “Besides, I find that it is quite arousing to seduce some young man I have never met before,” she added with a chuckle. “It makes me horny to know that you desire my body and not my money,” she told me bluntly.

“I hope you won’t be disappointed when you see I have no left foot,” I blurted out. “You did say that you like men in good physical shape,” I pointed out. “I don’t intend to be needing your feet,” she laughed her reply. “And your body looks remarkably fit to me,” she grinned as she glanced up and down my chiseled frame.

Nancy was stunning when she dropped her trench coat in the hotel room. Her huge tits looked perfect on her voluptuous 38DD-26-36 body. It was obvious to me that she works hard at keeping her body fit and firm. It was also plain to see that she spends a lot of time in the sun completely naked. “A pool at your mansion?” I joked as she began to undress me.

“And what makes you think I have a mansion?” she laughed while she removed my uniform dress shirt and t-shirt. “Because you don’t have those funny white lines that tanning salons leave and a mansion would be the most private place to lay outside naked,” I surmised. “You are very observant, Jake,” she chuckled. “Plus the fancy car and 2 karat diamond on your left ring finger suggest that you have money. Especially since the ring is just a prop,” I suggested.

“Let’s see what sort of prop you have for me,” she giggled her reply as she unfastened my uniform dress pants. “Oh, Jake…Look at that,” she purred when my fat nine inch dick sprang free as she pulled down my bikini brief underwear.

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