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Krissy and Rochelle’s Desire

By MrOneStar05

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"This is sooo boring" Rochelle whispered they were in a lecture class learning about how to compare quarterly profits Krissy smiled she had to admit this was pretty lame "I know right look around there’s like nobody here",  Rochelle scanned the room sure enough it was practically empty. Life had been getting so boring and repetitive lately, she wanted to do something fun and exciting, something different. Krissy let out a sigh trying to think of some way to pass the time, she was debating ducking out but rumor was the professor was giving out a pop quiz sometime soon. She looked at Rochelle, it wasn’t hard to see why Paul was attracted to her, long legs that flowed up into her endless curves, which flowed upwards to her firm full 40DDs topped off with long flowing blonde hair and deep blue eyes. Krissy found herself salivating and as if on its own, her hand moved to Rochelle's inner thigh.

Rochelle turned and looked into Krissy's eyes but did nothing to move her hand away, taking a deep breath she slid her hand up Rochelle's thigh up towards her center. Their eyes never left one another’s as her hand reached its destination. Rochelle’s DD tits began heaving as she began breathing faster while Krissy began circular motions around her hot throbbing button "Oh fuck" she whispered. Krissy looked around they were at the very back secluded from everyone and the professor was still teaching, taking a chance she stuck a few fingers inside. Rochelle let out a slight moan and her hips began twitching back and forth, Krissy thrust her fingers rapidly in and out while still using her thumb to keep rubbing her clit "Ohhh Krissy ugh fuck!" she breathed faster and harder as Krissy fingered her harder and harder, then the inevitable. Rochelle clamped her hand around her mouth as release washed over her, every muscle in her body especially those around her pussy were contracted uncontrollably with a force she’d never imagined clamping Krissy’s hand so tight it was nearly impossible for her to keep fingering. Shocks stronger than lightning bolts shot up and down her spine, her heart drummed in her chest pumping blood to her quivering center, until finally it slowed and then at last stopped.

Krissy pulled her hand away as Rochelle struggled to catch her breath, "Want to get outta here?" she nodded and they rushed out into the hallway "Talk in my car?" Rochelle nodded and followed. Fortunately for them Krissy hadn’t bothered to put the seats back up in her SUV after moving so they had acres of space. Opening the trunk they threw their backpacks in, "You first" Krissy nodded and climbed in before she could do anything Rochelle grabbed her by the arm, turned her around and pushed her down on the carpet "Its time I return the favor" Krissy opened her mouth to respond only to be met by a deep passionate kiss. They kissed slowly at first teasing each other’s tongues gently, and then the kiss intensified allowing a river of passion and lust to flow freely between their lips. Then they broke broke free and began stripping off each other’s clothes and soon they were both naked. Rochelle took in Krissy’s drool worthy figure, she too had long legs that flowed up into her thick curvy waist, they continued their flow up to her full pert 38DDs topped off with long flowing strawberry blonde hair and deep green eyes. She licked her lips and dove in, sucking on her nipples with a fury, Krissy moaned "Fuck me Rochelle!!", she slowed licking and teasing her to the brink, then Rochelle moved lower drooling a trail down her stomach Krissy bit her lip "Do it, fuck me with your mouth, lick and suck me like you mean it"

Rochelle dove for Krissy's clit sucking and licking just as she asked "HOLY SHIT ROCHELLLLE UGHHHHHHHH" Rochelle parted her drenched lips with her tongue, licking steadily away, moving back and forth between her lips and her throbbing clit. Krissy growled, hips thrusting so hard it made her full 38DDs jiggle, soon it was too much "OOOO FUCK UGHHHH ITS CUMMING IM CUMMING OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUUUUUUUCK", every muscle in her pussy clenched tighter than she’d ever imagined, lightning bolts of please racked her brain as she came again and again. Rochelle moaned as her delicious juices flooded into her mouth by the gallon which she happily drank. Then finally it slowed and at last stopped. Krissy struggled to catch her breath but Rochelle wasn’t done, she got up and swiveled her hips around so her crotch was right over Krissy face and began licking again "OOOO FUCK" Krissy screamed and began licking Rochelle as well.

Soon it became a contest, the more Krissy licked the faster Rochelle sucked, the more Rochelle sucked the faster Krissy licked. The bubble of pleasure swelled to an unimaginable size and then eventually burst, relief washing over them like never before, their growls of orgasm on their oversensitive clits created an earth shattering climax that rocked their bodies like a California earthquake. Each of them moaned as their delicious desire coated each of their tongues again and again, their throat muscles straining to keep up with the volume. Until finally exhausted they stopped, both of them breathing faster than a race horse "Th.......that was fun" Rochelle breathed, Krissy giggled "Yeah I’d say so too, but this stays between us though right?" "Of course god Paul would have my head" Krissy giggled "Tyler would freak 'why didn’t you just call me blah blah blah'" Rochelle laughed as they put their clothes back on and climbed in the front “So do you wanna talk about it?” Krissy asked Rochelle shrugged “There’s not much to say” “I just……….you’ve just gotten so sexy Rochelle-“ “Gotten thanks” she joked. Krissy punched her playfully “You know what I mean, and today in class…something clicked.” Rochelle bit her lip “Same it……….when your put your hand on my thigh I started dripping like a faucet” “Really?” Krissy asked moving her hand towards her thigh once more. Despite the monster climax she’d just experienced, her pussy instantly began to leak. Rochelle pushed it away “No no that’s enough for now let’s just keep it between us and take it one day at a time” Krissy smiled and started the car. "Fair enough so where shall we go?" "The mall?" "Which mall?" Rochelle shrugged "Surprise me" Krissy nodded and pulled away.


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