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Jason J. Honz

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Searching all around the U.S., we’ve brought you the twelve fiercest, most dominating, well-hung men we could find. And now, we’re going to throw them in a ring to dominate one another. Six entry rounds, three follow-ups, and one threeway championship match you won’t want to miss. All for the chance to be called the champ – and a grand prize of $50k. The goal of each round is simple. Be the first to cum in your opponent – choosing whatever entry they desire. Or, get your opponent to tap out, or black out. The catch? No match is the same, or in the same location. They can range from a setting of the classroom, to a barn, to a gymnasium, to an actual ring. The different environments will be sure to keep things interesting. So, are you ready for some heavy hitting entertainment?

Humming to himself as he idly pawed at the wet sand beneath the thin, rushing layer of water of the shore, Jack caught sight of his strapping young opponent as he approached, looking less then amused. Brows arching as he caught sight of the sun glowing of Patrick’s short, deep purple waves, Jack smiled, standing to meet him as he came to a stop at the edge of the water, not wanting to get wet prematurely.

And what’s more, the water as cold, and Patrick was already feeling a bit inadequate as it was, looking at Jack’s half-hard cock and its almost absurd girth. Nearly two inches thick, he could only imagine the kind of force and stretching it would take to fit something like that up his ass. Motivation, if anything, to keep it as far away from him as he possibly could - and to end the match quickly, not giving Jack the chance.

Hands on his hips, Jack gave a subtle nod as he looked Patrick over, getting a scowl and an arched brow in response.

“Howdy,” Jack chirped.

“Oh, brother,” Patrick groaned with a roll of his eyes. “Where’d you come from, the cover of a woman’s erotica novel?”

Jack smiled, taking the insult as a compliment, his cock twitching a beginning a bit stiffer at the praise, which drew Patrick’s attention to it for a fleeting moment.

“You’re not too bad looking, yourself. Maybe one of those … bad boy romances? You know, the ones where the lady wants to change ‘em?”

“Sorry to break it to you, cowboy. But I don’t change for anyone. Nor do I submit.”

“Well,” Jack chuckled, giving a light hearted shrug. “One of us has to, bud.”

“Yeah, well do the math,” Patrick spat.

“I have,” Jack smiled. “If you wanna tap now, you can just maybe blow me or somethin’?”

“Excuse me?”

“Oh,” Jack said, putting his hands up apologetically. “Sorry. Or rim? I don’t really mind eith-“

“Listen here, country bumpkin,” Patrick hissed, taking a warning step forward into the water, making Jack’s eyes immediately fall to follow his feet. “The cock I plan on touching is my own as I shove it into that hillbilly mouth of yours.”

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