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To Own a Wolf – Part Seven

by Lithier

Text Copyright 2017 Lithier

All Rights Reserved

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This story contains intense, graphic sexual scenes featuring the following themes:


-Vaginal Sex

-Themes of Slavery

-Wolf and Snake Furries

What is “Furry?”

"I know this is a little sudden." Ramone Locke was a prime specimen of a well-to-do Dark-Spotted Anaconda. His hairline was starting to recede on the sides, and silver threaded through the black of what was left, but he was still fit and rather handsome, despite age's best efforts. "But I was in town on business, and I found myself with a few hours to spare." His skin was almost completely blotted out with dark brown patches, a paler shade only peeking out between them in crisscrossing lines, like a spider's web. "And I thought, 'what better way to spend my time than checking up on my favorite nephew?'" He wore a suit, undoubtedly very expensive, with a burgundy undershirt and a tie-- black, or perhaps a very dark green. "Especially when you should have just recently received my gift." Black eyes slid down from under draped eyelids to regard the wolfess prostrated at his feet. "I trust you have enjoyed it...?" Behind him, in the hallway, other men stood stiffly straight, wearing somewhat less expensive suits. Those black eyes flicked up.

Locke inhaled suddenly, finally remembering to breathe. He was barely awake, and he almost wanted to convince himself he was still sleeping. He could only barely recall this man from the earliest of his memories-- tall, smelling of bitter things... always smiling in a way that made him want to be somewhere else. When he was seven, his parents had gotten a letter from uncle Ramone. The next day, they were moving. Locke had to switch schools, and all the kids at the new school made fun of his first name. Stupid things to think of now, but... now that he was face to face with the man, he had absolutely no idea what to say. His mouth opened and closed. He felt like the questions were boiling in the back of his mind, but he couldn't pluck anything out of the mess other than 'what are you doing here?' ...And that would sound pretty dumb, really.

"Perhaps this isn't such a good time after all." The man gave another one of those dirty smiles. "How about... I borrow your girl a moment and go downstairs while you compose yourself. I was hoping to have a talk with her anyway." He raised a hand, making a little gesture. "My dear Felicita can take care of you in her absence." A woman in a rather provocative dress appeared at his shoulder-- a gray wolfess. Kris was very still. "Come, little one, and tell me about the man my nephew has become." He smiled down on her, and she rose, her eyes on the floor.

"Yes, High Master." She was very quiet. Ramone turned and lead her down the hall, and two men followed him. For a moment, at the door, Kris crossed within an inch of the other wolfess. Their features were very close-- Kris was perhaps a hint taller, Felicita a little bustier, and proud to show it. Both had their eyes on the floor. But Felicita's eyes... they might have looked similar, but this woman had very different eyes. They held a little of the... hunger... that his uncle's did.

Then Kris was gone, and Felicita was in his apartment. She glanced about the floor, quietly closing the door on the men standing outside. "Good evening, sir." She had her own smile. But where he expected a squirm of discomfort in his gut, her smile... tugged at something. She might have had the mannerisms of a slave, but there was obviously a fire in her, for her to smile like that.


Her sister! Of all the people to accompany the High Master. Her younger sister had, after being christened a slave, been chosen to stay with the farm as a mentor and as an attendant to the High Master, but there were many in that category. And now the High Master left her alone with her master? She stared at the back of the elder snake's legs, following close behind him and clutching at her shirt. She probably should have gotten properly clothed, but she'd been in such a panic she hadn't thought to suggest it...

A brief elevator ride conveyed them to the lounge. A few guards had already cleared the room, and the High Master had a seat on a sofa, just sitting on the edge. He gestured the wolfess to a chair across from him, bloated with padding. She gave a little nod of thanks and sat quietly, eyes on the floor between them. The old snake smiled softly. "So. How have things been going with my nephew?"

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