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Dark Desires 1 - 3

Daisy Rose

Copyright 2016 Daisy Rose

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older. No part in this book may be reproduced, transmitted, stored, or distributed without permission of the author or publisher.

Look Inside Lovers & Ropes (Dark Desires 1)

"Haven't you figured out who I am?" she asked, her eyebrows lifted in amusement. It was hardly his fault he didn't know who she was. He was probably new in town. Still, it was unnerving to have someone talk to her about such things, especially in the theater where she works, especially after the way she dismissed him the first time.

She had a good time with him but she wasn't really into him.

"No," he said, equally amused. His perfectly shaped eyebrow arched together with a corner of his lips. He towered over her, a tall statue of a man, sculpted to perfection. There was nothing about him that any sane artist would change. Yet, there was something about him that she wanted to change. Something to make him less perfect; something to give her an excuse to dislike him. There was no chemistry between them.

"Perhaps you would like to know about me before asking me out?" she asked. "I'm quite infamous around these parts, you know," she divulged magnanimously. It didn't matter if he was the hottest man on earth. The truth was, she wasn't looking to date anyone. Not now. Not anytime soon.

He pondered in a deep growl for a moment, a low 'hmm...' that vibrated in the air, as if considering the option. Ultimately, he grinned and shook his head. "No," he said with an air of finality that took her breath away. "I would prefer knowing you. The real you."

And just like that, she knew. She knew in her heart that this was a man who could wrench her heart from her ribs in his palm and squeeze it until it dies.

She took a shuddering inhale. "Perhaps I would prefer you not," she responded, also full of conviction, because her heart could not take another beating.

"Not what?" he asked, his smile genuine.

Her mind spun and just like that, it was hard to breathe. "I would prefer you not know me at all," she answered without blinking, eyes wide with something she wasn't quite prepared to feel. Her heartbeat sped up without her permission and she leaned against the wall for support.

"Wouldn't you like to know me?" he asked, full of questions she hadn't the answers to.

She stared at the confident man in front of her and shook her head. "No. No, I would not," she said.

When she turned to walk away, he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back until she was flush against his chest, all hard muscles.

"Give an old man a chance," he murmured, his breath warm against her skin, spreading into warm butterfly flutters in her belly.

"You're hardly an old man," she breathed, her breasts inches from his body, each inhale bringing her aching nipples dangerously close to touching him. His gaze burned, intense eyes dilated as he stared into her mesmerized look.

"How old are you?" he asked.

"Twenty two," she answered automatically.

"I'm forty," he grinned, unabashed about his age. "Old enough to be your father."

"Then perhaps you should stay away," a painfully familiar voice interrupted. She didn't need to turn around to know the owner of the voice. It haunted her countless sleepless nights and tickled her naked skin in the showers. It made her tremble with both desire and the need to run away.

Like a ghost, he was there, the man who had broken her heart into so many pieces years ago.

His expression was angry as he walked forward into her view, dressed in dark slacks and a shirt underneath a dark jacket. Everything about him was as perfect as she remembered.

"Anastasia," he said her name like a caress. It wove through her, creating patterns of desire on her skin. She couldn't move as he stood close to her, stopping just inches from her. His gaze penetrated through her. "I was hoping to see you here."

Look Inside Foursome (Dark Desires 2)

"I rather like you in chains," he said finally.

Before she could protest, his lips were on hers again. He pushed her against the cold stone walls with the intensity of his kiss. Unable to resist, she parted her lips for him. He cupped her breasts with his palms and brushed his fingers across her nipples. Pleasure jolted through her spine, awakening all the senses in her body. Adrenaline rushed through her veins, making it hard for her to focus on any one thing. Everything seemed to be happening too fast for her to wrap her head around it, but in truth, it was only a kiss.

His hands were on her chest, molding and massaging her breasts. She moaned into his mouth and felt him vibrate in response. It was all too much.

When he pulled free from her, she wiggled against the bondage and the sound of the metal chains clanking together echoed in the room. The feeling of it, being vulnerable, made her pussy even wetter. Her breath was coming in harsh gasps that created wisps of vapor, as if she had been smoking.

His hand lashed forward suddenly, grasping her neck. She gasped, her eyes widening in fear. There was something in his eyes that told her he wasn't going to hurt her but she was afraid nevertheless. He pulled her forward by her neck and she stumbled towards him awkwardly. The metal chains keeping her bounded were pulled taut. He wasn't holding onto her neck hard enough to cut off circulation, but it was still unnerving to be choked lightly whilst being tied up.

She drew in each breath with difficulty. Her pupils were dilated, either from fear or arousal. He liked to think it was a bit of both. The thought invigorated him.

Grinning cruelly, his fingertips wandered down her neck and brushed against the tips of her nipples fleetingly. When she gasped and pulled back, both his hands came forward to pinch down painfully on her nipples, keeping her in place.

"Ahh!" she cried out loudly, feeling a jolt of pain mixed with undeniable pleasure sizzle down her spine. Her breasts were pulled outwards at an unnatural angle. She arched forward, straining against the chains to create an outward arch that made him immeasurably hard.

Look Inside Dancing Domination (Dark Desires 3)

When her eyes met his, she almost gasped. He was looking at her with an expression that scared her. There was a spark in his eyes that was tell-tale to what he was thinking. She drew away from him, but he held her too close.

She dropped her eyes, suddenly shy.

"What're you thinking about?" he asked.

"Nothing," she lied easily.

"Would you like to know what I'm thinking about?" he asked.

"Yes," she whispered, her feet moving automatically now, matching his every step. His strong frame held her up, guided her the right way. All she had to do was let him lead.

"I'm thinking about undressing you the moment the light goes out," he said.

More than a few eyes turned their way. Her eyes grew wide, fearful and aroused all at once. "What-" She cleared her throat slightly. "What makes you think I'll let you?"

"Because I'm not asking," he said.

She stared at him. He certainly wasn't the sort of man to ask for what he wanted. He turned her one way, then the other, never stopping to ask or make sure if she was still following. It was hard to believe that she had just gotten to know him that morning.

"It seems everyone has gotten their steps perfect," the instructor's voice announced. "And now, the lights are going off."

Her gasp followed the sudden darkness. She felt the subtle push from his strong arms as he continued to lead her in the dance, but she quickly lost her step, stumbling into his open arms.

"Oh!" she heard a voice from her left exclaim. Instinctively, she turned towards the source of the voice, but there was nothing to see.

They were in complete darkness.

"I see you're starting to get comfortable with the idea," he whispered breathily into her ear. She pulled herself together with a gasp. His hands grasped on either sides of her shoulders, holding her close to him.

"I don't-" she began, but her breath caught.

The music played peacefully in the background. She could hear the sound of clothes being abandoned, falling swiftly to the floor.

Close as he was, she realized she wanted him closer. She sensed a danger and an intensity in him that she had never encountered before. She allowed his hand to move behind her. The sound of her zip parting sounded too loud to her ears. She worried that everybody could hear and know what was happening, that he was undressing her.

And she was letting him.


Dark Desires 1: Lovers & Ropes

Dark Desires 2: Foursome

Dark Desires 3: Dancing Domination

Dark Desires 1: Lovers & Ropes

Daisy Rose

Copyright 2016 Daisy Rose

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older. No part in this book may be reproduced, transmitted, stored, or distributed without permission of the author or publisher.


"You're a beautiful woman, Anastasia," he said suddenly, looking deep into her eyes.

It was so unexpected and so out of place that she was taken completely by surprise. Her face flushed red and she inhaled sharply when he buried his finger deeper into her. Her walls parted for him, soft and wet, full of nerve endings that made her squirm.

"Thank you," she said without thought, mesmerized by the way his finger curved inside her, touching a part of her that sent jolts of pleasure all the way up her spine, severing control over her own body. Her back arched, creating a beautiful curve that made him want to take her then and there.

"Careful," he whispered, his hand resting on the small of her back.

He knew he had to slow down. He wanted to wait until they were truly alone. The crowd around them were none the wiser about what was happening under the table and he intended to keep them in the dark about it.

There was chit chat all around them, white noise that made little sense to any eavesdroppers. It was too early in the night for their peers to be drunk enough to ignore a couple's lovemaking in the middle of a restaurant. He wished they were. It would be so much easier to fuck her right there on the table. His apartment, even though only a five-minute-drive away, felt like a million miles.

She pressed her back against his palm and her hips gyrated to his finger, desperate to feel more of the maddening pleasures he was teasing her with.

Her body's reaction was making it hard for him to reign himself in. Pressure built inside him, focusing between his legs and making it uncomfortable to stay still. The blush on her cheeks and slightly parted lips made him incredibly hard. He wanted her writhing and squirming beneath him, moaning and gasping his name as he pounded into her. His manhood throbbed for her, straining to be free inside his pants.

The lust was palpable in the air. Her breath hitched in her throat and her body responded in delightful ways as he pumped his finger in and out of her under her smooth, silk dress. Her sex throbbed, squeezing his finger inside her. He smiled, empowered by the reaction his single digit was having on her.

When he penetrated his finger deep inside her, she let out a low keening noise that drew the attention of the couple in the table next to theirs.

"Shh..." he cautioned even though he was secretly turned on by the prospect of being seen and getting caught. He couldn't help but by mesmerized by the way her chest rose and fell, bringing her breasts up and down, cleavage obvious in the low-cut dress. His eyes were drawn to the curve of her breasts, creamy skin begging to be kissed.

She was fighting to remain still in the crowded restaurant, worried that she would be caught by onlookers.

Unbeknownst to either of them, the couple in the table next to them had figured out what they were doing. The couple shared a smile and tried not to stare at the inappropriate behavior. It was arousing, to have caught something so private somewhere so public. Her flushed cheeks and arched back as well as little whimpers from her lips betrayed exactly what was happening beneath the table.

Her gaze escaped downwards, focusing on the empty plate in front of her. Her fingers trembled slightly in her effort to keep absolutely still. The dim yellow lighting in the restaurant illuminated her long lashes, fluttering slightly as she squeezed her inner thighs together.

She couldn't move when he reached his palm to cup her chin, lifting her gaze up to meet his when she tried to shy away. His warm hand sent an electric sensation through her core. The simple touch was enough to invigorate her completely.

Her deep exhale accompanied his finger's passage out of her throbbing core.

"Perhaps we should take things... elsewhere?" he whispered hoarsely, rubbing his thumb along her trembling clit experimentally. She shuddered and bit back whimpers. Her insides were throbbing with familiar need.

"That's probably best..." she murmured throatily, trembling hands reaching up to grasp his hand on her chin and press his palm to her lips. Her breath was warm against his palm.

Unable to help himself much longer, he threw a fifty on the table and pulled her to her feet. Thankfully, her dress fell over her bum, covering her trembling folds. She twisted back briefly to snap her jacket and was pulled back in stride promptly. Every step she took made her panties rub against her pussy.

If their abrupt departure raised suspicion, no one made any inclination of it. The hot press of his fingers on her soft flesh made her grasp, but the excitement kept her on her toes, giggling as she allowed herself to be pulled out of the noisy restaurant.

His grasp on her arm was immovable as he all but threw her into his car. She fell in willingly with a sharp giggle.

She caught a glimpse of her reflection in the window and was surprised by how aroused she looked, her cheeks flushed, eyes dilated. She raised her hand to her cheeks, feeling a warmth build there.

She was breathtakingly aware of how easily it would be for him to flip her flared dress up and pull her panties aside to continue stroking her heat. Her pussy twitched from the thought alone, so she crossed her legs in a feeble attempt to stop herself from being completely soaked in desire.

"Ready?" he asked, revving the engine.

"Always," she whispered, crossing her legs seductively. She pulled her dress up deliberately so he could have an eyeful of her smooth skin, leading all the way up to her shaved pussy.

His jaw tightened. Adrenaline pumped through his body as he stared at the woman in the passenger's seat next ot him. His senses were on full alert. He took in everything in a flash, the bright desire in her eyes, lush mouth begging to be kissed, and creamy soft skin that he wanted to feel with his fingertips.

He drove like a madman all the way to his apartment, his hands gripping the steering wheel so tightly that his knuckles were white.

"Are you going to make love to me?" she asked. There was a light in her eyes that brought an answering shudder through his veins.

"I'm going to do much more than fuck you," he promised.

Anastasia gulped and her eyes fastened to his lips. When she agreed to go on a date with Luke earlier that evening, she hadn't expected desire to take control so abruptly. She barely knew the man.

Not that it mattered. He was an attractive man. He was one of the new actors in the acting class that the theater allowed into the studio for the day. He was the best looking man of the group, his ebony dark skin a sharp contrast against all the other light-skinned. His muscled bulged whenever he moved.

He was surprised when he found that they were the same age, twenty-two. They were on vastly different levels on the game of life. While she already had everything planned out, he was just starting out. She had the center spot on the stage, a position that all graduates and some of her colleagues coveted and she was likely to continue playing center stage until age catches up with her.

When he asked how someone as young as her could get a spot as sweet as that, she admitted that she didn't go to acting school. Instead, she had been spotted when she was younger and had been acting for as long as she knew. She learned everything she knew on the job, which was a godsend considering she was an orphan and would never have had the chance to go to acting school anyways. There were many envious glances from the performers around her, but they kept their jealousy to themselves.

Afterwards, when he approached her after her evening performance and asked her out, she was surprised. It wasn't that other men hadn't asked her out before, but she had gotten the reputation of being a heartbreaker after rejecting multiple men's advances recently.

She agreed to go out with him because he had a dashing smile. Sadly, there wasn't much going for him beyond that. Luke was a less than interesting dinner conversation partner. Thankfully, once he made his intention clear, things turned hot really quickly. It was almost fate that they were sitting side by side. It made it easier for him to flip her dress up and feel her up.

Before long, she had soaked through her panties, desire coursing through her blood like an electric current, awakening every nerve ending in her body. She panted for him like a dog in heat and he responded by teasing her further and further until he couldn't stand to just touch her with the tips of his fingers. He wanted to kiss every inch of her creamy skin, fill her emptiness with his throbbing manhood. He wanted to take control of her body completely and absolutely.

His car screeched to a halt in front of a large apartment complex, ignoring the "No Parking" sign right in front of it.

She opened her mouth to point it out to him but he was already out of the car. He pulled her out of the car and up the stairs, onwards to his room to finish what they had started and she was all-too-eager to comply.

Cheap Thrills

His lips were on hers the moment the door closed behind them. It was a fairly big apartment. He was probably one of those kids with ridiculously rich parents since he didn't need to live in the university dorm like the rest of the students.

She didn't have time to wonder about his background for long since desire hung palpable in the air and consumed them almost instantly. He gathered her into his arms, lifting her off her feet so he could press his face to her neck and taste the pulsing vein there. His tongue darted in and out.

She bit back needy whimpers, her inner thighs throbbing with familiar need. She hadn't expected to go home with him so soon after meeting him, but she had always been impulsive. Sweet heat spread through her.

"Mmm..." she moaned, tilted her head to allow him better access to her neck.

His hand on the small of her back tightened and he suckled her neck, tasting her with his tongue as desire coursed through her body. Slowly, his hands moved to grip her perfect round ass, kneading and massaging the soft, bouncy flesh there. She started gasping in desperate need and his lips curved into a grin, pleased by how reactive she was to his touch.

He was holding her too closely, his hard chest against her soft breasts, nipples pebbled and aching to be touched.

Eagerly he brought her to his bedroom, the hot press of his lips against her neck moving further up until he was kissing her chin and finally her lips. He reveled in the hot press of her lips, the soft keening noises she made as her body responded to his touches.

He carried her to the bed and threw her down, quickly riding her of her clothes in her temporary disoriented state. She obliged him eagerly, helping him pull her dress over her head and free her breasts from her lacy pink bra. Her nipples were hard and erect.

His head swooped down and captured her nipples, unable to resist their call. She tasted delightful in his mouth. His tongue darted around her areola before teasing the tip of her nipple to bring little cries of pleasure from her lips. She threw her head back and balanced herself on her arms as he devoured her.

He created a vacuum between his lips and her breast and pulled until her nipples were elongated upwards.

"Ahh!!" she cried out, then bit her bottom lip to quiet herself, lest the neighbors hear what they were up to.

Her breathing grew more and more erratic, coming out in shallow bursts as she fought to keep control of her body. Her inner thighs twitched and a growing tension between her legs was growing wetter by the second.

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