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Priya’s Education

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Priya’s MDMA Gangbang (sample)

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This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between the events and characters portrayed in this book and real life is a coincidence. I encourage all readers to practice safe sex, respect their partners, and have a good time. Consent is sexy – PB Rider


By PB Rider


My wife’s parents were strict about dating while she was in school, and she missed out on a lot that other people in the US take for granted. But after Priya finished her master’s she moved to San Francisco to work, and that’s where I met her.

She’s smart, hard-working and beautiful, but I was the first man she’d ever been with. Her first boyfriend, in fact, and although she loves me I know she’s always been hung up about my greater experience, more embarrassed than jealous.

“I don’t know what I’m doing,” she said, and I had to admit, she was right.

We both see ourselves as rational, intelligent people, and so perhaps it’s not surprising that when I asked Priya to marry me she said yes, but on one condition: she wanted to sleep with another man before becoming my wife.

How could I say no?

“We go to Vegas,” I said, “so it stays there.”

“OK,” said Priya, “then we’ll get a room, a nice one, and I’ll find someone, then bring them back.”


“Well then, you know –”

“What about me?”

“You could take a walk. See a show. Play the slots. I don’t know.”

“No. If this happens I need to be there.”

“What? Watching?”

“Not only. I want to join in, too.”




We got a room in a good hotel and flew in early one weekend.

We had a balcony overlooking the strip and another one over the pools, and a lot of things to make us feel happy and gamble, but we were in town for one thing and one thing only: to get Priya laid.

We arrived, got the suite, had a drink and smoked some weed on the balcony.

I thought it was a little early, just the afternoon, but Priya told me to relax.

“It’s Vegas, dear. Everyone wants to get lucky. I read up on this, don’t worry.”

“OK, let’s get ready to go.”


“Sure, I want to watch.”

“You want to see me pick up another man, not just, you know –”

“Yes, just make sure he knows what to expect.”

“And what is that?”

It was then I realized – I just wasn’t sure.


The bathroom had a huge tub and a shower big enough for four.

We got clean and ready to go out.

Priya wasn’t wearing underwear, just heels and a tight, black dress with no seams and a low front that showed off the depth of her cleavage. She has a small waist and great tits that she keeps high and mighty with good diet, exercise, and yoga.

When she finished putting on her make-up she gave me a view of what was on offer, every curve and bounce on tight display.

I’d never seen her happier, more excited, or more beautiful.

I wondered how long she’d wanted to dress like this, and what else she’d been hiding.

“Do I look like a prostitute?”

“You look great,” I said, shocked at the question.

Priya pouted.

“Come on, if you’re not into this, just tell me.”

She lifted up the front of her dress and showed off her shaved pussy.

“Now, do I look like a prostitute or a woman who needs a friend, because I’m going for the latter.”

“OK,” I said, “the latter.”

“Good. I don’t want to get thrown out. What do you think the guys down there will want to do with me?”

“Fuck you,” I said.

“Good. I think I’m ready for a DP.”

“A what?”

“A DP, dear, double penetration. I’ve been looking online. Looks like yoga will be useful.”


The deal was we went down together, and I’d sit in a bar with a book while she used that as a base to pick out someone she wanted to fuck. I was to wait until she made some physical contact that met with a good response, and then I had to get back to the room before they did.

Priya was going to explain it all to the strange cock in the bar, but I wanted to clear the area before he had a chance to spot me. I also didn’t want an awkward ride up in the elevator with some guy who was about to fuck my girlfriend.

Wait, my fiancée.


And how was he going to fuck her?

Maybe we should have discussed this in more detail


We went down to the floor together. We chose a bar between two coffee stores and in front of rows of slots.

Priya sat down, and I kept moving until I found a spot where I could keep an eye on her while drinking a beer and taking in the usual scenes of Vegas in the early afternoon, a bunch of winners and a lot more losers.

The weed was hitting good, and I was alive to the fact that anything could happen, the idea that lit up the brains of everyone who walked by.

Priya was right, as she usually was. Few straight men would refuse the offer she was making them – commitment free sex with highly kinky overtones. The old Vegas slut girlfriend / hot wife tale, and now it was happening to me.

I watched Priya for some time before she caught someone’s eye and waved to them.

He was a big guy and went over, smiling, and sat down. They must have made a little small talk, and then my girlfriend touched his arm, and he grinned wide and covered her hand with his own, lifted it up and kissed it.

It was time to go back to the room, but just as I was leaving I glanced back and saw another guy join them at the table.

I turned away and kept walking to the elevator then went up to the room, wondering if this meant the deal was off, and if it was, how I felt about that.

I sat in the room, got a drink from the minibar, and waited to see what would happen.

It was an hour before my girlfriend came back.


There was a knock at the door, and I could hear giggling and voices.

It sounded like Priya was drunk and there was a crowd in the hallway.

She seemed to struggle with the door, but then it opened and there she was with a smile on her face and four cocktail umbrellas in her hair. Behind her were two big guys, like wrestlers, smiling back at me with perfect teeth, both holding bottles of beer.

Priya looked tiny next to them.

“Hello, dear,” she said. “I got a little carried away. I hope you weren’t lonely.”

A guy walked in before I could answer, the first one she’d chosen.

“Hey, man, I’m Matt. Nice to meet you. Glad to help with your fantasy here.”

I wanted to say that it was Priya’s fantasy, not mine, but that didn’t seem right either, when the other guy came in, grabbed my hand and started shaking it, a shit-eating grin on his face.

“Logan. Your room’s nice, man, Priya too. I like her tits.”

He laughed and I suddenly felt awkward, being introduced to two guys who were going to fuck my girlfriend in front of me.

They must have thought I was an idiot.

Then I realized why she’d chosen them.

They looked just like the steroid pornstars she’d been watching to prepare for today.

She knew exactly what she was doing, and I wondered how big their cocks were.

“You see, dear,” she said, leading the guys to a couch, “I was just sealing the deal with Matt here when Logan sat down. So I thought might as well make good use of the room, and this kind of thing is very popular now.”

“What is?”

“DPs, TPs, mini-gangbangs, that kind of thing.”

My mouth must have dropped.

“Don’t look so shocked, dear. I know all the words. For example, I know that you’d be called a cuckold, and I’d be a hot wife, or maybe a slut wife – no, a cheating girlfriend. What do you think?”

I thought she was full of surprises.


I took a seat in a chair opposite the couch that Logan and Matt were sitting on as Priya went to get some drinks.

None of us said a word until she returned.

She came over with four beers, one for each of us, and gave me one then took a seat between Logan and Matt. Priya was so inexperienced that just the closeness of these guys made her look overwhelmed, and her breathing became faster and shallower, like she might faint.

She closed her eyes, breathed deeply for a few cycles, then seemed to relax.

“OK,” she said, “let’s do this.”

I watched as she placed a hand on the guys’ thighs, smiling back at me as she moved up to their crotches, then staying there and massaging whatever they were packing.

Priya’s eyes told me they were huge.

For the next few minutes she took turns kissing both guys as they groped her tits and ass through the dress. At one point Matt was behind her, kissing her neck and rubbing up against her ass, while Logan had his face buried in her cleavage, eventually lifting one tit out, then the other.

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