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Chapter One

Let me start by telling you that I loved ….. no I love my fiancée Tammi, she was the only woman I ever wanted in my life and not once did I cheat on her, her beauty was that of fairy tales, she was only 5ft 2, but she had a beautiful figure and silky smooth skin her brown hair was naturally curly and her breasts, although small, were jaw dropping, with her tiny nipples easily excited by the slightest touch, whenever we were out I would find myself lost in her strikingly pure green eyes and whenever she was on her knees and looked up at me with my shaft in her hand, I would cum almost immediately, she was a goddess and any man who came within ten feet of her would feel the attraction pulling them towards her.

The day I asked her to marry me was the greatest day of my life, although being 6 foot it took some doing getting down onto one knee and be at the required level to put a ring on her finger whilst being able to look deep into her eyes so she could see through to my soul, I still don’t know why I let it happen, let me start from the beginning.

“Happy birthday Sam”

I turned around to see Tammi’s sister Becca approaching me with a card and a small wrapped box, Becca was a little bit taller than Tammi but only by a few inches, like Tammi she also had brown hair, but she always had hers straight, which to me must take ages in the morning, because she also has naturally curly hair. Tammi definitely got the looks but Becca was gifted with the breasts and being so tall, whenever I looked down at her, I would always get a full view of her cleavage, tonight was definitely no exception as she was wearing a very presentable, but at the same time, revealing red dress and as she approached with her arms out it tightened and pushed her breasts together making them strain against the fabric, I could see her nipples respond to the pressure but tried my hardest not to think about it.

“Thanks Becca you look very nice tonight are you coming to the club with us afterwards?”

A cheeky smile forms over her face before replying in a gentle but firm voice.

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