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Zoo Tales #18

Kelly Addams


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The fiery red sun dipped close to the horizon and a calm washed over the South African veld. The furnace heat of the day surrendered to the cool of evening and the land seemed to heave a sigh of relief as Dina stared out across the valley from the veranda of the research institute.

She felt privileged to be there, right at the very heart of conservation. They needed protection, her protection, at least that's what she always told herself when required to wander alone in the vast compound that tried to mimic their more usual southern surroundings.

“That's why their called Cape Hunting Dogs,” she reminded herself, they came from the open plains far to the south... true there were small pockets in other areas of South Africa but they were rare, a small concentration were also, if not flourishing in the neighbouring Kruger Park, then at least maintaining their levels... but the canine carnivores needed a helping hand, and Filipino researcher Dina Dafilmoto had been selected ahead of many that she though more suitable and qualified to help lend that hand. But I'm not worried about the others she thought as she sipped a cold Castle lager, I'm here, and they're not... and I'm loving it!

Her main avenue of interest was genetics, just like Mendel had cross-bred sweet peas, and Darwin had theorised on natural selection, she was studying the wild dog populations genome, she was looking for traits and trends, she had visions of a breeding program... it was happening with other species, so why should the wild dogs be any different.

And they are cute she thought as she ran through the study pack in her mind, there was the alpha male of course, Vincent he had been named due to the fact that just like his Van Gogh namesake he was missing an ear, torn and tattered in a territorial skirmish the wound had dried and healed to a ragged stump. But that simply added to the allure for Dina, they are all cute in their own way she told herself as she began to list the subordinate males and Vincent's harem of females, but Vincent occupied a special place in her heart. “And there is a connection between us.” she insisted, the other researchers refused to see what appeared to be so obvious to Dina... yes they were wild, carnivores, maybe savage and unpredictable, but she saw the gentler side to their behaviour, the affection shown to their young, the affection shown to each other... and the affection shown to me she added. She should know, it was Dina who spent almost every waking moment with them, in her hide observing or shadowing the pack at a distance as they hunted. Savage and unpredictable for the others she added, Vincent was the boss, and while he accepted her presence she was completely safe. And I see something in his eyes, he likes me! Like every other dog his eyes were expressive, she had seen other wild dogs, their eyes signalling threat, a warning not to push the boundaries of tolerance. “Study from a distance but come no closer,” they seemed to say, but not Vincent, his eyes spoke of a softness and acceptance, she felt that he had welcomed her as a member of his pack... and that made her feel warm inside.

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