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The Blind Trial

By W. Redgrade

Copyright © 2017 by Whitehall Redgrade

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof

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Ava closed the front door behind her and, just like a character in the black and white movies she used to love as a child, she leant her back against it, smiling, the patterned glass cold against her bare shoulders. She let out a sigh and touched her lips gently, stifling a giggle. Then, unable to stop herself, she bounded across the lounge of her flat to the window just in time to see her Mistress’s car pull out and drive away.

Humming to herself, she closed the curtains and went back to the entrance to turn on the lights, then drifted lazily to her bathroom and smiled into the mirror. The girl reflected was slim and wore a light blue, backless dress and a delicate, gold chain necklace that traced the outline of her collarbones and rested between her breasts. She picked up a brush and began to comb out her long, blonde hair. Her hazel eyes were unfocused as she thought back to the evening she’d spent with the other woman. The married other woman... Ava smiled.

This had been her first date-night with Charlotte alone.

Charlotte and Tom, her Master and Mistress, were a married couple in their late 20s. She’d met them online on a fetish website that she’d stumbled across one night. She’d thought Tom intriguing. He was handsome, but it was his messages she’d fallen for. He was sure of himself, gentle and humorous, and he guided her through her curiosities and yet scared her in all the right ways. Then there was Charlotte, his wife. Long brown hair, blue eyes and a smile that made Ava melt.

Ava had grown to like Tom over time. Initially wary of an unknown ‘online man’, the spark of attraction had been fanned gently to a flame that grew each time they spoke.

If Tom was a slow burn that grew in intensity, Charlotte was a wildfire. She smouldered over text and email, never quite giving away how she felt until, in person, she razed Ava to the ground.

One coffee date and a rapidly escalating series of meet-ups later, she’d given them her sexual submission. Almost a year since then, there was clearly something more there.

They spent a lot of time together. Her Master and Mistress had taken her to local kink events they were members of, and every time she felt proud beyond words to be shown off. They watched movies, they went out to restaurants on dates, but up until now it had always been the three of them.

This time Charlotte had invited her out on her own, for dinner and a movie. Despite knowing her Mistress well and having been placed in many compromising and embarrassing situations both in front of and by her, Ava had felt like a nervous schoolgirl again. On a date with another woman…

It had been perfect, though. Any worries evaporated the second they’d met – the second they’d kissed. Ava rubbed her jaw, sore from an evening spent smiling, and sighed softly again.

Her phone buzzed and chimed a very specific noise.

Her heart skipped a beat.

The little bell notification meant one thing.


Her Master.

She ran back to the front door and, diving into her bag, retrieved her phone.


That was all it said. She didn’t wait; she knew he’d seen the ‘read’ notification.

Despite her heels, she took the stairs two steps at a time.

Ava entered her bedroom and turned the light on. Standing at the base of her bed, she blushed and gave a little spin.

Another text: ‘Beautiful.’

She looked over to the laptop resting on the desk, her eyes resting briefly on the webcam. When her phone rang, she answered it immediately.

'Hello, Sir,' she beamed down the phone at him.

There was a pause – just long enough to worry her – before he replied.

'Hello, Pet. How was your date?'

She was a schoolgirl again! She sat on the end of her bed. 'It was wonderful – we had the most amazing time…'

She told him all about it. The dinner, the dessert she’d been allowed, the wine and giggling, how Miss had sent her to the bathroom to remove her underwear, how they’d made out on the way to the cinema and how Miss had pinched her nipples so hard she’d squealed, drawing the attention of a couple walking by… and how she’d spent almost two hours snuggled up to her during the film.

It felt like she was talking to a best friend. For a moment she completely forgot she was talking about his wife and when she did remember, it somehow didn’t matter.

'I’m glad you had a good time. Sounds like something you’ll have to do again.'

Ava breathed a sigh of relief. She hadn’t known she needed to hear that, but he had a way of knowing exactly what to say. Somewhere in the back of her head she still didn’t believe that this could work out. This level of affection between three people... there was bound to be jealousy. But he seemed genuinely happy to hear they’d had fun.

She squirmed back onto her bed and lay flat.

'I’d really like that, Sir.'

There was a long moment's pause and then he said, 'Shoes on the bed, Pet.'

She almost cursed as she sat up and moved her legs to the side of the bed. Glancing back at her laptop, she said, 'Sorry, Sir!'

'That’s okay, Pet.'

She could hear the mirth in his voice; she knew he loved being able to see her at any time.

'You’ve only got… hmm, three days left, Pet, then you can have some semblance of privacy back.'

She listened carefully. She’d learned a lot about her Master. It was subtle, but his voice changed slightly when he was about to test her or give her an order.

'Remind me why we're doing this, Pet…'

She didn’t need any further explanation. She hung her head – not for the camera, but from genuine guilt – and spoke plainly.

'I lied to you, Sir.' She swallowed. 'I stayed up past my bedtime to finish the episode I was watching and I didn’t ask your permission.' She left out the bit where she’d only had two minutes to go... she’d tried to make that argument at the time.

He was silent; he clearly wanted more.

'And… when you asked me if I'd slept well I told you I had. When you asked if I got to bed on time I… I told you I did. I don’t know why I lied, Sir, it was instinct and I’m sorry and it won’t happen again.'

She had no idea how he’d known. He’d probably heard the guilt in her voice or the slight hesitation as she remembered her disobedience but he’d known and when challenged she'd admitted the – in her eyes minor – transgression.

That was how Ava had lost any and all privacy for two full weeks.

Her laptop sat her on desk between two strips of tape to show the position to return it to. Her bathroom door was wedged open leaving her shower in full view. Thankfully, the toilet was out of sight – although he could still see her legs as she sat. In her living room downstairs, her desktop had a newly acquired webcam resting on top that enjoyed a clear view into her kitchen.

Ava had hated it for the first few days. She felt like a zoo animal; she felt it unjust, unfair... but she’d obeyed.

‘Trust me to find a tech-savvy Master,’ she’d complained to herself… quietly, in case he had also accessed her microphone. Right from the start he’d made it very clear: she had an opt out, a safe word that she could use at any time and he would always honour it…. but there were consequences to using it. Safe-wording for a punishment she didn’t like devalued the importance of it and somewhere in the back of her mind she knew that it also devalued their dynamic. She got genuine pleasure from their arrangement; it gave her pride to please him and to submit to them both. After a few days, she actually found the constant surveillance comforting – even arousing.

'It’s okay, Pet,' he finally answered in a reassuring tone. 'I know you’ve learnt your lesson. Lights out is for your own benefit. Sleep is important and you used to stay up far too late…'

'I did, Sir,' she cut in, keen to point out she understood 'and I really appreciate you helping me with it. It won’t happen again, I promise.'

'I know, Pet,' he said simply. 'I’m going to miss being able to see you at any time.' Ava smiled at the camera bashfully. She was almost going to miss it, too.

They talked for another few minutes until Tom stopped mid-sentence.

'Ah. Charlotte’s home, Pet, and you have a big meeting tomorrow.'

Ava squirmed. 'Yeah…'

'You’ll be fine, I’ve seen you present and you’re great.'

'Thank you, Sir.' She smiled.

'Goodnight, Pet.'

'Goodnight, Sir!'

She waited for him to hang up and placed her phone beside her bed. Alone again, but not alone.

Ava looked at her clock and resigned herself to be good and get to bed. She really did need to get some sleep for her meeting tomorrow. She reached behind her neck to undo her dress and, feeling a bit mischievous, slid it to the ground while swaying her hips. She undressed slowly and sensually, unsure if he was watching.

She lay down naked on her bed and closed her eyes. Her mind drifted... she was on the floor, on her little pull-out mattress at the foot of their super-king bed. Her ‘Pet bed,’ as they called it. It was one of her happiest places, lying there knowing that they were right there above her.

Ava snuggled down and drifted off to sleep.

She woke the next morning to a series of short messages from Charlotte.

8.20: Morning Pet! Last night was so much fun! xxx’

8.20: Hope you slept well’

8.21: Oh and before Sir went to work he mentioned no orgasms until he says so btw ;)’

Ava groaned and briefly regretted not playing with herself before checking her phone. This wasn’t a punishment; this was most likely ‘just because they could’. Sometimes they’d make her wait a week between orgasms and at the beginning of their relationship she'd only been allowed to cum in their physical presence. That had been torture. Ava also knew that Charlotte could have given her this order directly and she would have obeyed; it was clear that Charlotte just wanted Ava to know they were both enjoying tormenting her.

She hadn’t even been feeling particularly horny until she'd read the text and found out she wasn’t allowed relief. I should be used to it by now.... She pouted, but simply replied:

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