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The Futa Coincidence 1 and 2

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Table of Contents

Story 1 – The Futa Coincidence

Story 2 – The Futa Coincidence 2

The Futa Coincidence

Kelly was a bright young woman and someone you could trust, but she was struggling to keep the apartment she had and couldn’t see a solution. Her job didn’t pay badly but because of New York, which is where the apartment was located, the rent was over $2,450 a month and that was the cheap end of the market. To be fair she did live in the heart of New York, but even so, the rent seemed exorbitant. She’d thought of taking in a lodger but she was a very private person. She also had a secret, and it wasn’t the sort of secret she wanted anyone to know about.

She was born with a unique body, at least that’s what she used to tell herself. In technical terms, she was known as a hermaphrodite, but she preferred the term Futanari or Futa for short. Kelly knew that she was one of only a few in the world and she didn’t want to be put on display for all to see. She’d kept her extra appendage a secret for over eighteen years and that wasn’t about to change anytime soon. However, she was eight hundred dollars short for her rent this particular month and she didn’t know what else to do.

She looked through the paper for want ads just to see if there was anyone needing a place in New York and was surprised to find half a dozen. It had to be a female though, which took care of four of them and that just left two. You’d think it would be easy from that point but both ads were by nineteen-year-old females. Both had jobs in New York and both were desperate to find something nearer to work. Kelly gave it some thought and decided that she couldn’t make her mind up based on a couple of paragraphs in a newspaper so she decided to respond to both. She was going to interview them one at a time to see which one she could live with.

Both girls had left an email address so it was easy to get in touch and within an hour of sending that initial message, she’d received replies from both of them. They were coming to see her the next day, the first at four and the second at five in the afternoon. Kelly hoped that she’d like at least one of them but didn’t dwell on it.


The following day the buzzer sounded on her wall next to her front door and it was exactly four in the afternoon. ‘Punctual,’ she thought, ‘that’s a plus.’ She pressed the button to allow access to the building and held it for a few seconds just to make sure the visitor managed to get in. She then waited for the knock on the door and when it came, she opened the door to find a sweet looking young black woman who was smiling.

“Hi, are you here about the apartment?” asked Kelly.

“Yes, I’m Remy, pleased to meet you,” she said, as she stepped in and offered her hand.

“Come in Remy, it’s a pleasure to meet you. If you’d care to take a seat, we can get on with it. I only have two people, you included, that are interested in sharing this apartment and the next person will be here at five. I suppose I’d better show you around the apartment first just so that you can see what you’ll be getting yourself into,” said Kelly.

“Yes, I’d like that. It seems quite big for a New York apartment?”

“It was actually two apartments originally but they could never rent them out for the price they were asking so they made the two apartments into one and I came along. Unfortunately, I’ve been struggling with the rent, and whoever’s going to be sharing with me, will be paying half of that rent. The rent is $2,450 so the person who shares it will pay $1,225 per month, is that okay?”

“Oh yes, I’m already paying $1,900 for my small one bedroom apartment but when you add traveling expenses to and from New York that easily goes over $2,000 a month so this location would save me a lot of money,” replied Remy.

Kelly showed her around and they talked for most of the time and by the time Remy was giving Kelly her telephone number in order that she might find out what Kelly’s decision was, Kelly had already decided that this was a person she could live with. The next person would have to be someone pretty special in order for her to make her change Kelly’s mind. Kelly shook Remy’s hand at the door and promised her that she’d get in touch later that night to let her know either way. Remy thanked her and then left.

Ten minutes later the next respective lodger pushed the buzzer and Kelly let her in. She was shocked when she opened the apartment door because there stood the most attractive young woman she’d ever seen.

“Hi there, are you here for the apartment?” said Kelly.

“Yes, I’m glad I found it as easily as I did. I already like where it’s located,” she replied, “Oh, I’m Rachael by the way.”

Kelly shook Rachael’s hand and then asked her in.

“Wow, it’s a big place,” commented Rachael.

Kelly didn’t mess around she started to show the apartment off and before they’d gotten halfway around Rachael was saying how much she liked the apartment. They then talked for the next thirty minutes, after which Kelly had a problem.

“To be honest Rachael I don’t know what to do now. I felt sure that I’d like one of you more than the other but you’re both nice people and you’re both in need of a place in the center of New York. Whoever I choose I’m going to be letting down the other. I hate being in that position. I remember when I was looking for an apartment, I didn’t have anyone helping me out and it would’ve been nice if they’d been someone there for me,” said Kelly.

“Well, I do have a solution for you,” replied Rachael.

“Oh, really, I’m listening,” said Kelly.

“You have room for two lodgers and like you said you like both of us. You could take on two lodgers, on the condition that if it didn’t work out you would reserve the right to give one of us a months’ notice,” replied Rachael.

“Do you think there’s really enough room for three people?”

“Easily, besides I normally stay in my room a lot and the only things I’d be sharing are the bathroom and the kitchen. Who knows, we might all become the best of friends and you’d never look back.”

Kelly thought about it for a moment and decided that she didn’t have much to lose and quite a lot to gain. Besides, Rachael was right, she did like them both, so she couldn’t see a downside. In that instant, she made up her mind. She phoned Remy to let her know that she was taking on two lodgers, and that the rent would now be $817 for each one of them every month. Remy was both excited and appreciative for the call, and told her that she’d be moving in tomorrow if that wasn’t a problem. Kelly told her that that was fine and then informed Rachael.

“I think I’ll do the same thing. I’m looking forward to both the apartment and getting to know you two. It should be fun,” said Rachael before she left.

Kelly decided to give the apartment one good clean and to move a few items out of the two spare bedrooms. She had intended to use one of them for an office but she could set her computer up in her own bedroom, so that wasn’t going to be a problem.


The following day the girls both showed up at the same time and were introducing themselves to one another as Kelly opened the apartment door. Of course, they both had boxes and their cars were loaded with all their clothes and personal items. Fortunately, they also had friends who had volunteered to help them with their move. It only took them twenty minutes to get everything up and into the respective bedrooms, soon their friends were saying good luck and were off.

“Well, that was pretty much an easy job. Would you both care for a coffee?” said Kelly.

They both said yes to that and for the next few hours, they talked about themselves. It turned out that Rachael was a model who needed to be closer to work as she traveled into New York almost every day and that Remy was starting a new job after escaping a relationship gone wrong. It was when they started to ask Kelly to tell them a little about herself that she felt uncomfortable. She was wary of anyone finding out about her little secret and certain questions like “do you have a boyfriend?” and such, meant that she had to either deflect the question or lie and she didn’t like lying. Remy knew that there was something Kelly was holding back, but she didn’t pursue it.

Rachael bought four bottles of wine later that night to celebrate their good fortune and Kelly couldn’t remember the last time she’d had such a good laugh. The only problem though was when Kelly drank too much she ended up being very talkative. It wasn’t something she could help, because alcohol affects different people in different ways. For some, like Rachael it made her feel tired and others, like Remy, it made her feel randy. On this particular occasion, Remy remembered that Kelly was holding something back from earlier and decided to probe her in order to find out what that something was.

“So, Kelly, you don’t have a boyfriend then?” she said.

“No, the truth is I’m bisexual, and I think I lean more towards females than towards men. Besides, men would run a mile if they knew what I had to offer,” replied Kelly with a laugh.

Remy wondered what she meant by that and decided to find out.

“Why, what do you have to offer?” said Remy.

Kelly looked all serious for a moment and checked to see if Rachael was asleep. It appeared that she was and then Kelly looked around as if there might be someone else listening in. Of course, there wasn’t but that’s what too much alcohol does to you. She then looked back at Remy and slowly lifted her skirt to reveal a large bulge going down the inside of her leg and behind her tights. Remy’s mouth opened but no words came out. Kelly thought that she was just surprised, which would be true but then she saw Remy crying and quickly covered herself up.

“Oh Remy, what’s wrong? If I’d thought for a second that showing you my secret would upset you in any way I’d never have done it,” said Kelly as she sat next to Remy in order to comfort her.

“No, you don’t understand Kelly, it didn’t upset me,” said Remy going on to explain further, “you know when you find something out that is so important to you that it makes you really happy and also makes you cry at the same time?”

“Yeah, I know that feeling, but why would this make you happy?”

Remy didn’t answer the question, instead, she lifted her own skirt to reveal her own large cock tucked behind her tights.

“I never thought I’d ever meet someone with the same condition as me and when I saw yours it made me feel incredibly emotional,” replied Remy.

Just then, they both became aware that Rachael was not only awake she was sitting up and staring directly at what Remy was showing Kelly.

“Oh, my God, do you mean to tell me that you’re both hermaphrodites?” said Rachael.

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