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Random Sex Stories: Jasmine


Keith King


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Random Sex Stories: Jasmine

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Random Sex Stories: Jasmine


Chapter 1

I am Jasmine and I am an Arts student majoring in figure painting. I started to have an interest in figure painting when I visited a museum when I was young and saw partially naked paintings of men and women for the first time. That was when I realised the beauty of the human body. Although in magazines I had always seen a lot of beautiful photos of men and women but the beauty cannot be compared to those in paintings. My course started with fully clothed figure painting and as I mastered the techniques, I was starting to practise naked body painting.

My first naked body painting was a guy. I remembered that day my class only had four students and all of us were female. Our lecturer was also a female. The guy came into our classroom dressed in a bathrobe. My classmates and I had set up our drawing boards in a row facing the front of the classroom. Our lecturer talked to the guy briefly and then told him to stand in front of the class. Then she helped him remove his bathrobe. He was naked underneath. I heard a muffled sound of wow from one of my classmates. My lecturer helped the guy to pose and his pose was such that all of us would only be able see his side view and his leg was positioned such that his cock would be hidden from us. After posing the guy, my lecturer went over the instructions of what she wanted us to paint.

I was twenty years old and still a virgin. I had not had any boyfriend before. Many people were surprised that I had not had any boyfriend before because they thought I looked pretty and had an attractive figure. I was a girl that should have a lot of guys wanting to woo me. I even heard some people were gossiping that I may be a lesbian. But the real reason was I had a very busy life. Other than school, I need to work part time to support myself. My family was not well off and they were not supportive that I chose a course that was not mainstream and may have no future after I graduated. I left home and I had to support my costs of study and living on my own. I also needed to work extra hard to prove to my parents that my choice would have a future.

Back to the painting lesson, it was the first time I saw a male naked body at such close distance. I felt my face burning and I was blushing. I looked around at my other classmates, they had started their painting. They did not seem embarrassed at seeing the naked body of an opposite sex. I knew all of them had boyfriends and I guessed they were all at the stage where they were seeing each other naked most of the times. Arts students were known to be more liberal so I was not surprised. I composed myself and started my own painting.

Our lecturer walked around and checked our painting and when she found that most of us were almost completed, she told us that after a short rest for the guy, we would start our second painting. She went over to the guy and they left the classroom together. The guy was still naked.

My classmate Alice asked, “Where do you think they are going?”

My other classmate Joy replied, “To get the guy prepared for the next painting?”

I asked innocently, “How?”

Joy replied, “You know guys, their cocks can get hard and I think we should not be painting a guy with a hard cock. So most likely our lecturer is going to make sure his cock would not get hard in the next hour.”

I asked again, “How?”

Joy laughed, “Are you really that innocent? Do you know that after a guy ejaculated, his cock may need to rest a while before getting hard again?”

Audrey added, “That depends on the guy. My boyfriend can ejaculate and keep his cock hard. His record was to have three ejaculations before his cock finally softened.”

Joy replied, “That’s because you are a sex goddess. If I am a guy, my cock will remain erect all the time I am near you.”

Audrey was the best looking amongst us and most likely even in the whole university. She could easily represent our university in any Miss University pageant. Another thing about her was that she was very particular about her dressing, you would never see a day when she was dressed sloppily. Also, whatever clothing she wore, it would always bring out her sex appeal, it was like sex appeal was always oozing out of her. That was why Joy said she was a sex goddess. She had a load of admirers but she was going steady with this rich and handsome guy, Arthur, which all other female students were admiring. They were seen as the perfect match in our university.

“Of course, I know what you are talking about. My question is how is our lecturer …” I broke off my sentence. I finally realised what our lecturer was going to do.

The rest of my classmates had already gathered and they were chatting among themselves on the guy’s body, comparing the guy to their boyfriends. I felt left out and excused myself. Actually, my real reason was to see what our lecturer was doing to the guy. I guessed what my classmates were saying but I was really curious whether my lecturer would really do such a thing for our lesson. I left the classroom and went to my lecturer’s office. The office was empty, they were not there. Then I went to the ladies’ toilet. They were also not there. Finally, I guessed they would be in the male toilet because for art faculty, there were not many male students and at this time there were no classes for male students. I quietly opened the male toilet door. I peeked in and saw a wall with mirrors and basins. From the mirror, I saw a row of urinals. My lecturer and the guy were at one of the urinals. My lecturer was sitting on the urinal and the guy spread his legs wide apart to lower himself and were pumping my lecturer. My lecturer’s legs were wrapped behind his butt. My lecturer was moaning very loudly.

I had watched a few porn movies on the internet and knew what sex was all about but seeing it live for the first time at such proximity had a different effect on me. I felt my face heating up, I was blushing. My nipples felt like they were pushing at my bra. Then I also felt an itch in my pussy, it made me wanted to touch my pussy. I wanted to get away from peeping but the scene was too captivating that I was not able to pull away from it.

My lecturer was moaning more loudly, with the door opened, the sound was travelling out to the corridor. Then they changed position. My lecturer came over the sink and faced the mirror while the guy followed behind. He lifted my lecturer’s leg slightly and fumbled a while to insert his cock before he started pumping again. My lecturer was looking at the mirror while she was being fucked and I was running the risk that she would see me in the mirror reflection. I pulled away from the door reluctantly. When I watched porn movies I always thought the actresses were acting and faking pleasures. How could sex be so enjoyable? I had tried inserting a vibrator into my pussy and it was painful. I did not feel any pleasure in it. But after seeing my lecturer, I knew she was not acting. I suddenly had an urge to try sex. I meant real penetration and not masturbation. I knew at that moment I needed to masturbate to release myself.

I went back to the female toilet and found that all the cubicles were empty. Good for me, I chose the last cubicle furthest away from the entrance. I was dressed in my usual casual style, a spaghetti top and a tight skirt. I was wearing a strapless bra and I pulled down my spaghetti straps and pulled down my top to below my bra. I did not bother to unhook my bra, I just pushed the bra cup down and exposed my nipples. They were very hard. I touched my nipples and it sent an electric pulse through my body. I gave out a soft moan uncontrollably. I need to be conscious I was in a public area and should try to be as quiet as possible even though the toilet was empty. I groped my breasts and I felt so sexy. My skirt was too tight and it was difficult for my hand to go under it. I unzipped my skirt and let it drop to the floor. I was wearing a hipster pantie. I pulled down my panties and realised my pussy was already very wet. I spent a lot of effort shaving and I shaved a perfect triangle. I moved my fingers under and felt the love juice. I had never felt so wet before. I played my fingers over my pussy and finally located my clitoris. I touched my clitoris and felt a pulse flowing through my body. I wanted to let myself completely loose and enjoyed the moment. I fingered myself and started to moan. I felt the wetness flowing and enjoyed the sound of the lapping when my fingers entered my pussy.

I lost track of time and lost track of the count of my orgasms. I knew I definitely had more than one orgasm. I was exhausted at the end of it and when I finally regained myself, I was momentarily lost as to where I was. I quickly recovered and cleaned myself up. I got dressed and checked myself before I opened the cubicle door. Fortunately for me, the toilet was still empty. I went back to the classroom to continue my lesson. I was determined to get a real sexual experience soon.

Chapter 2

When I reached my classroom, my lecturer and the guy had already returned and my lecturer was helping the guy to pose again. I apologised for being late and told my lecturer I had a tummy ache.

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