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And now for your scrutiny and reading pleasure Elby Lisbil presents: WRONG WAY


Elby Lisbil Chapter 1 WRONG WAY. . .

Lost totally separated from the man who had been her husband who had perished in the Vietnam War, she had been a faithful wife having abstained from sex during the three years that her husband had served in the United States Army having been assigned to the third of the ninth field artillery out of Fort sill Oklahoma.

From Fayetteville a small town in Arkansas Oklahoma was completely something she was unfamiliar with especially a place like Fort sill in the surrounding area being Lawton, people there having their own agenda not too much caring for those associated with the military though Lawton relied heavily upon military personnel transferring in and transferring out.

Dennis Avery Stephenson had been a casualty of the Vietnam War having lost his life while serving a third term, having encountered an explosive device as the vehicle he was operating ran over it that combined with enemy fire he became an almost instant casualty though rescued the paramedics were unable to save him and he died of multiple contusions loss of blood and a bone that had perforated his heart.

Having got the news that her husband had lost his life it was a devastating thing she was lost confused disgruntled no amount of money could replace her husband and now he was gone, Private First Class Dennis Avery Stephenson would receive a twenty-one gun salute and be buried at the Arlington national Cemetery but for all the hoopla he was gone forever.

As his widow Jessica Stephenson would receive widows benefits which were extremely limited, however she would retain her commissary card and health benefits but not even enough money for his service-connected loss of life to pay off the credit card debts and their car.

At the pay rate of three hundred forty-eight dollars a month for Private First Class Dennis Avery Stephenson she would now receive a one-time lump payment of five thousand dollars from his life insurance, that was the extent of the financial benefit she would receive from the Veterans Administration for her husband having lost his life during the Vietnam conflict and now base housing was no longer an option, she would have to find somewhere to live off post now.

Within thirty days after her husband's internment she was now living in a rundown trailer park in Cache Oklahoma in a cockroach infested travel trailer, her parents having passed away years before she was once again alone in the world with no one but herself to depend on other than a neighbor who now lived on post at least for the next couple of months as they were being transferred and would be leaving Fort sill.

Working as a waitress in a small restaurant with federal minimum wage being a dollar sixty-five per hour for a non-tipped employee she was earning one dollar per hour, the death benefits she had received from her husband's demise paid off two credit card bills and half of the balance that was owed on the AMC Gremlin she was driving with barely enough left over to pay the security deposit and the first month's rent on the rundown travel trailer where she was living now.

During her employment at the restaurant as a waitress she was getting hit on, on a regular daily basis some by civilians other's by enlisted military personnel assigned Fort sill, she had to smile be polite and courteous and do her best to shrug off less than complimentary remarks by several of the customers that frequented the small restaurant.

She was almost at wits end trying to make rent payments utilities car payments credit card payments all on a mere dollar per hour plus the average tips she earned amounting to twenty dollars a day and often less, it was one night when she was pulling a double when a scantily dressed woman came in while waiting on her they got to talking and discussing their jobs Marsha the scantily dressed female customer stated that she worked as a dancer though working strictly for tips she bragged that she made eighty dollars a night and it was easy money a lot easier than the work Jessica was doing as a waitress with a lot less responsibility.

Though Jessica had heard many negative things about these dancers and had never ever considered exposing herself to men for money eighty dollars a day would sure beat the hell out of what she was earning as a waitress though it was honest money, hell if she was going to get hit on the way she was at the restaurant how could being a dancer and getting hit on by the male clientele be much worse than what she was experiencing as a waitress.

Elby Lisbil Chapter 2 WRONG WAY. . .

So after mulling it over a couple of days she decided that she would retain her waitress job at least temporarily and would give it a shot and work four or five hours a night as a dancer though she felt extremely shy about having to dance with her breast exposed, and having men drooling over her while she was performing on stage for them it would be somewhat embarrassing dancing upon the stage with her breast exposed in front of a crowd of horny men who were fantasizing as they watched the dancers quite horny and very much desiring to get laid.

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