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Maledom Megapack

Collection 2

Copyright 2017 by Kimberly Gray

All Rights Reserved

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This is a work of fiction intended for adult audiences aged 18 years or older only. Names, characters, places and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older, not related and have lost their virginity long before the story began.

Table of Contents

Story One: Enslaved on the Orc Island

Story Two: Desperate Measures

Story Three: Punishing the Slutty Senior

Story Four: Daddy’s Brat on the Beach

Story Five: Slut Slave for the Life

Enslaved on the Orc Island

Legends told of a horny horde of HUGE orcs. Little did the young and innocent vixen, Hylda, know that the rumors were true. Hylda and her other beautiful maidens set sail, only to find themselves soon lost on a mysterious tropical island. The cerulean shores make for a pristine, exotic vista. But lurking nearby are several dozen horny (and VERY hung) savages; waiting to taste Hylda's fertile flesh.

Soon, Hylda finds herself bound tight to a pole in the middle of the orc tribe's encampment. The chieftain decides to make an example of her by punishing her with his monstrously large manhood. Forced to take every inch of the orc's girthy flesh rod, Hylda finds herself in a nightmare (and dream) come true! Meanwhile the other gorgeous girls are pillaged and ravaged by the brutish monsters; and fill their every hole with their sticky seed!

Will these beauties ever make it off the island, or become their pleasure pets for life?

For many centuries, mysteries were kept behind dark curtains. While humans spread their reign all over the world, the other beings were hidden behind the mists of oblivion. This had happened to many races–giants and elves were turned into myths and no one believed that those beings walked the same earth or inhabited the same lands as humans.

Orcs were some of the last survivors. Those giant beings with moss-green skin, pointed ears and eyes bright as amber had survived millennium and kept their civilization alive.

Until the day, when the chieftain of their most powerful clan fell in love with a powerful witch. Her name has been lost to history, but her beauty was praised in many ancient tales. The brave chieftain went against the customs of his people and kidnapped the witch to make her his wife against her will.

She gave him a son and a curse.

The son’s name was Dalthu, and though he was of half-blood, one day he was to inherit his father’s role as the leader of his people. He was to inherit his curse as well.

His mother had cursed all the orcs to live in oblivion on an island that carried no name. It was hidden from any maps–a place that no tides touched, where no ships came ashore, no strangers reached unless by accident. A place, where female orcs were cursed to die and their men live long lives in solitude and celibacy.

Legends were spread about the half-human, half-orc chieftain for centuries. Those legends claimed that there would come a day when the orcs would find the key to their freedom. But until then, their stories became bedtime tales for children and no adult believed them.

Hylda could feel the fear and desperation spread through her warriors. None of them knew where the tides had brought their ship. Truth be told, she was quite sure there had been no wind and no tide to lead her ship to those unknown shores.

While her commanders formed scout groups to begin searching the island for any signs of people inhabiting it, Hylda landed ashore to better study her maps–trying to figure out what had happened and how they had gotten there.

She had set sail almost a month ago with a crew of the most loyal Norse women accompanying her in a search mission for their husbands. Her husband–the Earl Erik was one of the most skilled travelers among Norsemen. Almost twelve moons ago he and his party had left in search of new lands to conquer.

Hylda had begged Erik to take her with him on this greatest of all journeys but he had refused–arrogantly claiming that traveling and conquering lands was a man’s job. His wife–as powerful of a warrior as she was–had to stay at home and guard their land while he was away.

Now, with the disappearance of his ship confirmed, Hylda and her crew saw no other way than to set sail on a rescue mission. Erik was alive. She could feel it and it was her duty to find him and prove to him that she was no less of a sailor than her husband was.

And here was where her pride had brought them–to a mysterious island that was not marked on any of their maps and no signs showed that it ever existed in the broad seas of the North.

“We must lash our tents and get some rest,” she said to Lydia–her second-in-command and lifelong friend. “We will search the island come morning. It’s getting dark now. We do not know what foes lurk in the shadows of the dark.”

Lydia nodded and went to make the arrangements. Meanwhile, Hylda commanded that they took shifts to guard their camp during the night. The feeling that someone–something–was watching them did not give her rest. She could feel the danger coming. It made her blood boil.

Still, showing weakness was not what a commander did. So, she bid her crew safe night and took the first shift to guard their sleep.

Hylda’s initial plan had been to stay up the whole night. While her soldiers took one hour shifts, she stood next to them–encouraging them, serving as an example of the unbreakable spirit of a Northwomen. She was a fierce Viking princess who refused to put down her arms for a single moment. A few hours before the first lights, though, Lydia convinced Hylda to get some rest.

“We need you strong and fresh in the morrow, Hylda. I promise I will not close my eyes until you are awake with the sunrise.”

Hylda nodded and let her second-in-command take the charge. They had fought side by side for years. Lydia was like a sister to Hylda. She knew with Lydia in charge, she could rest not fearing for the safety of her crew.

The terrified screams and smell of burning straw quickly brought Hylda back to her senses. It took her a moment to realize what was happening. Their small camp was under attack. The darkness of the night had given their enemy–whoever they were–a chance to get close to them unnoticed. They were clever–Hylda realized. They did not rush into the barracks, but instead waited for the calm hour just before sunrise, when their sleeping bodies and minds would be the most fragile.

Without losing another moment, Hylda grabbed her sword, fastened her belt with her two favorite daggers–gifts from her husband on their betrothal day, and took her shield. She jumped out of her tent ready to face her foes. Only then, she realized that it was too late. She had slept a moment too long. Her warriors were taken captive, her camp burning into cinders. A group of beings, who she did not identify as anything she had ever seen before, had surrounded them. There were too many of them–maybe half a hundred, or more. Too many for her two dozen of warriors.

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