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The Store Manager

Being a single, black woman isn’t easy. Especially when you own a chain of boutiques called Beauty & the Beast. My boutiques takes care of men and women fashion. I was visiting one of my stores in Houston, because it was one of my best-selling stores. I wanted to meet my store manager, James Miller that I hearing so much about. I’ve seen the video footage of how he prevented so many thefts and how he always suggested so many items to particular customers.

Apparently from what I saw James was six-feet tall, chocolate-toned, and a gorgeous ass smile. He always kept with the latest in the clothing and shoe game. When I made my first billion dollars, I increased the employee discount from 35% to 45% off everything in the store. So, here I am in the Westin Hotel near the Galleria waiting for my driver to pick me up and take me to the store. It’s noon, so the store should be opened and should be a little busy.

I pulled out my phone and called the district manager, Louise. When she answered, she sounded like she was talking to her favorite celebrity.

“What are you doing in Houston, Ms. Johnson?” she questioned.

“I’m visiting James’ store, remember,” I answered brusquely. “I’m waiting for my driver to pick me up right now.” As I walked past a mirror, I had to a quick check up on my appearance to make sure everything was okay. I checked that my hair was still curly, my short sleeved romper still showed off my curves and all Forces were still white. While I sat in the car, I’m checking e-mails, social media and whatnot. But I still couldn’t get James off my mind.

I most definitely couldn’t stop picturing what my reaction would be seeing this gorgeous man. Don’t judge me, a single black woman has needs. I couldn’t help but picture how his big muscular arms would be wrapped around my waist, his lips kissing all over my body, and how he would be fingering my pussy until I came all in his hand.

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