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Daddy Made Me Fuck Fido

Hot Preview:

Monique glanced around her bedroom as she drew Fido to her, planting her lips on his as if he were a guy. She kissed his muzzle, wondering if she was doing it right as Fido looked at her.

"I don't know what I'm doing, boy." She admitted in a fluttery gasp as she ran her fingers down his neck and chest. "I'm 18 and I'm the only girl on the college campus that hasn't had sex."

She slipped from her clothes, revealing her nude body to his wanton gaze. She giggled, thinking that he might like it. The way he wagged his tail, she was sure he did.

As she snaked her tongue into his mouth, her door banged open, rattling her pictures on the wall. Jumping, she jerked her head around and saw her father barged in.

"What in the fuck are you doing?" He roared, glaring at her.

Monique shook like a whipped puppy under the gaze of its master.

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