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Street Trade in a Flash: Mardi Gras Meat

Gavin Rockhard

Copyright 2017

All characters depicted in sexual situations in this publication are eighteen years of age or older.

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Chazz was only a little bit drunk, but he played up his drunkenness to blend in. The streets were crowded with men. There were women too, of course, but more men than women, and Chazz had no interest in the females. He wished there was an all-male Mardi Gras (but then, alas, the kind of macho straight men Chazz preferred wouldn't attend).

He could have dressed up like a woman and had all kinds of fun. Chazz had done that before. During Mardi Gras, straight men didn't tend to look too closely at who they were fucking, so Chazz could get all kinds of straight dick. But he didn't want that today.

Today, Chazz wanted to get straight dick as a man. Mardi Gras was perfect for that. There were straight men everywhere, and almost all of them were piss-drunk.

As he walked through the streets, he groped whoever he saw. There was one hairy white man who even let him lick his back and his bare asscheeks there on the streetcorner, friends egging him on.

"Ew, man, you gettin' licked up by a faggot!"

But that man got embarrassed eventually, and saw the girl he had come to this street to find. So he ran to her, and Chazz was left alone ramming his hand down one blue-collar type's pants. The blue-collar guy looked at him like he was too drunk to comprehend Chazz touching his dick, which was soft and clearly too drunk to get hard today.

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