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All You Can Eat

D. E. Nada

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Chapter 1

"I'm not sure about this,” Jody said, scooting closer to the edge of the bed, the sheet clasped tightly to her neck.

Kissing her cheek, I reassured, “It’s okay, just be comfortable." Then stroking down her cheek, sliding my hand along her covered body, making sure to avoid the good parts, I stopped at her hip.

A soft noise caught my attention and I turned to see DeeDee padding into the room. She dropped her robe on the back of a chair and stood smiling and naked before us in all her voluptuous glory. She then climbed onto the bed and crawled over me. As she leaned into Jody her pendulous breasts brushed my chest. She kissed her and said, “Baby, just watch for a while. I’m sure you’ll like what you see and want some too.” Then she bent to kiss me as I reached for those marvelous breasts that had teased moments before…

I’m James Sweeney and own ‘James’ Place,’ an upscale restaurant in Midtown. I met Jody and DeeDee about six months ago when Jody brought her cousin in for a birthday dinner and DeeDee came along. I fell in “lust” with DeeDee the moment the women walked in the door. She was gorgeous, with long brown hair delightfully curling around her shoulders and over those amazing breasts. Her name is an apt size description for those wonderful orbs. They are breathtaking and real and proportioned with the rest of her curves. Jody and her cousin were easy on the eyes too, both slim, blonde, and nicely shaped, clearly from the same family tree. But, DeeDee…Wow!

I took the menus from my hostess, Tara, and grinned at her sly, knowing smirk as I met the women at the front of the house. “Welcome to James’ Place,” I said. “I’m James Sweeney, the owner. Tara tells me you are celebrating a birthday. Congratulations! Let me show you to a table.”

I led the women to a table in a quiet part of the restaurant, seated each of them and said, “Which one of you has the birthday?”

“It’s me,” said one of the blondes. “I’m Kathy, Jody is my cousin.” She touched her cousin on the arm, then said, “Our friend is DeeDee, Jody’s roommate.”

“It is a pleasure to meet all of you.” My eyes twinkled at the gorgeous women seated before me and my mind raced for ways to get to know them much better. “May I start you off with some champagne to celebrate? It’s my treat.” At the back of the restaurant I saw Tara roll her eyes and make a gagging sign, but she put three glasses and a nice bottle of champagne on a tray.

“How nice,” said DeeDee. “Thank you. That would be a great start to the evening.”

“It’s my pleasure. Thank you for choosing my restaurant to celebrate,” I said. “Angelina will be your server and will take your orders when you are ready. I’ll bring your champagne right away.”

I made my way to the back of the room and met Tara heading to the front to greet incoming customers.

“Shouldn’t we serve them some bread to soak up all that oil you’ve just poured?” she chided.

“Tara, Tara, Tara,” I tutted. “We must be cordial to our guests.”

“Especially if they are stunners like that group.” She added and grinned.

“Well, it’s nice to have beautiful people grace our establishment,” I tossed back. “If I’m lucky maybe they’ll come back again.”

“Oh, they’ve been here before,” Tara said. “They are almost regulars.”

“What!” I exclaimed. “How is it that I haven’t met them before?”

“I guess they are just lucky,” Tara teased. “You must have been off when they were here before, or you were otherwise engaged and didn’t pay attention.”

“That’s not a group to overlook,” I said and picked up the glasses and bottle to return to the girls’ table.

I opened the bottle and poured each of the women a glass of champagne. We have very sexy glasses for the purpose, we affectionately call “nipple glasses” from their delicate form and the bubble shape the wine makes as it effervesces from the bottom of the glass. Legend has it they were originally molded from the breast of Marie Antoinette. They are always good for a subtle lead in with pretty women and I rarely miss the chance.

I briefly chatted with them about the glasses and the bubbly then excused myself to allow them to look at their menus. As I met Angelina bringing water to the table I said, “Ang, listen up and clue me in on those beautiful girls over there. I’d like to get to know them a whole lot better.”

She, too, rolled her eyes at me, and said, “Of course, Jimmy, we are all delighted to help set you up with the customers.” She quickly sashayed off to the table to start her service for the evening.

“Well, isn’t he cute!” Kathy cooed, sipping her drink. “I can see why you two like it here. I’d like to have him serve me champagne again, or anything else, anytime.”

“We’ve never seen him before,” said Jody. “The food is awesome and that’s how we found the restaurant. He is nice looking, though.” She gazed around the room and blushed when I caught her eye.

“Yes, and I think we’ll be back more often in the future,” said DeeDee. “He’s a dessert treat that we shouldn’t miss. I can’t believe we haven’t met him already.”

They laughed and visited all evening. After the champagne, they ordered wine with dinner. By the time we were ready to close they finished their second bottle of wine and were giggling and whispering like school girls. I also treated one of our signature desserts along with a cordial to cap off their dinner. When they paid their check and made ready to leave the restaurant I caught up with them.

“I hope you all had a wonderful birthday celebration. Please come again. May we call a cab to take you home?” I offered.

“Yes, we came in a cab,” Jody giggled, then abruptly blushed.

DeeDee gave Jody a wry grin and held out her hand to shake mine. “We appreciate your hospitality, James, and the treats for Kathy’s birthday and look forward to coming back soon.”

I eagerly clasped her hand. “Well, how about coming this Monday?” I asked. “We have a special night for special customers. Our chef tries out new menu items and we invite friends to eat and share their opinions. Please come. This flight is all seafood dishes. The restaurant is closed to the public so it’s a private affair. I’d love to have all of you.” Jody blushed again.

“Oh, I head back to Boston on Sunday,” Kathy said sadly, “so I won’t be able to come.”

“And I’m going to the symphony that night,” Jody frowned, “ so I can’t come either.”

“How about you, DeeDee?” my eyes sparkled. “Would you like to come? I’d love to have you.”

“I’m available,” she said, “and I love seafood. What time should I come?”

“We start cocktails about five o’clock and Chef will begin his prep about six. It will be a full buffet of his latest creations.” I said. “However, you can come anytime. I am here all afternoon and would love to get to know you.”

Boom! I put it out there and took my chance. I couldn’t miss an opportunity to connect with a beautiful girl like DeeDee and hoped for the best. She didn’t disappoint.

“I’d like that, too,” she smiled back at me. “I look forward to seeing you on Monday.”

At that point, the cab arrived and I walked the three women to the car. When I returned to the restaurant Tara was in full bloom.

“Well, that was disgusting,” she quipped. “You should probably give Billy a few extra bucks to mop up that sticky innuendo you just sprayed all over the place.” Billy is our night cleanup staff.

Whatever do you mean?” I feigned innocence.

“You don’t hear that much ‘coming’ in cheap pornos,” she said, then mocked, “Oooh, I’d love to have all of you! When can you come? It’s a private affair! Jimmy, you are over the top!”

Winking at Rick, Tara’s boyfriend, who arrived just before the women caught their cab, I said, “Hey, I’m single and entitled to meet pretty girls. I don’t get to go home and cuddle with my sweetie every night like you do. Besides, they seemed to enjoy playing along. I hope DeeDee will want to keep playing.”

“Oh, you are incorrigible!” she said. “Let’s go, Rick, before Jimmy gives you too many ideas.”

“See you tomorrow,” I laughed. “Good luck getting any tonight, Rick. Tara’s turned off to men.”

Chapter 2

DeeDee, Jody, and Kathy were anything but turned off. The champagne and two bottles of wine followed by the parting chatter and invitation to the special dinner had them amused and aroused.

As the cab pulled away from the restaurant, Kathy said, “What was all that blushing going on with you and James?” She gently slapped Jody on the thigh.

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