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I am a published mainstream erotic (and non-erotic) novelist and online author with hundreds of stories (erotic and otherwise) to my credit.

Under the pen name, Dark Rider, I specialise in erotic, off-the-wall adventures – often in the fantasy genre – with a particular emphasis on femdom and facesitting.

In real life, remember: you owe it to yourself and others to take care, practise safe, legal and consensual sex.

However, if fantasy, adventure and powerful women appeal to your sense of fun, then hold on tight and get ready to enjoy an erotic, action-packed ride!


Book Four: No Mercy for Men!

Dark Rider

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All rights reserved.

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This work contains adult material – with aggressive facesitting scenes – and should not be sold to, or read by, minors.

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C is for Condemned (an extract)


‘So what happens now?’ I asked, as Murray and I made our way back to the main block.

‘We speak to your friend, Janet,’ he said glumly. ‘We tell her what Arthur wants – and she tells the camp commander.’

‘How long will it take …’ I lowered my voice. ‘Before she makes her decision?’

‘Not long,’ he muttered. ‘She’s a woman, after all. She won’t be able to resist doing it quickly. Getting him into her crack … making the poor bastard suffer.’

‘And we have to hold him down?’ I asked in a shaky voice, recalling what he’d once told me.

‘Something like that,’ said Murray, as if he didn’t want to commit himself.

‘Where will she do it?’

‘In the hut,’ he said flatly. ‘In front of the other men. To show them what it means … what it looks like … if any of them wants to take the same way out.’

‘Surely that would put them off?’

Murray shrugged. ‘It didn’t put Arthur off – though God knows why. She took over an hour to suffocate Ken – the last guy who asked to be finished off.’

I felt the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.

‘She kept getting off him – and giving us all a lecture on the joys of suffocation.’ His face tightened. ‘She talked about her little hole. How she could have every man in the hut smothered if they didn’t do as they were told.’ He shook his head in disgust. ‘I saw two grown men – so terrified they wet themselves! Just because of what she said she could do to them with her bottom!’

‘She’s going to push them too far one day,’ I suggested. ‘They’ll fight back!’

Murray shook his head. ‘I doubt it. There are too many Women for a start. God knows how many men they’ve smothered since this all began. The poor sods in the huts are just like cattle. Domestic livestock kept alive for the Women to sit on. If the herd gets thinned out, they know there are plenty more men still running free. They can bring others in to replace us. No one wants to take the risk. No one wants to end up inside a woman’s crack.’

We’d reached the block by now, and had passed through the double-doors into the foyer. Despite my longing to be sat on, I was grateful for the thin green band around my arm that marked me out as a trustee. As on our previous visit here, groups of Women milled around us, their eyes bright with lust. One or two deliberately turned their backs, bent low and clawed their bottoms open, exposing their little holes. I tried not to look, but I couldn’t help myself. I’d have come to a complete halt if Murray hadn’t grabbed my arm and hurried me on. We kept our heads down after that, until we reached Janet’s room.

Murray knocked three times quickly and waited. Eventually, the door swung open and Janet stood framed in the entrance. She moved to one side and waved us though.

‘What is it?’ she inquired curtly, deliberately avoiding my gaze.

‘I’m sorry to bother you, Madam,’ said Murray with forced politeness, ‘but one of the men has asked to be–’ He hesitated, struggling to finish the sentence. He knew he was signing Arthur’s death warrant. I jumped in reluctantly and finished it for him.

‘He wants to be smothered,’ I said quickly. ‘To be sat on …’ I took a deep breath. ‘And finished off …

Janet’s face darkened. ‘He knows there’s no going back? If I pass on his request to the camp commander? That she’ll sit on his face … and suffocate him with her little hole?’

‘He does, Madam,’ said Murray, regaining his voice, though not the colour in his cheeks. He looked as pale as a ghost.

‘What’s his name?’

‘Arthur, Madam.’

‘Why does he want to be finished off?’

‘He’s been sat on too many times. He says he … he says he can’t take any more. He just wants to be put out of his misery.’

‘He knows it won’t be quick? That she’ll make an example of him?’

Murray nodded. ‘Yes, Madam. But he still wants to be sat on.’

‘Very well,’ said Janet. ‘I’ll speak to the commander … and set the wheels in motion. You can tell Arthur it’s all in hand. That there’s no going back.’

Murray nodded again. ‘Yes, Madam,’ he said, without enthusiasm.

‘Is that all?’

‘It is, Madam.’

‘Then you can go,’ said Janet, dismissing us. I’d hoped she might ask me to stay behind. That I’d find out what was happening elsewhere, or whether she’d come up with a plan for our escape. It was disappointing to be shown the door.

Outside in the corridor, Murray leaned against the wall, his face still pale.

‘Are you all right?’ I asked, though I knew it was a stupid question.

‘I’ve just signed a man’s death warrant,’ he muttered. ‘Condemned him to being suffocated … inside a woman’s bottom.

‘It wasn’t your fault,’ I reminded him. ‘You only did what Arthur asked you to do. He wants to be sat on.’

Murray shook his head. ‘No, he doesn’t. He just wants this to end. And the only way it can end for him is if a woman takes him into her crack … and suffocates him with her little hole.’

I saw his point. If Arthur had been told he could walk free, he’d have been out the door so fast his feet would have caught fire. But that option wasn’t on the table. There was only one way any man could ever leave this place … and that was between a woman’s buttocks.

As the thought crossed my mind, I wondered if that was my only way out of here. Would I, one day, end up begging to be finished off just like Arthur? If only because I was such a slave to my fantasy that I ended up down a path from which there was no return.

I shook my head. No, that was daft. I loved being sat on, and the fact that I’d seen so many men smothered in the past few days, with no chance of getting my own head inside a woman’s arse, was driving me crazy. But I didn’t want to be finished off – not if I could avoid it …

Gathering himself, Murray looked me straight in the eye. ‘It won’t be easy, not for any of us. They like to make a spectacle of things.’

‘How long will it take, do you think,’ I asked quietly, ‘before it all kicks off?’

‘If the last one’s anything to go by, it’ll be soon. Now Arthur’s made up his mind, the Women won’t hang around.’


We returned to the hut and told Arthur we’d passed on his request. He dropped his head and closed his hands tightly. Now that he knew there was no going back, he seemed less confident than when he’d made his decision.

‘Are you frightened?’ I asked. It was a daft question, but I couldn’t help myself.

His head came up sharply. ‘Of course I’m frightened! What man wouldn’t be? A woman’s going to sit on my face … and suffocate me with her bottom!’

‘I’m sorry,’ I muttered, with genuine sympathy. ‘I wasn’t thinking.’

He sagged as suddenly as he’d exploded. ‘It’s all right,’ he said, in a thin, distant voice. ‘It’s not your fault. At least I’ll be out of this soon.’

‘I hope it’s … well …’ I floundered almost before I’d begun.

‘It won’t be quick, I know that,’ said Arthur. ‘That’s the worst part. If it was quick, it wouldn’t be so bad. But I know she’ll take her time. I know she’ll make me suffer…’

‘We have to hold you down, don’t we? When she comes for you. So you can’t get away. However much you struggle.’ I don’t know why I felt the need to tell him that. He knew the drill, and – coming from a trustee – it must have sounded as if I relished the prospect.

I felt Murray’s hand on my shoulder. While I’d been talking to Arthur, he’d been singling out two more men for us to take to the Suffocation Hut. I retreated without another word. I’d said enough. The last thing I saw, as I turned away, was Arthur burying his head in his hands. It was a miserable image that I still haven’t been able to forget, even now …

We had just enough time to take the men over to the Suffocation Hut and return with them – alive but thoroughly shaken – before Arthur had his wish granted. As we made our way back across the yard, I saw a platoon of Women marching towards us. At the front of the group was a plump, auburn-haired woman, naked apart from the gold sash that clung to her breasts and belly. It didn’t take a genius to guess she was Donna – the camp commander…

‘What the hell…’ I muttered, and almost lost my grip on the man I was escorting.

‘Don’t ask questions,’ said Murray quickly. ‘If you know what’s good for you.’

Donna slowed to a halt, and the Women behind her fell back in an orderly fashion.

‘Your timing is perfect,’ she announced, addressing Murray, and ignoring me. I didn’t mind. It gave me the chance to cast a lustful eye over the broad, meaty sweep of her hips. Her vagina was shaven, exposing a long slit and plump, fleshy labia.

Dear God, I muttered to myself, to think that Arthur is going out between those legs…

I dragged myself back to the here and now, aware that Donna was still talking.

‘These men have been sat on?’ she inquired, reaching out and cupping Murray’s prisoner by the chin, lifting his head so that their eyes met.

‘Yes, Madam,’ said Murray respectfully.

Her face broke into a wide, excited grin. ‘Did they struggle?’

‘From start to finish, Madam,’ said Murray, giving her the answer he knew she wanted. ‘They were terrified. Didn’t want to be sat on. Wept like babies.’

‘Excellent,’ she muttered happily. ‘They fear the little hole…’ Her smile widened. ‘As all men should fear it…’

Releasing the poor lad, who was shaking fitfully, she turned back to Murray.

‘Tell Arthur I’m here. Tell him I can’t wait to sit on his face … and finish him off with my bottom.’

Murray gave a respectful nod. ‘I will, Madam,’ he replied. Allowing just enough time to confirm he’d been officially dismissed, he hurried his prisoner up the steps and into the hut. Pushing mine ahead of me, I followed as quickly as I could.


‘Why has she brought so many Women with her?’ I asked, the moment we were through the door.

‘So the men don’t get any ideas,’ said Murray. ‘Donna’s not stupid. If she came in alone, she’d be one woman with fifty men. They wouldn’t get out of here alive if they tried taking her hostage, but why run the risk? The other Women are here to make sure the men behave. Among other things.’

‘What’s that supposed to mean?’

‘You’ll see. There’s no time now. We have to tell Arthur he’s about to be sat on.’

And with that we entered the main body of the hut, depositing our prisoners on the nearest bed, and hurried over to Arthur. He looked up at us miserably, as if he knew what was coming next.

‘She’s outside,’ said Murray, in a flat voice. ‘The camp commander – Donna. She said we’re to tell you …’ His voice broke and he lowered his eyes.

‘She’s going to sit on me,’ said Arthur, finishing the sentence for him. ‘She going to sit on my face… and finish me off with her bottom.’

Murray sighed. ‘That’s about the size of it, Arthur. I’m sorry it has to end like this.’

‘I’m not,’ said Arthur. ‘It’s not the way I’d have chosen to go … but it’s better than being sat on every day for the rest of my life.’

Murray took a step back and addressed the hut. ‘We don’t like this any more than you do,’ he said in a heavy voice. ‘But the Women will be here in a minute. You all know the drill…’

Though I didn’t know the drill, its nature became immediately evident as the men filed into position beside their beds, heads up, backs straight.

Arthur rose – a little shakily – and made his way towards the centre of the hut. Murray walked behind him, and I followed Murray. I had no idea what was about to happen. Well, I did. Arthur was going to be suffocated by a bare-bottomed woman, and I was going to help to hold him down. Thinking it over like that made me shiver. It seemed so cold and heartless. Dear God, what sort of world were we living in?

When the door to the hut opened and the Women filed though, the men gave a collective shudder. If I had never previously understood what it meant to taste fear in the air, I knew now.

The beds – like those in the Suffocation Hut – were set out on opposite sides of the room, with a long, narrow channel running down the centre. The Women fanned out either side – one female to each man.

Donna strode up and down the length of the hut, an excited look on her face.

‘Pants down!’ she barked suddenly. The command took me by surprise, but not – it seemed – the terrified inmates. Mechanically, they unbuttoned and lowered their trousers, before reluctantly removing their underwear.

‘Dear God,’ I muttered and felt Murray’s hand clamp warningly around my arm. Every woman in the hut reached out, took hold of her man’s penis and began to rub it quickly. Despite his fear, in no time at all each man was fully erect.

Turning to face Arthur, standing anxiously in the middle of the hut, Donna scanned him from top to toe.

‘Your friends are getting excited,’ she announced slyly. ‘They know what’s going to happen to you – and they’re jealous. They all wish it was them, not you…’

I rather doubted that, but I knew her words were simply for effect. The men were petrified. Arthur was petrified. I wasn’t exactly feeling that chipper myself.

‘Remind me, Arthur,’ she continued happily. ‘What is it you want me to do to you?’

A large vein pulsed in Arthur’s temple. His hands clenched and unclenched anxiously.

‘I want you to sit on me,’ he said in a thin, subdued voice.

‘Could you be more specific?’ inquired Donna cruelly. ‘Give me details, Arthur. What exactly do you want me to do? If you don’t tell me, how will I know?’

Though Arthur straightened his back, I saw his shoulders shake. Beads of sweat broke out on his brow and dribbled down his face.

‘I want ...’ he began, swallowed hard and rushed on. ‘I want you to sit on my face and smother me with your bottom!’

Donna threw back her head as if the request had caught her by surprise.

‘You want me to sit on your face, Arthur? But I’m a naked woman. A woman with no pants…’ She licked her lips crudely. ‘Your nose would be inside my bottom. You wouldn’t be able to breathe. I’d suffocate you…’

She leaned forward, almost touching him now, her eyes bright with undisguised lust. ‘I’d finish you off with my little hole …’

Arthur swallowed again. He knew what was expected of him, whether he liked it or not.

‘I want you to finish me off,’ he told her, his voice beginning to break. Falling to his knees, with his hands clasped prayer-like together, he cut a sad, pathetic figure. ‘I want you to sit on my face and smother me with your little hole!’

Her eyes bright with animal joy, Donna turned first one way, then the other, addressing the hut. ‘Did you hear that, men?’ she announced in a shrill, excited voice. ‘Arthur wants me to sit on him!’

She reached back and clawed her buttocks apart. Despite their terror, several men were unable to resist gazing into Donna’s bare backside, their eyes feasting on her anus. From where I stood, I couldn’t see her little hole, but when I saw the blood drain from one man’s face, I knew that fear – not lust – was uppermost in his mind.

Swinging herself around, Donna bent low and exposed herself to Arthur for the first time.

His jaw dropped as he caught sight of her bottom and he uttered a sharp, muffled squeal.

‘Does my hole frighten you?’ she asked him unnecessarily. Without waiting for a reply, she added, ‘It should! Because it’s coming for you, Arthur! My little hole is coming for you!’

I felt a spear of excitement in my tummy and I trembled like a lusty teenager. Donna’s anus was a plump ring of knotted flesh pulsing in the middle of a dark, chocolate-brown crater. How I wanted to bury my head in her arse, just then, and beg her to smother me!

When I saw Arthur’s face drop even lower, and his body buckle, I felt a familiar ache. An insane desire to have a woman smother me – with her bare bottom – wrestled with my rational side. It made no sense to want her to suffocate me, yet – as ever – a part of me didn’t care. If Donna had turned to me, just then, and asked if I wanted to take Arthur’s place – dear God, I’d have said yes!

Gazing up, she licked her lips again and spoke directly to Murray and me.

‘Hold on to him!’ she urged. ‘So he can’t get away … when I take him into my arse!’

As if suddenly waking from a dream, Arthur reacted. His head jerked from side to side, and he made a clumsy attempt to climb to his feet. Perhaps, for the first time, the awful reality of his fate had struck home.

‘Oh, God, no!’ he cried, as Murray and I grabbed hold of him. Murray seized his arms, while I held on to his feet. His legs were thin and bony, and, though my hands aren’t large, they almost closed around him.

Instinctively, Arthur kicked out, but I held on tight, while Murray forced him onto his back. He rocked from side to side, and screamed again. Struggling furiously, he lashed out with his legs. The fact that he was now so utterly terrified made me sick to my stomach. From the look on Murray’s face, I knew he felt the same way.

Donna moved in close and gazed down at Arthur, a look of mock disbelief on her face.

‘I don’t understand,’ she teased him cruelly. ‘I thought you wanted to be sat on? I thought you wanted me to put you out of your misery?’

Whatever Arthur may or may not have wanted, he looked, just then, like a man in torment. My heart went out to him. I wanted this over quickly, but I knew, from what Murray had said, that Donna would take her time.

Selfishly, I was sorry I’d been given the job of holding on to Arthur’s feet. It wasn’t that I wanted to see him suffer, but, from where I was positioned, it meant I couldn’t see Donna’s anus. It was wrong of me, I know, to think of her arse at a time like this, but I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to look into her crack. I wanted to imagine it was me she was about to sit on …

How I envied Murray, though it was clear, from his distressed features, that he’d have cheerfully swapped places with me.

Though I couldn’t see Donna’s hole, I could see the bloated bulge of her vagina. Her cunt was smooth and shaven, with a long slit and fat, puffy lips. It crossed my mind – callously, I know – that she could just as easily have finished Arthur off with her pussy as she could with her arse.

To my horror – and delight – I was suddenly aware that Donna was staring at me, a wide, leering grin plastered across her face. Dear God … she’d seen me looking at her cunt! The thought made me shiver. I immediately turned away and forced myself to concentrate on holding Arthur down. The closer Donna’s arsehole came to his nose, the more fiercely he struggled. Even though he wanted this over with, it was clear that her anus terrified him.

As for me, my mind was a sudden jumble. I didn’t doubt for a moment that Donna had seen the way I’d looked at her. Had she guessed my secret? That I wasn’t afraid of her little hole. That I wasn’t afraid of any part of her body. That, on the contrary, I wanted her to sit on me. I might not have wanted her to suffocate me – though God knows I was forever in two minds – but I did want to be inside her bottom, with her anus pressing down on me.

How would that make her feel, I wondered? Would she get a perverse pleasure in suffocating a man who wanted her to sit on him? Or would it deter her – because where was the fun in sitting on a man who wanted to be smothered? I had no idea, of course, but the thought alone was enough to stiffen my cock.

When Donna reached back to claw her arse-cheeks wide, the colour drained from Arthur’s face and he uttered a shrill moan – like a cat’s long-drawn out miaow. Gazing into the gap between Donna’s legs, I saw his arms pull sharply, and his hands tighten into fists. Murray was forced to push down hard, so that Arthur couldn’t cover his face and protect himself from Donna’s arse.

‘For the love of God!’ he groaned, unable to conceal his terror as Donna’s little hole edged closer. ‘How is this happening to me? How is this happening?

‘Are you frightened, Arthur?’ asked Donna cruelly. ‘Are you frightened of my little hole?’ When she spoke, she looked straight ahead, as if directing her question to me. ‘The little hole that’s going to finish you off?’ she added unnecessarily. ‘The little hole that’s going to put you out of your misery?’

Arthur’s legs gave a sudden jerk and I almost lost my grip. Not because his kick was a particularly vicious one, but because when Donna looked into my eyes and told Arthur she was going to finish him off with her anus, it felt as if it was me she was talking to. But more than that, I wanted it to be me…

I clung on grimly, my breath coming in short, rapid gasps. Donna extended her tongue and ran it slowly around her lips. I tightened my hands around Arthur’s ankles as a familiar heat warmed my belly.

You lucky bastard, Arthur, I thought to myself. To have that bottom wrapped around your face … to have that little hole press down on you!

Arthur, of course, didn’t feel that way at all. Petrified, his mouth quivered and he rolled his head from side to side. Now that the moment of truth had arrived, it was clear he had no wish to be sat on; no wish to be smothered…

Between Donna’s thighs, I saw Murray grimace as he struggled to keep Arthur’s arms away from his face.

Oh, God help me, someone!’ screamed Arthur, tears soaking his cheeks. ‘God help me!’

‘No one can help you now,’ taunted Donna, lowering her bare bottom until its little hole grazed Arthur’s nose.

It was cruel of her to torture him like this. Janet, I knew, would have simply sat down and finished him off. But Donna clearly relished her role. So, too, I felt sure, did the Women she led. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched as a flurry of hands pumped energetically, ensuring every cock remained rigid. Dear God, I wondered – where would it end?

Donna hovered over Arthur’s face for almost half a minute, tormenting him with delay. Her anus pressed lightly against his nose, forcing him to sniff its earthy scent. Having buckled briefly, he had somehow managed to calm himself. His breathing had quietened to such a degree that he seemed almost at peace. I wondered if the scent from Donna’s bottom was acting like a drug, lulling his senses.

When – with no warning – she pressed down with all her weight, taking him right into her crack, Arthur’s legs gave another sharp kick. But, that apart, for the next minute he remained almost motionless. Having accepted there would be no escape from inside Donna’s bottom, I guessed he was trying to remain as still as possible – in the vain hope she might take pity, and finish him off quickly.

I knew it wouldn’t be as easy as that, and I was sure, deep down, he knew it, too. Donna intended to make him suffer. She would keep him inside her bottom for as long as she could…

As the first minute lengthened into almost two, Arthur finally responded. He began to struggle. Little kicks at first, then violent jerks of his arms and legs as pain overwhelmed him.

‘Poor Arthur!’ cried Donna, wriggling happily on his face. ‘He thinks he can escape! He thinks he can get away from my little hole!’

Whether he did or not, it was patently clear that Donna was having the time of her life. I found myself wondering – idly – what sort of person she had been before all of this had kicked off. Before Women had turned into facesitting predators – females who hunted men without mercy, and took them into their bottoms. Had people like me turned them into what they were today – all supposing Tom’s theory was right? Or had this simply been a part of their nature they’d previously kept in check?

Donna must have straddled Arthur’s face for almost three minutes. When she finally rose, his body gave a massive jolt and he wheezed hoarsely. I watched Murray’s hands tighten around Arthur’s wrists as the latter’s arms shook fitfully. His fingers clawed the air and his body bucked.

I was so fixated on Arthur’s torment that I was only vaguely aware of what was going on all around me. Glancing first one way, then the other, I saw several men totter feebly, their upright cocks dancing in the air. They wanted no pleasure from Arthur’s suffering, but as the Women continued to milk them, more than one appeared to be close to losing control.

As if to compound their misery, Donna’s keen eyes scanned the hut, her face widening into a vicious smile.

‘If any man comes before I’ve smothered Arthur,’ she announced cruelly, ‘he’ll be sat on, too!’

A collective moan filled the air and Donna laughed. She pumped her hand crudely, as if masturbating an invisible cock. ‘If you want a woman to finish you off with her bottom,’ she giggled, ‘then let her empty your balls!’

I scanned the room, too, aware that several men were on the brink. Not because they wanted to be smothered, but because they were men. They might be terrified – but they couldn’t hold back with a woman’s hand around their cock.

Arthur, meanwhile, was gasping loudly and I wondered how much more he could take. A cruel look darkened Donna’s face as she gazed down at him. ‘I’m going to finish you off,’ she whispered. ‘With the little hole in my bottom.’ Her smile broadened. ‘But not just yet. First … I’m going to make you suffer!’

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