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Daddy's Toilet

The Beginning

Zehn Harlock

Copyright 2017 Zehn Harlock

Smashwords Edition

Mom left Dad after she decided to devote herself to God and go be a missionary in Asia. Meanwhile, I was sitting in my chair, out of breath, horny, with a hairbrush-stuffed cunt as I watched a washed up pornstar hornily drink from a peeing cock.

Some people drink, do drugs or watch shitty TV to cope with stress. I used porn, the more depraved the better. I went through phases of kinks I was mildly curious about, usually ones with a slut being degraded and humiliated. Nothing seems more degrading than being made to sit there and beg for a sexy older man's piss. I had no plans to ever explore it in real life, no boyfriend so far had been that openminded but, damn it, right then I needed to cum to something horrible.

Life was hard after Mom left. She finally cracked after years of dealing with Daddy's increasingly controlling nature and his periodic scarily violent side. Not only did I have class to go to but I basically had to help keep Dad alive. He's a mess and would probably starve to death without me. These days all he knows how to do is go to work, do yardwork, watch TV, drink and invasively pry into my life to make sure I'm still 'pure.'

I love my father but I understand why Mom left. As soon as she was gone he switched his possessiveness onto me, desperately clinging to what was left of his family. I know soon he'll fix himself. I stay out of hope that if I withstand his abuse just a little longer he'll go back to his happy, somewhat normal self. Plus I really don't want to have to drop out of college. There is no way an 18 year old freshman could juggle working and class. That's how I rationalized staying. This way I could focus on school and make sure Dad didn't drink himself to death accidentally.

It's been getting harder and harder to deal with Dad's mood swings though. He chased off so many recent potential boyfriends that I gave up. Porn became my three times a week boyfriend now. Dad has surprise inspections too; on my phone to see if I was talking to anyone perverted, on my computer to make sure I wasn't browsing smut and of my closet to make sure I didn't have anything too improper.

He wanted me to be his pure, innocent little angel forever and didn't realize I never was innocent, let alone now. I thought of this while the slut in the video fingered herself with her face wet with the man's piss. Drops of pee dripped from her chin. I licked my lips.

I kept remembering moments, scarily arousing moments where my innocent facade almost cracked.

I slipped up a couple weeks ago and wore a skirt that I thought was just barely ok. It turns out it wasn't. Daddy actually spanked me. How could he think spanking an 18 year old was ok? Tears came to my eyes as his hand came down on my soft flesh. Shame, horror and worse...very very faint arousal filled me. I didn't know I had a spanking fetish. After that humiliating experience he made me go through my entire wardrobe and let him check it all. When something seemed a bit immodest he made me model it and then he decided if I got to keep it or not. The sick thing is he wouldn't leave the room when I changed. He'd just turn around while I stripped down. I shouldn't think of how embarassing that felt, and how sickeningly arousing it was to remember.

I totally, 100% did not turn to spanking porn for the week after that. I 100% did not even try to spank myself to try to feel a faint echo of the pain and arousal. Luckily that phase wore off and I was back to more...liquid fantasies. It had been too long without a boyfriend I told myself. That's it, that's the reason why I couldn't help but frantically fuck myself to sleep every night that week.

It was one of those nights that I was so horny I came so hard I nearly passed out in my chair. The girl had her mouth open wide, trying to hold the pee in it as more and more kept filling her mouth and spilling down her chin. I kept licking my lips with perverse glee as I frantically masturbated, wishing it was me. I came so hard I nearly blacked out and fell out of the chair. I ended up just barely making it to the bed before my complete collapse.


I forgot about it. Apparently I was smart enough to close the browser before sleeping but I wasn't awake enough to remember to purge the history. It stayed there for 2 whole days before Daddy's next inspection. When I came home from class and saw him in my room I knew something was up.

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