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The Goblin Warrens

3 – The Goblin Bride

By A. Rainy Dwyer

The Goblin Warrens

3 – The Goblin Bride

By A. Rainy Dwyer

Copyright © October 2017, A. Rainy Dwyer, All Rights Reserved

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Hey perverts! There’s just something about this series that I adore. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fantasized about being tied up and bred every day. I would have written this sooner but I got wrapped up in some video games – it’s so hard to pull away!

This book contains mature content. If you’re not into voyeurism, cuckold, monsters, bondage, reluctance, blowjobs, impregnation, monster birth, anal punishment, body modification and many other twisted things that I like to write, then you probably shouldn’t read this – especially if you are under 18 years old.


All characters are the byproduct of my personal fantasies are not in any way based of people, places or events that have happened in real life. Wouldn’t that be fucked up if it had? Also, all my characters were nice and provided consent to each other before exploring this sexual theme. Sex should never be non-consensual – that’s real rape guys – so be sure you don’t hurt other people and be safe.

The Goblin Warrens 3

Camilla and Umaris struggled in their stocks as they gave birth. It was Umaris’ first time, but it was Camilla’s second. It seemed that pumping out a second child was far easier on her than it was for Umaris. He body had been modified by the goblin’s cum and now he had a fully functioning womb. They were both the property of the goblins and their master, Kildack, who not long before had captured them and turned them into its slave.

Umaris cried out as the goblin babe pushed out of him, head first, and dropped into the waiting hands of Kildack. The goblin studied the child and called out its gender – “It’s a girl.” It brought her up to Umaris’ face so that he could see what he had labored for. The creature was small green skin, sharp teeth, pointed ears and a tuft of dark green hair upon her head.

Goblins are low demons that are born with the knowledge of both their parents. While it took them awhile to fully comprehend the skills that they gained, their ability to grow from child to adult took very little time – as Umaris had witnessed with Camilla’s and Kildack’s child.

Kildack set the child on the ground and walked away from it. No sooner than when Camilla was pushing out her own goblin babe did Umaris’ child started to grow into full adult-hood. Its legs and arms stretched, its rump filled out, and its head grew to the same size as its breasts. Its teeth were sharp and its claws stretched out into the damp cavern air.

The adult female goblin looked at both Kildack and Umaris, revealing her large yellow eyes. She ran her hand down her neck, over her nipple of her left breast, followed the curves of her stomach and ran a finger between her pussy lips. Her tongue probed the air as she pulled in breath between her teeth. “I’m so hungry.”

Kildack walked behind Umaris and grabbed his cock. “Here’s a nice tasty snack for you to feed on. You can do whatever you like with it.”

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