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The Intergalactic Sexy Safari 5

Filled with Bugs

by Carnie Vawr

Published 2017 on Smashwords by Carnie Vawr

2017 © Carnie Vawr

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Roxi paused for a moment. Amanda was trudging ahead with endless energy, but she was getting exhausted. She reached a finger under her tight black skirt and pulled her thong from the grip of her pussy lips. She gasped in relief, as the sting of the wedgie eased.

Even though it was far too late, Roxie was reconsidering her clothing choices. Her previously black and shiny goth boots were chaffing and brown from mud. Her fishnet top had developed even larger holes. Her ribs were probably bruised from the amount of bouncing her tits were doing in her flimsy bra. She was contemplating just finishing the journey naked.

Her one solace was the amount of amazing insects drawn to the scent of a unwashed sweaty female. Herpetology was way more than just a career for her. It was an obsession. She had always loved insects. Some of her best friends were large spiders, beetles, and other assorted creepy crawlies. This trip so far had been amazing. She had never seen such diversity. She would, of course, have preferred to not be lost, but this was a lovely place to have it happen.

She adjusted her clothing and watched a purple shelled bug the size of her thumb, scamper across the heaving pale flesh of her breasts. It dipped into the dark crevasse of her cleavage, probably to find shade or a warm hole to hide in. She didn't impede its progress. It disappeared into her bra, she could feel it crawling against her skin toward her suddenly stiff nipple.

Unconsciously, she slid her hand in to her panties and stroked her cunt lips as she felt the tickle across her tit. Amanda turned and stared at the slutty show. Her lips drew together in a judgmental frown. Roxie quickly yanked her hand free, an embarrassed flush creeping over her cheeks.

Amanda grumbled, “Are you done adjusting yourself?”

Roxi nodded and straightened her clothing. “Yeah, yeah. Lead on,” she breathed. Unbeknownst to Amanda, the beetle was still tickling her sensitive nipple. Some secrets were just not meant to be shared.

Roxi took a step towards Amanda and the ground she stood on crumbled away. She plummeted, shrieking as darkness enveloped her. After a brief fall she landed on what felt like a slightly damp leaf pile. It was soft, and surprisingly, she wasn't hurt at all. Roxi looked around. It was too dark to see anything. The only light was the hole about a story and a half above her where she had fallen through. The hole seemed so tiny from this distance.

Amanda's head appeared in the halo above. “Hello? Are you alright?”

Roxi stood up. She was a little disoriented from the fall. Her voice was dry and wheezing from having the wind knocked out of her. “I'm fine," she managed.

“It's too dark in the hole. I can't see you. Can you climb out?”

Roxi reached into the darkness on either side of her. She found a wall circled her. It was slick, smooth, and damp. “I don't think so. The walls are too slippery.”

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