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by Jaye Valentine

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Cover Art & Design: Jaye Valentine

D.N.A.: Double Helix © 2012 – 2017 Jaye Valentine

Published by Sex Ensues Press

All rights reserved.

Intended for an adult audience.

Word Count: 4,700

October 10, 2017

About the Story

Identical twins Seth and Colton Wagner—frontmen of the steampunk-metal band D.N.A.—have led the eclectic group to the top of the popular charts and made a killing on their first world tour as headliners. On the eve of a long-anticipated Christmas break, wild-child Colton pulls an onstage stunt in front of a packed arena that shocks the crowd, the media, and Seth. Colton's outrageous behavior sparks a series of events that threaten to reveal the twins' closely guarded secret . . . .

Seth and Colton's brotherly love runs deeper than anyone suspects. Much deeper.

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by Jaye Valentine

The crowd of mostly teenagers stood on its feet chanting, as usual, during Colton’s guitar-solo bridge of D.N.A.’s signature song, Double Helix.

I looked across the stage and grinned at my identical twin. Ever since Colton told a reporter the flame-red color of our waist-length hair didn’t come from a bottle, the chant had erupted at the same point during every concert.

Prove it! Prove it! Prove it!

The choral shouting completely drowned out Colton’s solo on this particular occasion. Up until now, the knowing grins and wiggling eyebrows we flashed each otherColton stage right on lead guitar, me at stage left on bassconstituted the extent of our acknowledgment of the raucous request and drove the crowd wild. That all changed in a heartbeat tonight, my grin dropping at the moment my brother dropped his leather pants.

Colton, for whatever reason, chose tonight to prove to a screaming sea of thirteen thousand fans that his carpeting indeed matches the drapes.

After the concert ended at The Dunkthe Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Islandour band manager Holly McCoy came barreling into my backstage dressing room.

“Holy Christ,” Holly said, rolling her eyes. She exhaled in a loud burst like she’d been holding her breath for hours and smoothed back her short, blond hair. “It’s a fucking madhouse out there, but at least they waited until the show ended to arrest him. We don’t have to reimburse the venue, thank fucking God. Seth, what the hell are you doing?”

I stopped in the middle of unscrewing the cap off a jar of Pond’s Cold Cream. “Taking my makeup off.”

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