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Mom Punishes Me for Seducing My Daddy!

By Emma Kunis

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2017

All characters in this book are over the age of 18.

“Oh Jesus fucking Christ, we shouldn’t be doing this,” my daddy groans as I grab his hard cock. God, my dad is so much bigger than my ex-boyfriend. My mom sure is one lucky woman.

I pout. “Come on, Daddy, I’ve been so lonely during college.” Not totally true. At college, I’ve hooked up with quite a few guys and girls, but they always left me unsatisfied. Perhaps because none of them could ever compare to my handsome father with his silky blond hair, blue eyes, and lean yet muscular body. Not to mention his 10-inch penis!

“This is so wrong,” he says as I lick the tip of his cock. “But Christ, you’re so hot. Though I shouldn’t be saying that because you’re my goddamn daughter!”

“But I am hot, Daddy.” I have long shiny hair, which is silky and blond like his; his blue eyes; and D-cups. Not to brag or anything, but there is a reason why so many people at college were willing to hook up with me. “Hotter than Mommy, right?”

“Your mother is a beautiful woman.”

“But her boobs are so saggy and she’s a brunette,” I say. “And we both know blonds are so much more fun, right?” I stroke his penis. He hardens even more.

He groans again. “Kaci, okay, you’re hotter. But we shouldn’t betray your mom like this!”

“But I want you and you want me. And she’s not going to be home for at least an hour.” You must think I’m a horrible daughter. And I wouldn’t blame you. After all, I’m trying to seduce my father - my mother’s fucking husband! But I can’t help myself. And I bet my daddy will give in sooner or later.

“Oh, fuck, give me a blow job!” he exclaims. “I’m going to hell.”

“But I’ll make you feel like you’re in heaven, Daddy,” I say with a grin before taking his meat into my mouth. He moans as I suck on his dick. Slowly, I take more and more of his cock till his entire penis is in my mouth. Like a winner, I don’t gag or choke. I continue licking and sucking at his meat till he screams, “Oh God, I’m about to come, I’m going to fucking come!” Then he pulls out of me and jizzes on my face.

I smile through a layer of his white cum. I lick my lips. “Mm, you’re delicious, Daddy.”

“Oh God, I’m going to hell…”

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