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SINtendo DevilDOLL

Halloween with the Kreme 2017 - Book 5

by Kris P. Kreme

Published by Kris P. Kreme at Smashwords

Copyright 2017 Kris P. Kreme

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SINtendo DevilDOLL

Halloween with the Kreme 2017 - Book 5

by Kris P. Kreme

Deanna loves Kyle, a man she was encouraged to date by her daughter, Victoria. Always a good judge of character, it's saying something when Victoria is willing to help surprise Kyle for his birthday.

But the surprise may be ultimately on them when they set up his gift, a new SINtendo, something Deanna saw was a game system for grown men.

After playing SINtendo DevilDOLL, Deanna is horrified to see her daughter lifeless and white eyed, a doll that can only be saved by having the devil fucked out of her.

What's worse, Victoria has been erased from all memory besides Deanna, meaning when Kyle walks in he assumes his surprise is the lifelike sex doll in the living room.

SINtendo DevilDOLL

by Kris P. Kreme

“Hey babe, sorry I’m a little late this morning; I know you said you wanted me here by nine,” Kyle said, rushing into the kitchen.

“That’s fine, five minutes doesn’t make that big a difference,” Deanna said, motioning to her daughter across the room.

Kyle looked around, smiled, caught his breath from the sprint up across her lawn, having parked on the street as usual. “So… uh, what’s up? Sounded important on the phone last night.”

Deanna had only recently gotten back into the dating scene, largely on the encouragement of her teenage daughter, Victoria. Just entering her final year of high school, eighteen and literally fighting off boys with a stick half the time, Victoria was her mother’s daughter. Deanna had to admit there were so many days she could see herself in those eyes, and so it wasn’t surprising that Victoria had known Deanna was lonely, had encouraged her that dating again wasn’t going to be an issue with her.

And that was where Kyle came into play, the man having had an interest since Deanna began working in the same office as him seven years back, having been patient and always flattering, but not overly so. He was the perfect guy, both a man’s man and a sensitive honest guy. And today, Deanna thought, was his birthday.

“I can’t believe you haven’t thought of it,” Deanna said, chuckling.

Across the room Victoria stood as nonchalantly as she could, blocking the door to the living room should Kyle try to head that direction for any reason.

Like her mother, Victoria wore her dark silky hair long, her complexion so free of blemishes she rarely went far with makeup, but spent the effort instead on always having a unique fashion element, or unusually painted nails. The women in Deanna’s family had always been gorgeous and classy, never too far in how they looked, always catching an eye, and right now Victoria was just happy her mother had caught the eye of a good guy, not some perverted creep.

“I…” Kyle said, furrowing his brow, looking down at his feet, lifting a hand to his forehead, glancing over at Victoria. “I just… I mean it’s not our anniversary, and I know it’s not your… birthday…” he almost whispered.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Deanna said, grinning, walking up and kissing Kyle before looking him in the eyes. “Seriously, I know you’re always thinking of others, but to forget your own birthday.”

Kyle scratched idly at the back of his head. “I guess all these double shifts have really been taking it out of me; I absolutely forgot what month it was. Geez, um, thanks so much, babe.”

He glanced around again, nothing obvious in the kitchen, no wrapped gift with colorful bow, no freshly baked cake, nothing which would have given him a clue otherwise. The only thing a bit odd, he thought, was Victoria standing there in the doorway to the living room, smiling.

“Um… so that’s a nice, er… dress Victoria; how have you been?”

“All good here,” Victoria said with a nod. “School’s a breeze lately, might take an extra advanced lit course later this year, prepping for college ya know.”

Kyle nodded, then leaned in a bit closer to Deanna to whisper. “I did good right, that is a dress?”

Deanna playfully bumped him in the side. “Clueless about what day it is, clueless about girl’s fashions, what am I going to do with you?”

Kyle smiled. “At least I wasn’t clueless about finding the right woman.”

Victoria even laughed at that, and Kyle glanced back over to how she was standing, definitely looking a bit less natural the more she stood in the doorway.

“Now I just had something I need to…” Deanna was saying as she walked across the kitchen towards the fridge.

“Sooo, Victoria, no school today?” Kyle asked, craning his neck a bit as he stepped closer to the young brunette.

“It’s Saturday, Kyle,” Victoria chuckled, stiffening her posture, arching her back a bit as she squared off in the doorway.

Kyle bit his lip a bit as the somewhat odd style dress only pulled up more from her posture, the very toned and soft white thighs of his girlfriend’s daughter definitely not an appropriate place to rest his gaze for very long.

“Is there something in the…” he began to ask, Deanna spinning around from the fridge and cutting him off.

“Oh Kyle, I’m so sorry… I just remembered that I totally forgot to pick up your cake this morning.”

“My cake?” Kyle said, turning away from Victoria who nodded to her mother past Kyle’s shoulder.

“Of course, I had the bakery at the grocery store make your favorite cake, but I was supposed to pick it up an hour ago.”

“My favorite… wow, well that is a pleasant surprise,” Kyle smiled, looking off in thought at the perfect cake, his favorite cake, the one store rarely seemed to make these days as it was just such a simple recipe.

Deanna grinned as she walked up and rubbed her nails against his shirt lightly. “Well, considering you forgot your own birthday, everything about today is a pleasant surprise, huh?”

Kyle chuckled and nodded. “Guess so, um… so, did you want me to…”

“To what?”

“I just get the feeling you want me out of the house for some reason, even though I just got here.”

Deanna smiled, and Victoria let a slight giggle escape. “Okay, okay, you caught me… I have a very special gift for you, but it’s not quite set up just yet. So why don’t you drive down to the store and get the cake, Victoria and I will have your gift waiting in the living room for you when you return.”

Kyle glanced back at the dark haired younger version of her mother, nodding. “Aha… I knew there was something off about you, and not in one of those typical teenage quirky ways.”

“Hey, don’t call me quirky, Mister Kyle,” Victoria said, totally with a smile and her arms folded.

“Don’t call me Mister,” Kyle said, looking to Deanna. “Okay, so what store was it, the one down on Main?”

Deanna nodded. “The cake is under my name, but your name is on it, so they shouldn’t give you a hassle picking it up. It’s paid for already too.”

Kyle chuckled, walking up to Deanna and pulling her in for a kiss, then he nodded and tossed a wave back to Victoria. “I guess I’ll be back in a half hour, and I hope you two didn’t go to too much trouble for my gift. I wouldn’t even have expected a card.”

“Drive safe,” Deanna said.

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