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With this new pool table the whole family were like kids at Christmas time with a new toy. We were constantly in the pool room.

We were all getting pretty good by now and goddam if my mum wasn’t getting pretty hot on that table, so much so that I said it out loud.

“Dam mum, you don’t half look hot when you’re on that table!”

“Excuse me son?”

For a second the shocked look on her face confused me , then the way in which my words could have been interpreted hit me.

“Oh god no! I didn’t mean it like that, I meant’re really good at pool, that’s what I meant. need to go, I have some stuff to do.”

Now that was embarrassing, I had never wanted to get out of a room so quickly in my life.

I really hoped that mum did not think that I meant what I had said in that way. I mean I liked the ladies sure-what young guy didn’t? But my own mother? Incest was fucking sick.

I mean if I was the kind of guy that noticed when my mum bent over the pool table that her jeans pulled tight and perfectly accentuated the curves of that gorgeous milf ass, if I was the kind of guy who felt a tingle run through his body when mum leant over the table and noticed how her ample breasts squashed against that green surface, if I was the kind of guy who in the middle of a game let his mind wander to what it would be like to just take his mother, throw her on to the table, rip her clothes off and fuck her senseless, then in all those circumstances we could say that I was a dirty incestuous pervert who wanted to fuck his own mother.

Oh shit, wait a minute...

I realised now that what had happened back in the pool room had been what they called a Freudian slip. I had let the truth slip from my lips. I could not stop the words from forming in my head.

I wanted to fuck my own mother.

“Hey son how is it going?” My mum was in the pool room as ever as I walked in. “Some weather we’re having today huh?”


“Seen any good movies lately?”

“Not really.”

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