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The Christmas Cuckcake

An Erotic Quickie

By Serena Synn

Copyright ©2017

Synn with Me Publishing

Serena Synn

The Christmas Cuckcake

“So honey, what do you want for Christmas this year?” my husband Craig, asked me as he hung a Christmas garland over the living room archway. It was Thanksgiving weekend and it was our tradition to decorate the house. This was the first year we were doing it alone. All the kids had been here for dinner Thursday but quickly dispersed to hang out with friends over the weekend.

I hesitated, candy cane in hand. Should I tell him the truth or should I tell him something normal like a nice bottle of perfume or a romantic weekend away? How could I say, “Hey baby, what I really want for Christmas is a cuckcake. What’s a cuckcake, you ask? A cuckcake is a woman that will have sex with you while I watch because I am a cuckquean”

How would my straight-laced monogamous husband feel about me telling him that I fantasize about watching him with other women? That nothing turns me on more? He would probably freak out.

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