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Chapter One

Tina Wilson stepped into the huge Victorian bath and smiled as she immersed her naked body under the hot soapy water. I need never work again, she thought dreamily, taking the perfumed soap from the large seashell by the side of the bath and lathering her firm breasts.

Tina'd not known the distant aunt who'd died recently, leaving her entire life's savings and huge house to her young niece. For some reason, Tina's mother had never talked of the mysterious Aunt Katherine who'd lived only half a mile away from Tina's flat. But no matter, for the unknown woman's death had brought her not only riches, but a new life.

Retired at twenty years old, Tina mused, her slender fingers massaging the soap into her elongated nipples. A rambling Victorian house full of antiques and more than enough money - she had everything she'd ever dreamed of. Almost everything.

Her fingers now between the soft swell of her pussy lips, she closed her eyes and relaxed. l need a man, she ruminated as she spread her vaginal lips and gently massaged her clitoris, stiffening the petite protrusion for the first time in months.

The hot water played between her legs and swirled around her opening valley, bringing her a new and strange awareness of her body - her sexuality. Running her finger down her open slit to her pink inner petals, she tentatively explored the underwater entrance to her neglected vagina.

'God, I need to come!' Tina breathed as she slipped her finger into her creamy vaginal sheath and massaged the silky inner walls. Her desperate arousal had come quickly, gripping her trembling body with a rampant desire for sex. But this was alien to her - she didn't know what was goading her, driving her to explore her femininity so intimately.

Of course she'd masturbated - played with herself on the odd occasion when she'd felt bored. But never before had she experienced such a fervent desire for fulfilment. Her very being seemed to exist between her legs, the engorging lips of her vagina - her clitoris. Her surroundings dissolved into oblivion as she located her sensitive protuberance again and circled its base with her trembling finger.

Tina's fresh young body seemed to float on the water as she became aware of her approaching orgasm. Her mind drifted, as if stepping aside to allow a force far greater than she to absorb her flesh, her physical being. Her fingers now working urgently on her flowering clitoris, she shuddered and gasped uncharacteristic words of self-love. 'Ah, my sweet cunt! Come for me!'

Inducing delightful ripples of pleasure from her submerged pearl, she grabbed the soap and pushed it between her oyster lips. Sinking the slippery phallus deep into her quivering body, she climbed to the peak of her climax, gasping her gratification to the accompaniment of the lapping water. 'Ah, yes! Ah, ah! Come, I've come!'

Her long blonde hair floating around her head like the petals of a golden water lily, her body warm and trembling with sex, Tina closed her eyes and sank beneath the surface of the water - fulfilled, satisfied as never before in her coming.

Finally drifting back into her consumed body, she relaxed. A strange calm bathed her, engulfed her as she wallowed in her perversity. Away from the outside world she had discovered her own secret world, an illicit world of self-loving. Her fingers still playing between the rubicund cushions of flesh between her thighs, she breathed deeply, slowly.

'God, what have I done?' Tina cried as she returned to waking consciousness and tried to retrieve the bar of soap from her hot vagina. Ashamed, guilty, she slipped the soap from her young body and lay back gazing at the high ceiling, wondering at her wanton act of self-abuse.

Never before had she experienced such an overwhelming desire for sexual satisfaction, nor brought her throbbing clitoris to such a powerful orgasm. Guilt quickly turned to fear as she realized that she was still unconsciously fingering her pussy hole, once again massaging the slippery velveteen walls.

'What am I doing?' she whispered as her clitoris ripened and stirred in anticipation of another orgasm. Dragging her hand and her thoughts away from her demanding cumbud, Tina jumped up and climbed from the bath. Slipping her robe over her shoulders she tried to plan her day, her shopping trip, her long-overdue visit to her mother. But, with a mind of their own, her hands wandered again, exploring her gentle curves, her secret feminine crevices.

The front doorbell rang as Tina stood before the full-length mirror, her vaginal lips spread, her fingers lovingly stroking jewel. 'If that's that bloody Andy again!' she cursed, pulling her robe over her glowing body and bounding downstairs.

Andy had never given Tina a second glance when she'd lived in her small flat and worked at the local betting shop. They'd known each other from school and, being a few years older, he'd always thought of her as a spotty teenager. He seemed to notice that she'd developed into an extremely attractive and shapely young woman.

That is, until she'd moved into Aunt Katherine's. She'd only been installed for two days and he'd called round twice already - once bearing a huge bouquet of flowers, and once to invite her out to dinner. She'd sent him packing on both occasions but she'd known he'd be back, whispering his compliments in her ear.

'I've always admired you,' he'd lied as he'd presented her with the flowers. 'You're so pretty, so attractive, Tina! Long blonde hair, big baby-blue eyes, a wonderful mouth! And your figure! All I can say is that you should have been a model.'

After showing Andy the door, she'd scrutinized herself in the mirror. Creep though he was, Tina was happy to admit he was right - she was slim, feminine in the right places, and very pretty. But then she'd cursed him. She'd carried a torch for him for years. Why couldn't he have noticed her before she'd come into money - before he'd so cruelly taken up with that Japanese doll? They'd made a good couple, she reflected - until the girl had returned to Japan, leaving Andy alone and eligible. But sadly, by then, Tina's infatuation had also slipped away.

There was no denying Andy's attractiveness, she reflected. With his tall, muscular frame, deep, dark eyes and sleek black hair, he'd have made a good catch. Before, she'd virtually begged him to take her out but he'd just made pathetic excuses or laughed at her, implying that she was the last girl in the world he'd be seen with. Now she was all too well aware of his motives.

'Tina!' Andy smiled, holding out a box of chocolates as she opened the front door.

'What is it this time?' she asked grumpily as he brushed past her and stepped into the hall.

'I've brought you a little present,' he grinned, holding out the chocolates.

'I don't want your presents, Andy! Can't you get it into your thick skull? I don't want to know you anymore!'

Walking into the kitchen, Tina suddenly felt an icy cold draught whip up around her legs. Shivering, she filled the kettle and sat at the table, wondering why she felt so cold in the middle of the hottest July on record. 'Coffee?' she asked Andy as he sat opposite her.

'Thanks,' he replied with a smile, wondering at her sudden change of mood. Tina wondered at the change, too. She'd meant to throw him out, and now she was offering him coffee! Again, she felt an icy blast around her legs.

'Are you cold?' she asked, pulling her pink robe tightly around her quivering body.

'Cold? If anything, I'm too hot!' he returned with a laugh. 'You must be ill if you feel cold on a sweltering day like this!'

'Maybe I am,' she mused as she stood up. 'I've never felt so cold in all my life!'

Swinging round, her robe suddenly fell open to reveal her beautifully-formed breasts. Andy gazed in disbelief at Tina's areolae, her elongated nipples, before lowering his eyes to the triangle of thick pubic hair below the gentle curve of her stomach. Following his gaze, she looked down in horror and quickly pulled her gown together.

Although highly embarrassed, she found herself strangely aroused by the incident. Wondering what he was thinking, she glanced at Andy who was still staring at her, open-mouthed. Turning, she took two cups from the cupboard and the coffee, wondering why she'd found her exhibitionism so exciting.

Returning to the table with the coffee, she smiled. 'What's the matter, haven't you seen a woman's naked body before?' The alien words tumbled from her mouth.

'Er... yes, of course!' Andy finally managed to reply with a nervous laugh.

'I thought I'd embarrassed you for a minute!' she quipped, deliberately allowing her gown to fall open again.

'No, no,' he stammered, his eyes transfixed on the fissure just visible through the thick dark curls between thighs.

'That's all right, then,' she returned nonchalantly as she sat facing him, seemingly dismissing the incident.

Sipping her coffee, Tina sat quietly, shocked by her behaviour, wondering why she'd deliberately exposed her body. Her thoughts swirled as she found herself desperately trying to resist the urge to display her femininity again.

Suddenly, she felt warm, comfortable - but at the same time, guilty and ashamed. Andy looked into her big blue eyes and smiled uneasily. What must he think of me? she wondered as she fiddled with the tea spoon and returned his smile.

'Please don't keep coming round to see me, Andy,' she finally said. 'I don't mean to be unkind, but I don't want to know you any more. I used to... well, you know how I used to feel about you, but that's changed.'

'Okay, if that's really what you want,' he replied, confused by her conflicting actions and words. 'Don't mind if I finish my coffee before I walk out of your life for good, do you?'

'No, of course not!'

Standing up and walking over to the sink, Tina shivered again. 'I feel so cold!' she complained. 'I'd better take something and go to bed.'

'Flu, I expect,' Andy smiled, wishing he'd paid her more attention before she'd come into money.

'I've had no flu symptoms. I don't know what it can be.' Fully aware of what she was doing, Tina felt she had no control over her actions as she turned to Andy and opened her robe again. Moving closer to him, she slipped the garment over her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Standing before him, she looked down to her rounded breasts and smiled as she cupped them in her hands, pulling them up and sucking each nipple in turn. Andy gazed at her nakedness in disbelief, his eyes wide with confusion.

'One minute you tell me that you don't want to know me, and then you do this!' he exclaimed, shaking his head. Tina didn't answer. She was powerless. As if in the grip of something unseen, she couldn't move: she had no control over her body. A cold sensation ran up her spine - something akin to an icy finger, she imagined, as her sense of morality left her.

Reaching out, Andy tentatively stroked her firm breasts with the back of his hand. Tina closed her eyes and breathed deeply as he gently squeezed her erect milk-bud, bringing her powerful, unfamiliar sensations of sex. Homing in on him, she stood with her feet wide apart and pushed her hips forward, presenting her glistening pussy lips to his disbelieving eyes. He gaped at her open sex, wondering whether she was teasing him, tempting him, only to rebuke him should he touch her there.

Confused, he tentatively lowered his hand to her open valley and cautiously stroked the intimate pink flesh. She let out a deep sigh, thrusting out her hips shamelessly. This was no game, Andy knew, as he moved his finger beneath her body and gently eased it into the heat of her wet vagina.

Leaning on the table to steady her trembling body, Tina moved her hips back and forth, sliding his finger in and out of her tightening sheath. Aware of his solid penis straining in his trousers, Andy wondered how far she'd allow him to go when she'd call a halt to his intimate attentions and tell him that she didn't want to know him any more.

Pulling away, Tina perched on the table and placed her legs either side of Andy's body, blatantly opening her wet, fleshy pussy lips with her fingers as she lay back and relaxed. Sitting between her slender thighs, he leaned forward and kissed her mound. 'Lick!' she sighed in a strange husky voice, crudely opening her glistening lips further to reveal her stiffening clitoris.

This wasn't the Tina Andy knew. This wasn't the girl who had told him in no uncertain terms to get out of her life, and stay out. But why worry? he thought as he pushed his tongue out and tasted the milky globules of sex juice clinging to her distended inner lips. She was here, her body open, blatantly on offer - so why worry?

Licking between her stretched inner petals, Andy savoured the taste of Tina's love juices as they flowed freely from her hot body. She writhed and gasped, coarsely offering her femininity as her clitoris swelled and tingled in response to his darting tongue. She had no idea why she was behaving like this, why she was acting like a prostitute. But lost in her sexual haze, it didn't matter.

'Fuck me with your tongue!' Tina ordered rudely. Andy frowned, not only at the uncouth words, but at her unearthly tone. Gazing between her rounded breasts to the uncanny expression upon her face, he wondered if she was delirious, if she had lost her senses. 'Do it to me!' she hissed between her gasps. She wasn't ill, he was positive, and he had no hesitation in complying with her demand.

Pushing his tongue into the heat of her tight vaginal canal, he lapped up the female honeydew as it oozed from the fountainhead somewhere deep within her soft tube. She opened her legs wider, pulling her already stretched outer lips further apart and lifting her buttocks from the table to give him greater access to her inflamed pussy-hole.

'Clitoris!' she cried in the same unearthly tone. Andy moved his attention up the wet glistening valley to the hard bud protruding from the reddening flesh. Engulfing the rigid nodule in his hot mouth, he flicked his tongue over the sensitive tip until she arched her back and groaned in her coming.

Tina's incredibly powerful orgasm shook her young body and she oozed with more sex juice than Andy would have imagined possible. Pulling and squeezing her erect nipples, she threw her head back and stared up to the ceiling, her mouth agape, gasping and moaning as if beseeching some dark power to take her body and use it for its debased pleasure.

Moving away as she groped for her clitoris, Andy watched in amazement as she sustained the shuddering waves of her orgasm with her vibrating fingertips. In her strange nymphomaniac state, she reached under her legs and fingered her vagina, causing a torrent of slippery fluid to bathe her hand. 'Yes, that's it!' she screamed as her body became rigid and her nostrils flared, her eyes filling with a terrifying look of obscene sexual desire that Andy had never before witnessed.

Her ordeal finally over, Tina's body lay trembling in a heap on the table. Her fingers circled her nipples, ran down over her stomach to her swollen valley and toyed with the wet, matted pubic curls, the glistening folds of pink flesh. It was as if someone else was discovering her body, as if an unseen hand was using hers to feel her, to explore her intimacy.

Andy moved his chair back and stood up, his fearful gaze transfixed on her wide eyes, her unfamiliar expression. 'Are you all right?' he asked as her hands fell limp by her sides. Relaxing, she appeared to return to her senses, to her body. Lifting herself from the table, she grabbed her robe and quickly slipped it over her shoulders. 'Are you all right?' Andy repeated, his dark eyes troubled.

Slowly lifting her head, Tina brushed her long blonde hair from her face and looked into his eyes. 'Why shouldn't I be?' she laughed, as if nothing had happened.

'Can I see you again? This evening, perhaps?' he asked, imagining his hard penis deep within her tight vagina.

'I've told you, Andy! There's nothing doing!'

He shook his head as she pulled her robe tightly over her taut breasts and asked him to leave. 'You want me to go after... I don't understand!' he protested wildly. Tina didn't understand, either. She didn't know why she'd behaved no better than a common whore, why she'd crudely opened her young body to him - and was now telling him to leave.

'Please go,' she whispered in her confusion as she sat down, her head hung low in shame.

As the front door banged shut, Tina looked up. 'What the hell have I done?' she sighed despairingly, aware of a warm stickiness between her thighs. 'What the bloody hell have I done?'

For an hour Tina sat at the kitchen table, her mind reeling, her thoughts swirling, bringing images of her body lying naked, blatantly on offer to a man she didn't even like. She couldn't comprehend what she'd done, or why she'd done it. At least I didn't go all the way with him, she thought thankfully as she finally climbed the stairs to her bedroom, trying to push away thoughts of his thick penis buried deep within her quivering pussy.

Dressed in her skimpy pink summer dress, Tina wandered out into the garden with a glass of iced orange juice and sat under the shade of a very old and gnarled apple tree. Gazing at the huge house, her mind clearing, she remembered that she'd promised to visit her mother who, for some reason, wasn't at all happy with her. Since she'd moved into Aunt Katherine's house, her mother hadn't even bothered to phone, let alone pay her daughter a visit. Tina had put it down to the fact that she, Tina, had been left everything in the will. Although she'd offered to share the money with her mother, for some reason the older woman had rudely declined to take a penny.

'Tina!' a pretty young blonde called as she bounded across the lawn. 'I've been ringing your doorbell for ages!'

'Hi, Lucy! Sorry, I can't hear the bell from the garden.'

'Had any more flowers or invites to dinner from that Andy?' Lucy asked, sitting cross-legged on the grass and pulling her miniskirt down to cover her slim thighs.

Tina smiled slightly. She didn't dare tell Lucy what she'd done, she was far too embarrassed. And besides, the other girl wouldn't believe such an incredible story. She could hardly believe it herself!

'No, I haven't seen him,' she finally replied. 'Anyway, do you want to look over the house?'

'Ooh, yes! Isn't it big? When you told me about it on the phone, I didn't think it would be anything like this!'

'You should have seen my face when I first arrived! I never imagined that it was so huge!' Tina laughed, leading the way across the lawn to the back door.

In the kitchen, Tina looked at the large pine table and remembered lying across it with her legs open and Andy drinking her cunt-milk as it flowed from her sex-craved body. Again, she wondered why she'd behaved as she had - what had possessed her to spread her naked body, bare her intimacy before a man she didn't even like.

'Let's start upstairs,' Tina suggested, dragging her gaze from the table and holding her hand out for Lucy to lead the way. Following the girl up the huge staircase, Tina eyed her slender thighs. Raising her eyes, she found herself ogling the tight spheres of white material clinging to her firm buttocks. Again, she felt an icy draught whip up around her and she gasped.

'What is it?' Lucy asked, turning to look at her friend.

'Nothing, I just feel a little cold, that's all,' Tina replied, managing to stop herself from adding 'What a nice little bottom you have.' Stunned by her thoughts, she continued to follow her friend up the stairs, desperately trying to drag her eyes from the girl's alluring, curvaceous buttocks.

'This is the master bedroom,' Tina announced proudly, opening a huge pine door. 'My bedroom.'

'God, it's wonderful!' Lucy shrieked, leaping onto the massive double bed to try it out. 'You're so lucky!'

Lying on her back with her legs inadvertently parted, Lucy was oblivious to Tina feasting her eyes on the delicious swell of her tight panties. Try as she might to avert her glazed gaze before it was noticed, Tina found herself powerless to peel her eyes from the young girl's delightfully bulging sex.

'You're so lucky,' Lucy sighed again as Tina sat on the dressing table stool at the end of the bed for a better view the girl's crotch. 'All you need now is a husband.'

'God, no!' Tina laughed. 'A boyfriend, maybe, but not a husband. That reminds me, how are you getting on with Mark?'

'We've split up.'

'That's a shame.'

'It's okay, it was mutual. We just didn't hit it off together.'

'But you told me how well it was going the last time I saw you. What happened?'

'He's too old for me, for one thing. I'm eighteen and he's thirty-six! It's rather a large age gap, really. Also, I didn't get on with his friends. They all seem much older than he is! Anyway, I'm off men at the moment.'

'You need a woman,' Tina blurted out, shocked and confused by her extraordinary statement.

'A woman?' Lucy echoed, sitting up in surprise. 'What for?'

'I... I don't know, I was joking.' Reclining on the bed with her knees up, Lucy allowed her legs to fall apart, once again carelessly displaying her bulging panties. Tina frowned and bit her lip, wondering if she was becoming so aroused at the sight of another body, and what she'd meant by Lucy needing a woman. She was finding it increasingly difficult to resist the overwhelming temptation to touch the girl, to feel the soft warmth of her panties - to kiss her there.

'I think you'd better go,' she sighed.

'I haven't seen the house yet,' Lucy returned despondently.

'I have to go and see my mother, so...'

'What did you mean when you said that I need a woman?' Lucy asked.

'I was joking.'

'Do you?'

'Do I what?'

'Need a woman?'

Tina lowered her eyes to the floor. What was Lucy trying to say? Was this an offer, a proposition? Why was she lying down with her knees up and her legs seemingly deliberately open? Tina raised her eyes and gazed again at the girl's tight panties with a strange longing in her heart. After her experience with Andy, and now her uncharacteristic feelings for Lucy, she tried to get a grip on herself.

'I really must go and visit my mother,' she said firmly, standing up and walking to the side of the bed.

'You didn't answer my question,' Lucy smiled, her big blue eyes wide with anticipation, her lips curled in an impish smile.

'What question?' Tina asked, averting her gaze.

'Do you need a woman?'

'No, of course not. It's just that I... To be honest, I'm confused. I've got this beautiful house, lots of money... I don't know what I need.'

'Well, you said yourself that you don't want a husband. Perhaps you don't really want a boyfriend, either? Or any man, come to that.'

Tina turned her head and gazed longingly at the girl's slim legs as she straightened them and relaxed on the bed. Lucy's skirt had ridden up her succulent thighs, revealing the thin white material hugging her pubic mound, outlining the dividing groove between the soft ridges of her spongy outer lips. Sitting on the edge of the bed Tina stroked Lucy's knee, running her finger up her thigh to stop short of the thin material veiling her feminine secret.

'You must go now,' Tina sighed. 'Go before...'

'Before what?' the girl asked. Her eyes reflected innocence. Perhaps she really didn't know what her friend had in mind. Tina wasn't sure what she intended herself as Lucy lay back on the bed and moved down slightly, her miniskirt riding even further up her thighs. The white panties now in full view, Tina observed a few blonde curls sprouting from beneath the tight elastic in the crease where Lucy's leg met her crotch.

Tentatively reaching out, she stroked the warm material with the back of her trembling hand, desperately longing to unveil the girl's young mound and admire the feminine beauty there.

'What the hell are you doing?' Lucy asked, surprised. Her heart racing, her face flushed, Tina quickly moved her hand away. She didn't know what she was doing, or why she was doing it.

'I didn't know that you were like that!' Lucy mocked.

'I'm not... I mean...'

'It looks as if you are to me!'

'I'm sorry, I...'

'It's all right. You can touch me there, if that's what you really want to do,' Lucy offered, much to Tina's surprise.

It was what she wanted. But she couldn't comprehend her thoughts, her actions, as she moved her hand up Lucy's thigh and stroked her soft panties. Breathing heavily in her strange arousal, she pushed her fingertip into the warm mound, locating the valley between the rise of the girl's outer lips.

'I didn't know that you were like that,' Tina remarked as she ran her finger up and down the girl's hot groove.

'I'm not. I was just curious, I suppose. You intrigue me, Tina. I really didn't expect you to touch me, I was just testing you. How long have you been a lesbian?'

The horrifying word sent a shiver up Tina's spine. A lesbian, she echoed as Lucy pushed her hand away and closed her legs. Tina watched the girl cover herself with her short skirt and fold her arms in disgust. She'd been playing games - cruel, childish games.

'Well, how long have you been a lesbian?' Lucy repeated, a glint in her eye as if she was enjoying her friend's predicament.'

'I'm not a lesbian,' Tina returned softly as she lowered her head, torn by a desperate longing to touch Lucy there again.

'Did you really want to pull my knickers off and... well, do whatever lesbians do?'

'I don't know what I had in mind. Look, I'm sorry, Lucy. Let's just forget all about it, shall we?'

'I don't think that I'll ever be able to forget being touched up by a lesbian! Anyway, I need the loo. Which way is it?'

'First on the left.'

Tina walked to the window and gazed out into the large garden. 'Now what the hell have I done?' she asked herself, her head aching in her desperation to understand her irrational emotions. Knowing that Lucy would never forget the horrific incident, she wondered how to explain what she'd done. A joke, perhaps? Yes, she'd say that she'd only been joking, that it had been a laugh, that she was as heterosexual as they come.

'God, it's hot today, isn't it?' Lucy sighed as she returned and flopped onto the bed, pulling her skirt up slightly - deliberately, Tina thought.

'Yes,' Tina replied softly, realizing as she again took her pew on the dressing table stool that she could never explain her actions away as a joke.

Her hands behind her head, Lucy relaxed and opened her legs slightly. Was it deliberate? Tina asked herself. In view of Lucy's words, her obvious disapproval of lesbians, she decided that it couldn't be. Desperately trying to deny her intense sexual feelings for the girl, Tina glanced between her legs and let out an involuntary gasp. Lucy's panties were pulled to one side, caught between her bulging outer lip and the crease at the top of her shapely thigh.

As Lucy rambled on about her ex-boyfriend, seemingly unaware that she was exhibiting her voluptuous vaginal lips, Tina gazed longingly at the sparse, blonde curls sprouting from the soft cushions of flesh, at the soft inner lips protruding slightly from the tightly closed groove.

Fighting temptation, her heart banging hard against her chest, she moved to the side of the bed and sat down, wondering at the girl's reaction if she were to reach out and touch her youthful sex. Lucy seemed to take little notice as Tina moved nearer and brushed her leg with the back of her hand. Still chattering on, she inadvertently opened her legs a little further, seemingly oblivious of her intimate display. But Tina couldn't be sure if Lucy was offering her young body, or playing her childish games.

'I was only joking earlier, just playing around!' Tina laughed nervously.

'Were you?' Lucy replied accusingly.

'Of course! You don't really think that I'm a lesbian, do you?'

'Why not? Some people are, so why not someone I know. Someone like you, perhaps?'

'Well, I can assure you that I'm not.'

Amid her rising arousal and confusion, Tina wondered. She glanced at Lucy's succulent vaginal lips again as she continued to go on about her ex-boyfriend. She'd inadvertently got her knickers in a twist after using the loo, that was all, she decided. She wouldn't deliberately expose herself like that, would she?

'You're not listening to me, are you?' Lucy asked angrily, noticing Tina's glazed eyes.

'Sorry, I was just...'

'Just what?' she frowned, following her gaze and lifting her skirt up. 'God! Just looking at my cunny, that's what!' she shrieked, hurriedly adjusting her panties. 'You are a bloody lesbian!'

'I'm not, Lucy, I just...'

'You couldn't lend me some money, could you?'

Tina frowned, wondering at the girl's sudden change of subject. Blackmail - the ugly word resounded in her thoughts. Will she tell everyone about me if I don't lend her money? she wondered. Is that her game? But this was so unlike Lucy, the innocent young girl she thought she'd known so well. And so unlike herself, too.

'I don't know,' Tina began. 'My solicitor advised me against lending money. He told me that...'

'It's just that I'm in debt and I'll end up in court unless...'

'I'm sorry, Lucy. I can lend you a few pounds but I can't...'

'Oh well, not to worry.'

'How much is the debt?'

'Fifty, that's all - but I haven't got it.'

'You'd do well to get yourself a job.'

'I know. I am trying, but it's not easy.'

A terrifying thought suddenly struck Tina. She desperately wanted to touch Lucy's vaginal lips, to examine her there, to masturbate her - to pay her for sex. Her hands trembling, dizzy in her craving to massage the girl's clitoris and bring her to orgasm, her overwhelming arousal was driving her wild.

'I'll pay the debt for you if...' she began, wondering what the hell she was proposing.

'If what?' Lucy asked innocently, her hands behind her head and her thighs slightly parted again.

'Are you playing games with me?' Tina asked. 'Because if you are, then...'

'Games? I only asked if I could borrow some money, that's all. Anyway, you'll lend it to me if what?'

'Not lend - give.'

'Give? What do I have to do? What's the if?'

Tina's eyes darted between Lucy's legs and then back to her pretty face. She desperately wanted to strip her friend, to feel her naked body, to examine her curves, kiss her crevices.

'If what?' the girl repeated irritably.

'If...' The words were simple, but Tina couldn't say them. Glancing at Lucy's tight panties again, she gave a hesitant smile. She was so near now, so near to discovering another young girl's intimacy - and yet so far. Her craving for the girl's young body, her desperation to masturbate her to a wondrous orgasm had quickly become a frightening maniacal frenzy. 'If you let me touch you,' she finally blurted out, her face flushed, her hands trembling as she awaited the girl's answer.

Their wide eyes met. Tina expected Lucy to leap from the bed and flee the house in disgust. Her proposal was disgusting, she knew, but she couldn't help herself. Something was driving her on, coaxing her to enter into a lesbian relationship with Lucy - but what?

Lucy breathed heavily, fiddling with her long blonde hair as she gazed into Tina's eyes. 'You are a lesbian,' she whispered, her full lips curling into an awkward smile. 'What, exactly, do you want to do to me?'

'I... I want to touch you, feel you,' Tina replied softly, heart racing, her clitoris stirring within her moistening valley.

Lucy lowered her eyes, deep in thought, her slender fingers still toying with her hair. She was young, too young, Tina decided, her mind tormented with images of the girl's pussy lips, her hard, throbbing clitoris, her pretty face contorting as she reached her shuddering climax. 'You can look,' Lucy finally conceded, pulling her skirt up and slipping her knickers half way down her thighs. 'I need money, so you can look. I don't know what lesbians do, I've never known one. I don't want to know what they do to each other. But I desperately need the money, so you can look at my...'

Tina lowered her eyes to gaze greedily at the girl's pouting lips. She imagined pushing her finger into the soft warmth, exploring the inner flesh of her tight sheath, bringing her to a beautiful climax. Beneath her gaze, Lucy parted her girl-lips to reveal the inner pink flesh, her clitoris between the sweet girl-folds at the top of her wet valley.

'You can look' - the words spun around Tina's tormented mind. Then, as if possessed by some horrendous sexual force, she reached out involuntarily and rolled Lucy's spongy outer lips between her finger and thumb, lovingly squeezing and kneading the soft fleshy pad. Lucy frowned as she gazed at Tina, her friend since schooldays, the girl she'd always looked up to, the girl she'd admired. What has changed her? she wondered, looking down to see Tina's fingers exploring the glistening pink flesh between her open pussy lips. Or had she always been a lesbian?

Watching Tina's fingers hovering around the entrance to her wet vagina, Lucy realized how wrong it was. The money didn't matter - it wasn't worth selling her body to another girl, to a lesbian, simply to pay off a debt at a clothes shop. Allowing her private lips to close, she moved Tina's hand away and began to pull her knickers up.

'That's enough,' she said firmly as Tina reached out and tugged at her knickers. 'Stop it. You've already done more than look at me. You're... You're bloody gay!' Her lust raging, Tina tore the flimsy panties from the girl's body, her face grinning wickedly, her eyes afire with passion. Lucy struggled to cover herself, to defend her feminine intimacy as her blouse was ripped open and her bra wrenched clear of her young breasts.

'Get off! Leave me alone!' she cried in horror as Tina sucked her youthful breast-bud into her mouth and located the wet entrance to her tight vagina with her inquisitive finger. Struggle as she did, Lucy could do nothing to defend her vulnerable body as the female finger crudely pushed its way deep into her tight vaginal sheath, exploring the velveteen walls within.

Whimpering, she tried to cross her legs, to roll over and escape as Tina dragged her wet finger up her open valley, located her clitoris and vigorously massaged the hardening sex-button. Twisting her hips, seeking to defend herself from the lesbian assault, she tried to bite Tina's arm as it pushed her head down.

Her eyes wide, her face flushed with desire, visibly out control, Tina pinned her victim down by the neck as she sucked harder on her aching nipple, darkening her areola. Rubbing Lucy's clitoris with a vengeance in her uncanny sexual frenzy, she let out a long low moan of pleasure through her nose. Biting the girl's nipple now, she rolled her eyes, her senses leaving her.

Trembling in her fear, Lucy knew that there was no escape from her so-called friend. Faced with the inevitable, she calmed, and then gasped, as her clitoris began to respond to the crudely enforced masturbation. Her mind tumbling in confusion, her emotions running wild, she'd never have dreamed that she'd respond this way to another girl's intimate attentions.

The delightful waves of sex emanating from between her splayed pussy lip's rolled over Lucy's young body, combining with the euphoric sensations playing around her nipple to take her to previously unknown heights. Horrified by the pleasure she was receiving from another girl, she gasped again. Pulling on Tina's blonde hair to free her aching nipple from her hot mouth, she shuddered and pushed her head down hard against her breast.

Realizing that her victim was beginning to enjoy her attention, Tina changed the mood of her clitoral massage to one of loving affection, sensually hardening the fleshy protrusion with her delicate fingertips until the girl arched her back and squirmed with delight. 'God, I'm coming!' Lucy cried, much to Tina's delight, as her body shook with lesbian lust. 'Please don't stop, I'm... I'm coming!'

Afire with lust, Tina brought out the girl's climax, her own clitoris pulsing with desire as she ran her fingers up and down Lucy's drenched valley, sustaining her shuddering orgasm until she fell limp, her body satisfied in its first lesbian orgasm.

'Aren't you going to do it to me?' Tina laughed wickedly as Lucy eventually managed to roll off the bed. Pulling her blouse over her breasts, the girl stared long and hard at Tina before fleeing the room and dashing down the stairs and out into the safety of the street. Her body defiled, she clutched her blouse together to cover her small breasts as she ran home, her face streaked with tears.

Taking Lucy's wet panties from the bed, Tina held them to her face, breathing in the heady scent of the girl's young sex as she giggled in her wickedness. Her eyes closed, her senses afire with passion as the aphrodisiacal perfume filled her nostrils, she licked her fingers, savouring the first ever taste of girl-juice.

As her senses slowly returned, Tina dropped the panties to the floor and made her way downstairs, her big blue eyes reflecting her horror at her actions. Out in the garden, she sat under the apple tree, her mind aching with the cold reality of what she'd done to Lucy, her friend. Her breathing heavy, she became fearful, desperately trying to find some logic in her debauched behaviour.

'What the hell have I done?' she breathed, recalling her young body lying over the kitchen table with Andy between her inflamed pussy lips. 'What the hell's happening to me?'

Leaning against the tree, she looked up to the huge apples above and sighed, her eyes wide with confusion. Feeling something digging into her back, she turned to see a huge growth protruding from the gnarled trunk of the tree. Strangely, it had the distinct shape of an erect penis. I can't get away from sex, she mused, remembering the small neat garden at her flat.

She missed the betting shop, her work colleagues, her flat. She'd thought that the huge house, the money, the relaxed way of life, would have made her happy. But, it seemed, it was destroying her.

Feeling tired, Tina wandered indoors. An icy cold draught whipped around her legs and a shiver ran up her spine as she climbed the stairs. Standing by her bed she pictured Lucy there, her pussy bared, her half-naked body squirming in orgasm. Shuddering in her horror she climbed under the quilt, relaxing, hoping to find some solace in sleep.

As she closed her eyes, a floorboard creaked loudly. Opening one eye, she looked around the room, half hoping to see Lucy standing by the bed. There was something strange about the place, she thought, closing her eye and drifting into a disturbed sleep. Something strange about me...

Chapter Two

Waking after a night of beautiful dreams of Lucy's pretty body, naked and writhing in lesbian lust, Tina climbed from her bed and pulled the curtains aside. The early morning sun was already hot and she decided that she'd spend the day sunbathing in the garden, rather than visiting her mother.

Making the bed, she noticed a large damp patch on the sheet. 'God!' she breathed, pulling her nightdress up to discover her pubic hair matted with her thick sticky juices. 'What the hell's happening to me?'

Grabbing her bikini from the drawer, she wandered into bathroom, thoughts of Lucy tormenting her mind, images of her naked pussy forming, swirling. Running the bath as sleep left her, she reflected on the events of the previous day and again wondered, fearfully, at her uncharacteristic behaviour.

As she slipped under the hot water a door slammed shut, making her jump. She lay still and listened, trying to remember if she'd locked up properly before going to bed the night before. Must be the wind, she thought, grabbing the soap and cleansing her dark pubic curls.

Above the sound of the lapping water, the dripping tap, she heard the stairs creak. Looking at the bathroom door, she wished that she'd closed and locked it.

'Who's there?' she called as a floorboard creaked on the landing, sure that someone was lurking outside the door. 'Is there anyone there?' she called again, folding her arms to cover her breasts in case someone came in. But her calls met only with an uncanny silence. Trying to still herself, to calm the water, she listened above the deafening hush, but heard nothing.

Abstractly running her fingers up and down her pinken valley, her eyes widened as the door began to open. 'Who is it? Andy, if that's you...' she cried fearfully as the door swung and hit the wall with a dull thud. Whether it was her imagination or not she wasn't sure, but she sensed a presence, someone or something standing by the bath, watching her.

The hairs on the back of her neck stood up and her heartbeat quickened as the air suddenly became cold. Shivering, she slipped under the hot water to warm herself - to conceal her naked body from unseen eyes.

She wasn't sure whether she'd caught her foot in the chain or not but the bath plug popped out of its hole and the water began to drain away, exposing ever more of her nakedness to whoever, or whatever, was standing, invisible, by the bath.

Terror-stricken, she leaped from the bath and grabbed her bikini. Dashing to her bedroom, adrenalin coursing through her veins, she slammed the door shut behind her and stood with her back to the wall, watching the door knob. That only happens in films, she thought, imagining the knob slowly turning and the door inching open.

Slipping her bikini up her wet legs, she covered her glistening sex and cupped her breasts in the bikini top. I must be mad, she thought, gingerly opening the door and then bounding downstairs to the kitchen. Too much television, that's what it is.

The sun was hotter than she'd imagined it would be as she lay on the soft grass to dry her curvaceous body. She was calmer now, her fear fading, her heart slowing, and she laughed at the ridiculous idea of a ghost watching her in the bath.

'How's it going?' a good-looking man asked in greeting as he walked across the lawn towards her. She looked up at the muscular figure towering over her. Shading her eyes from the sun with her hand, she smiled, recognizing the silhouette.

'Luke! When did you get back?'

'I've come straight from the airport to see this amazing house of yours. So, you're a rich young lady now, then?'

'Yes, I am. I didn't think that you'd be back for another two weeks. What happened?'

Luke sat down beside her, his brown hair swept back from his suntanned face, sorrow in his deep-set eyes. 'Caroline and I have split up,' he announced sadly.

'Oh, Luke - I am sorry.'

'It's been on the cards for a while now. Anyway, you don't want to hear all about my troubles - let's talk about you.'

'Well, as I said in my letter, a mysterious aunt left me this house and more than enough money to last me the rest of my life if I'm careful with it. Come on, I'll show you round!' she said excitedly, leaping to her feet.

Luke had befriended Tina when her parents had split up after her eighteenth birthday. He'd found her crying in the park and had consoled her, telling her that all was not lost, she still had a mother and a father, even though they lived apart. She'd confided in the twenty-eight-year-old married man and they had become good friends - but nothing more.

'This is amazing!' he exclaimed as they entered the kitchen.

'Yes, I like the place very much, even though it's haunted.'

'Haunted?' Luke echoed.

'No, not really. Just doors banging shut and creaking stairs, that's all - things that go bump in the night!'

'Old houses always creak,' he laughed as he followed her through the hall to the lounge.

'This is my favourite room,' she said, flopping onto the huge leather sofa.

'Nice, very nice,' Luke breathed, gazing at the antique furniture. 'God, your aunt had a few bob!' he added, running his hand over the grand piano.

Sitting in an armchair opposite Tina, he gazed at her bikini-clad body and smiled. 'You're a pretty little thing,' he remarked. 'You become more attractive every time I see you. I should have married you instead of Caroline.'

'I was only a kid when you got married.'

'Yes, well, you know what I mean.'

Luke had never made a pass at Tina, and she'd never considered him to be anything other than a good friend, a surrogate brother. But now, in the knowledge that he was a free agent, she found herself gazing at him in a different light. Relaxing on the sofa, she felt at ease with Luke. Unlike Andy, he'd never posed a threat - she'd always felt safe, secure in his company.

She lay back on the sofa, her legs parted slightly as she chatted about the house, unaware that her bikini bottom had mysteriously slipped into the groove between her pouting vaginal lips. Luke noticed her swollen pads of flesh ballooning either side of the tight bikini, but said nothing.

As she moved about, making herself comfortable, her bikini bottom slipped further between her pussy lips, eventually disappearing from sight to show her full naked beauty. Luke imbibed the wondrous sight, his penis now hard, his feelings for Tina growing far from brotherly.

Glancing down as she pushed a cushion behind her back, Tina noticed her puffy lips ballooning around her bikini bottom and gasped. Suddenly feeling a chill run up her spine, she found it impossible to close her legs, to hide her intimacy from Luke's gaze. The more she tried to control her muscles, to bring her thighs together, the wider they parted, exposing more and more of her opening pink slit.

Luke's words drifted unheard as Tina found herself becoming more aroused than ever before. Now, to her horror, she was delighting in exposing herself, delighting in Luke's obvious arousal bulging in his tight jeans. She sensed power, but not control, as she lifted her leg and placed it over the arm of the sofa, blatantly opening her young crack to show the thin material of her bikini buried deep within her yawning valley.

Wondering what Luke was thinking, how he would react, she remembered Andy's reaction as she had lain over the kitchen table, spreading her naked body, her intimacy, before his bulging eyes. She remembered how she'd felt when he'd gone - disgust, guilt, remorse. Worse still, unlike Andy, Luke was a friend, a good friend, and she knew that her behaviour was adulterating that friendship. But she was powerless to control herself.

Peeling her flimsy bikini top from her rounded breasts, she gazed at Luke and licked her full lips. He frowned, his eyes transfixed on her brown, elongated milk buds, unable to believe that this brazen young hussy was Tina.

Standing up, she walked across to his chair and pulled her bikini bottom from her crack, watching his wide eyes as she slipped the wet material down her legs to her ankles. Kicking the bikini aside, she sat astride his lap, her legs over the arms of the chair, and kissed his mouth. Her eyes closed, she leaned back, revealing her ostentatiously opened slit to his disbelieving eyes.

'This isn't right,' he whispered as he cupped her pussy lips in his palm and pushed a finger into the heat of her open hole.

'Who's to say what's right or wrong?' she replied in an unfamiliar husky voice, lying back on his legs with her head resting on his feet, her young body wide open.

Pulling her rosy pussy lips apart, he rubbed her stiffening clitoris, gazing in awe at her shamelessly positioned body. 'No!' he gasped, moving his hands away. 'I'm not going to take advantage of you like this, Tina!'

'But I'm taking advantage of you,' she almost snarled. 'Now, finger my cunt and rub my clitty like a real man would and make me come. Or aren't you a real man?'

Her words hurt him, she knew, but they weren't her words. They'd fallen from her lips quite spontaneously. But, being a man, Luke couldn't keep his hands from her open and very wet pussy. Pushing two fingers between her swollen lips, he sank them deep into her creamy warmth to the accompaniment of her low moans of gratification.

He had no idea what had come over Tina, why she'd changed from the innocent little thing he'd come to know so well to a fallen woman. There had been no love in her words, no affection in her actions - only the terrifying reality of cold sex. Gazing at her immodest womanhood, he felt a sadness in his heart. He could have loved her, he knew - but not now.

How many men have seen her like this? he wondered as he massaged her clitoris and fingered her tightening hole. How many men have used her as... as nothing more than a prostitute?

Tina began her gasping and writhing, pushing her open body further up Luke's legs, her reddening slit ever closer to his face. Managing to place her legs over the back of the chair, she hauled herself up, presenting her gaping crevice to his mouth.

He knew what she wanted, what he wanted as he slipped his fingers from her hole. But her blatantly obscene demeanour was disturbing. Observing at close quarters her hard clitoris, her inflamed pussy lips, the stream of milky fluid oozing from her open hole, he leaned forward to kiss her there, but stopped.

'Lick my beautiful wet cunt, if you're a real man,' she ordered harshly. She was no longer a friend, but a whore to be used and fucked by men, Luke decided. He would use her for his pleasure.

Pushing his face into her wet folds, he slid his tongue into her young vagina and drank her slippery juices as she gasped and writhed in her lust. 'Suck my cunt hard!' Tina hissed. 'Lick me right up my cunt and drink my come!' Pulling her glistening lips apart with his thumbs, he drove his tongue deep into the wet heat of her quivering body and savoured her juices as they flowed. 'Yes, yes!' she cried as she reached between her legs and massaged her clitoris with her fingers, causing her spasming sheath to produce more slippery sex-juice.

Luke drank from her open body until she shuddered in her coming, gasping her expletives as she danced on the crest of her climax. 'I want your cock up me! Fuck my juicy cunt with your hard cock!' Lowering her to the floor, he tugged his jeans down and kicked them aside, standing over her with his huge member waving threateningly from side to side.

Kneeling between Tina's splayed legs, Luke presented his knob to her slippery folds, lubricating his weapon in readiness to penetrate the debased girl. 'Fuck me!' she rasped as he drove his hardness into her hot tight sheath. Looking down, Luke gazed at the girl's ample outer lips, tightly stretched around his thick penis, at her clitoris, forced from its pinken hood in readiness for orgasm.

Slowly at first, he slid his penis in and out of her tight hole, gazing at her glistening juices smeared over his solid shaft. She moaned her debauched instructions as he quickened his rhythm but he ignored her demands, caring only for his sexual pleasure - the pleasure gained from fucking a little tart senseless.

Quickly, Tina rose to her climax, gripping Luke's penis with her firm muscles, lubricating their union of lust with her fresh juice. 'Harder!' she instructed as she dug her fingernails into the carpet and held her breath, her body rigid, her love tube gripping his pulsing shaft like a vice.

Filling her with his sperm, Luke thrust harder now into her tight sheath to sustain his climax. On and on he rammed her young cervix, bathing her inner flesh with his orgasmic cream until he collapsed over her heaving breasts, gasping his delight for the young whore's naked body - her cunt.

'You're bloody good, you dirty little tart!' he gasped as he sucked on her nipple. The words drifted through Tina's head, grating somewhere deep in her subconscious, bringing hurt to her misty blue eyes. 'Where did you learn to lie upside down on a man's body like that and shove your wet cunt into his face?' he asked as she pushed him off and clambered to her feet with sperm running down her thighs.

Pulling her bikini on, she averted her tearful eyes and asked Luke to leave. 'What? Is that it, then? A lick and a fuck, and I have to go?' he laughed. 'Is that what you say to all your men? God, how you've changed, Tina. How long have you been like this?'

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